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Fri Mar 30, 2012, 06:38 AM Mar 2012

Jimmy Carter: Democratic Party Should Be More Pro-Life [View all]

Jimmy Carter appeared on the Laura Ingraham recently, and spouted some opinions on signing on to a letter to ask the Democratic Party to change its platform on pro-choice issues. While he made it clear that Roe v. Wade shouldn't be overturned outright, he believes that abortion should be, well, I'll just use his own words:

"I’ve signed a public letter calling for the Democratic Party at the next convention to espouse my position on abortion which is to minimize the need, requirement for abortion and limit it only to women whose life are in danger or who are pregnant as a result of rape or incest. I think if the Democratic Party would adopt that policy that would be acceptable to a lot of people who are now estranged from our party because of the abortion issue," he added.

Video here:

Now, my first question is, what about the health of the mother? Apparently that doesn't matter to him. I mean, seriously, if he's worried about estrangement of people from our party, I think this would cause it, not solve it. Not to mention it adopts the language of the anti-choicers and plays into their hands.

To be honest, on one level I oppose Roe, it didn't go far enough, the court should have ruled that the government had no vested interest in interfering with a medical procedure for non-medical reasons, period.
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Jimmy Carter said this? What planet did I wake up on? Zalatix Mar 2012 #1
It's old age he's bigdarryl Mar 2012 #2
Not necessarily customerserviceguy Mar 2012 #15
Helpful Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2012 #3
+10,000 daleanime Mar 2012 #22
... SammyWinstonJack Mar 2012 #35
ugh cali Mar 2012 #4
The one-word answer is in your question. Proud Liberal Dem Mar 2012 #6
I simply view it as a lack of respect for women as individuals, as humans... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #8
One small question. ithinkmyliverhurts Mar 2012 #89
I suppose nobody's perfect. n/t eShirl Mar 2012 #5
this is a bit more than not being perfect. It's a profound flaw. cali Mar 2012 #10
Actually, he is espousing slavery, he's saying women don't have a right to own their bodies... Humanist_Activist Mar 2012 #11
Thank you, Humanist_Activist, for putting it as bluntly as it should be! queenjane Mar 2012 #24
It's called understatement. eShirl Mar 2012 #21
Post removed Post removed Mar 2012 #58
*facepalm* sakabatou Mar 2012 #7
Even If The Dems Took This Position, The Right Would Not Accept It Yavin4 Mar 2012 #9
no ibegurpard Mar 2012 #12
Which only goes to show that talking about day-dreams on winning over estranged voters HereSince1628 Mar 2012 #13
He's an old man and he is light years away from the realities of young women's daily lives. Quantess Mar 2012 #14
oh please cali Mar 2012 #16
Yup sarge43 Mar 2012 #18
Okay, but Jimmy Carter apparently doesn't. Quantess Mar 2012 #19
"fully underatand what it's like to be a ..." redqueen Mar 2012 #48
Second strike against him marybourg Mar 2012 #17
+10000 PCIntern Mar 2012 #43
boohoohoo for Israel... fascisthunter Mar 2012 #45
No, Jimmy. I love ya, but SORRY. Forced pregnancy is for RW fascists. kestrel91316 Mar 2012 #20
I never thought I would say this bowens43 Mar 2012 #23
I feel the same. Arugula Latte Mar 2012 #75
Why was he on Laura Ingraham's show? LuvNewcastle Mar 2012 #25
To promote his book. thesquanderer Mar 2012 #29
The least defensible position. More anti-woman than a total ban. thesquanderer Mar 2012 #26
I've never understood that 'rape or incest' exception either. Gidney N Cloyd Mar 2012 #27
Agree sarge43 Mar 2012 #40
It's the only way it could happen to their "good girls". PassingFair Mar 2012 #28
Yep, religion. redqueen Mar 2012 #50
I agree Bok_Tukalo Mar 2012 #38
I have a lot of respect for Jimmy Carter... TruthBeTold65 Mar 2012 #30
I disagee with him on this Marrah_G Mar 2012 #31
he's off his rocker bigtree Mar 2012 #32
minimize the need izquierdista Mar 2012 #33
but he leaves such a narrow window for abortions bigtree Mar 2012 #37
We? izquierdista Mar 2012 #39
most Americans probably don't want folks to have to face that choice bigtree Mar 2012 #42
So IOW become even more like the repuke party, then? No Thanks! SammyWinstonJack Mar 2012 #34
Post removed Post removed Mar 2012 #36
Mr. President I respectfully disagree... truebrit71 Mar 2012 #41
I'm on your side goclark Mar 2012 #82
Uh...No. Solly Mack Mar 2012 #44
I get the feeling you are saying something here Rex Mar 2012 #53
Yes Solly Mack Mar 2012 #59
Thank You! smirkymonkey Mar 2012 #74
Oh well... I disagree with him on this issue fascisthunter Mar 2012 #46
Here's my 2 cents, for what it's worth LynneSin Mar 2012 #47
Exactly. Myrina Mar 2012 #81
This was pretty much Clintons safe, legal, rare idea Johonny Mar 2012 #49
no it was not. not ever. not even fucking close. cali Mar 2012 #63
it sounds close to me Johonny Mar 2012 #66
...Why must you do this to me, President Carter? BlueIris Mar 2012 #51
The real question is ... ParkieDem Mar 2012 #52
Mr. Carter I believe you have it wrong Xyzse Mar 2012 #54
exactly!!! NoMoreWarNow Mar 2012 #60
i dont think carter would disagree Johonny Mar 2012 #65
I don't think so either Xyzse Mar 2012 #67
i agree Johonny Mar 2012 #72
Why is pro-life only about the fetus? Rex Mar 2012 #55
Um Union Scribe Mar 2012 #57
He is against the DP JonLP24 Mar 2012 #71
Just curious, don't keep up with the former POTUS. Rex Mar 2012 #77
I have mixed feelings JonLP24 Mar 2012 #78
Well here he is again, The Failure President opening his big fat mouth. Gee, wonder why he lost... Safetykitten Mar 2012 #56
+1000 Hawkowl Mar 2012 #70
He lost because of the inflation and oil crisis JonLP24 Mar 2012 #73
The question I have is-- do conservatives REALLY care that much about embryonic human life? NoMoreWarNow Mar 2012 #61
it just makes conservatives feel more smug about themselves. alp227 Mar 2012 #85
No offense, Jimmy, but no. Arkana Mar 2012 #62
Yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man. n/t DefenseLawyer Mar 2012 #64
This makes me frogmarch Mar 2012 #68
Dear Jimmy, "pro-life" isn't about life. It's about punishing naughty women. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2012 #69
No one's perfect. :p nt sudopod Mar 2012 #76
Laura Ingram? Really Jimmy? Dawson Leery Mar 2012 #79
"Minimize the need" = access to birth control, education and life options for young women. Myrina Mar 2012 #80
Carter has now sunken as low as Palin and Santorum. alp227 Mar 2012 #83
That low? great white snark Mar 2012 #86
Along with dragging religion into the political sphere, we can also now thank Carter for this Tom Ripley Mar 2012 #84
At least Ted did not allow his personal views on the matter become law. Dawson Leery Mar 2012 #90
That is insane. I thought we didn't give in to terrorists. TBF Mar 2012 #87
I can't tell you how much this saddens me. demmiblue Mar 2012 #88
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