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Wed May 7, 2014, 02:50 PM May 2014

Heeeeeeeere's... Hatemail! [View all]

Well it's been a long time since the last DU Hate Mailbag, but since the bag is now overflowing with excreta it's time to empty it out and start all over again. Here are some of our favorites from the past... however many months it's been. Feel free to vote for yours in the poll at the bottom!

And of course, there is strong language ahead... you've been warned.


Subject: Inappropriate moderation

You suspended my account and I do not appreciate it. I broke no rules and did not say anything that was profane.

I suggest you put my post back up and reinstate my account if you do not want me to contact the LLC office directly and ask them to explain why you have censored the free speech of a member of a federally protected class.


Subject: Why

Why in the hell was I revoked? Truth to much for you? The nude Cubs bear mascot shows what life has. The devil hates it. People should say Hi shirt or hi pants instead of the name of whoever. That is what people accept.


Subject: (no subject)

I am considering getting the Netflix account. I've been told you have the season 5B of Breaking Bad, supposedly starting today, the 29th as you have stated several times. I look under another account and see you don't have this.. Is this par for the course? Aren't you keeping your word ? I'm in a very large corporate atmosphere and several would enjoy this service, but not if you can't keep your end of the bast gain. What can you say to me about this? It makes me a little angry to have you mislead not just me , but many of us. I'll wait for your reply if you're good enough to respond.


Subject: Lack of response

Since you have chosen to not respond, you have given reason to trash you on other sites.

Have a nice day..............


Subject: I know...

I hundreds of Democrate idiot's. The Democratic underground is one.


Subject: F bomb!?

I support your right to puke out your liberal jibrish, but could you please refrain from using the F word to title your stories. The proper question to ask is this: Does the Democratic underground know how crude they are?


Subject: (no subject)

What a gaggle of gestapo GARBAGE!!!

Piss on your echo chamber of Constitution hating, freedom hating, communist bits of rancid tallow.

There isn't a single freedom loving, open minded, real human being in the entire staff of your dungheap underground.

You would have gladly assassinated Martin Luther King if you had the chance!


Subject: you

suck c-ck


Subject: Rejection

Yes sinner oops skinner sounds like a racial name to me. I was rejected from your site of liberal assholes for not talking like this but expressing my opinions about a subject, which must had offended one of your little fairy skippers. I love guns, I love my country, and defending it, i believe in the death penalty, and i hunt animals when they become legal to hunt for food. I believe the Republicans have to go and if Rommeny could run again i would vote for him again. I also believe that MSNBC started this whole mess about race and i believe Our Fearless leader has no business meddling in the issue. Now you all i believe you think you all are so high and mighty that you can play GOD and oh i am afraid to say it so afraid that you you can BAN there i said it someone from your site that will soon fade into the sunset like many before that you want me to beg you for Fucking forgiveness well FUCK YOU DIP SHITS LOL


Subject: Censorship comes at a price...

Just thought I would let you know that when I finish up in DC I will soon be filing constitutional claims against you and your entire organization... It should make for some good reading material because right now Chief Justice John Roberts can't even defend himself... What do you think is going to happen when your readers see and read first hand what you did to me and how you violate your members constitutional rights???

The next time you decide to violate someone's constitutional rights, maybe you will think twice... Lawyer up! S~

[font size="3"]POLL: Who is your favorite hate mailer?[/font]
194 votes, 5 passes | Time left: Time expired
The person who is going to contact the LLC office directly
7 (4%)
The person who thinks people should say hi shirt or hi pants
28 (14%)
The person who thinks we're Netflix
14 (7%)
The person who is going to trash us on other sites
0 (0%)
The person who know hundreds of Democrate idiot's
10 (5%)
The person who supports our right to puke out liberal jibrish
5 (3%)
The person who thinks we would have gladly assassinated Martin Luther King
9 (5%)
The person who can't write cock
8 (4%)
The person who thinks MSNBC started this whole mess about race
13 (7%)
The person who wants us to lawyer up
100 (52%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Heeeeeeeere's... Hatemail! [View all] EarlG May 2014 OP
I can't choose just one; they're ALL fuckin' adorable Scootaloo May 2014 #1
A prime collection of TSTL fools. hobbit709 May 2014 #2
cock, fuck shit dammit. PeaceNikki May 2014 #3
you spelled the first word incorrectly it's spelled c-ck leftyohiolib May 2014 #24
And here I thought it was spelled Koch! csziggy May 2014 #28
That's K-ch to you! BainsBane May 2014 #87
Perfect! uppityperson May 2014 #93
DUzy alert. nt awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #145
spit take Liberalynn May 2014 #91
DUzy! NuclearDem May 2014 #32
thanks leftyohiolib May 2014 #48
No... Blanks May 2014 #106
Maybe he just stutters when he types? whopis01 May 2014 #125
Yipee I love the Hatemail bag sharp_stick May 2014 #4
Woohoo! chrisa May 2014 #5
Well, I can only say that the "Lawyer Up!" MineralMan May 2014 #6
"When I finish up in DC" - he's so important! chrisa May 2014 #11
I think by "finish up," MineralMan May 2014 #16
That f'ing Kruse does think he's all that... n/t fleabiscuit May 2014 #86
But who can resist an opportunity to say, "Hi shirt or hi pants"? tblue37 May 2014 #129
Maybe they should consult with Bob Boudelang first. L0oniX May 2014 #156
A bunch of trolls from the conservative websites Gothmog May 2014 #7
The hard part is figuring out which ones come from banned right-wing trolls... SidDithers May 2014 #8
Two sides of the same coin? FSogol May 2014 #25
Absolutely! greatauntoftriplets May 2014 #30
EarlG for the win in the cock mail NightWatcher May 2014 #9
I like lamp Capt. Obvious May 2014 #10
And to think the Netflix one is the SANEST of these posts. amb123 May 2014 #12
seriously uppityperson May 2014 #94
LMAO Soylent Brice May 2014 #132
God only knows what would've happened... 47of74 May 2014 #168
One of the best threads I've read all day. How did DU and Netflix get confused? I'm confused..LOL. monmouth3 May 2014 #13
I'd love to see the email that NETFLIX got about DU!!! nt MADem May 2014 #56
Another DUzy. nt sarge43 May 2014 #66
omg, I am dying here, laughing uppityperson May 2014 #95
I can think of several ways nxylas May 2014 #73
How can you be sure you spotted them all in time? No Vested Interest May 2014 #85
I can't be sure nxylas May 2014 #150
Good you have caught them. The Netflix e-mails must be a hoot...n/t monmouth3 May 2014 #113
He was probably in the Video and Multimedia forum notadmblnd May 2014 #111
So glad this is back RockaFowler May 2014 #14
Was the "hi pants" guy Gary Busey?? JoePhilly May 2014 #15
Haha! Had the same thought! Aldo Leopold May 2014 #35
Which is odd because he could also be the Netflix guy too! JoePhilly May 2014 #41
Lol! You're right! Aldo Leopold May 2014 #65
You beat me to it... llmart May 2014 #44
"...gaggle of gestapo GARBAGE..." randome May 2014 #17
It's alimentary alliteration. winter is coming May 2014 #72
Cock one, for sure! RiffRandell May 2014 #18
The person who thinks we would have gladly assassinated MLK, for sure! AverageJoe90 May 2014 #19
So hard to choose wryter2000 May 2014 #20
I voted for the one who says Skinner lovemydog May 2014 #21
Bless the heart of the person seeking streaming video (netflix) etherealtruth May 2014 #22
LOL. Not understanding the 1st amendment seems to be a National epidemic. FSogol May 2014 #23
There you go Liberalynn May 2014 #98
Then they would get autism awoke_in_2003 May 2014 #147
Thanks EarlG. Sincerely, A Proud Spewer of Rancid Tallow. Scuba May 2014 #26
Yes -- "communist bits of rancid tallow" was by far the best! LuckyLib May 2014 #62
Any of these come with a translator? Spirochete May 2014 #27
Was going to vote for Netflix Prophet 451 May 2014 #29
I vacillated between the two, but came down on the side of poor slob wanting streaming video etherealtruth May 2014 #39
If only we could have hooked him up with one of our streaming video spammers... winter is coming May 2014 #74
And to be fair DemocraticWing May 2014 #43
I know, where is it hidden? n/t Prophet 451 May 2014 #46
It was in Meta. Now you know why it's gone. jmowreader May 2014 #139
To quote George Carlin: Mr.Bill May 2014 #31
AND tits?! mindwalker_i May 2014 #67
His next line in that routine Mr.Bill May 2014 #69
LOL! Le Taz Hot May 2014 #102
Funny stuff amuse bouche May 2014 #33
Second one, just for the "what is this I don't even" value. NuclearDem May 2014 #34
"Hi, Pants!" Warren DeMontague May 2014 #36
WELCOME BACK, DU Hate Mailbag ! Trajan May 2014 #37
The "Hi pants" dude, for sure. Aldo Leopold May 2014 #38
Hi shirt! lovemydog May 2014 #47
I have used 'Hey, howzithangin jockstrap?!?" on one occasion, and hydrocarbons were involved... JHB May 2014 #88
Love. They are all so good. MadrasT May 2014 #40
#1 Mistook LLC to be an acronym for Lonely Losers Club. herding cats May 2014 #42
Voted for Netflix Person for a very specific reason: DemocraticWing May 2014 #45
Just because... sarisataka May 2014 #49
"fairy skippers" LMAO underpants May 2014 #50
LOL ... at first I thought it said "fairy slippers" and then I did a re-read. n/t RKP5637 May 2014 #126
The last one, always Ratty May 2014 #51
It's a smorgasbord of stupid. progressoid May 2014 #52
Hahahahaha!!! I was torn between COCK and JIBRISH (imagine saying that in any other context), MADem May 2014 #53
fuck shit hell fire madokie May 2014 #54
Frankly I think the quality of hate mail has gone down over the years. zeemike May 2014 #55
These are better than the Onion. kairos12 May 2014 #57
!!! Kali May 2014 #58
I'm a fan of the yodel who thinks we're Netflix. Arkana May 2014 #59
LOL! I bet EarlG was LHAO! Cha May 2014 #134
Two things brought me to DU beerandjesus May 2014 #60
/\/\/\/\ yes/\/\/\/\ dembotoz May 2014 #63
...will you be carrying Boardwalk Empire as well? NRaleighLiberal May 2014 #61
A close field, but Denzil_DC May 2014 #64
What about the F bomb dude(ette)? ismnotwasm May 2014 #68
I was first attracted to DU around 2003 or so rrneck May 2014 #70
I was going to go for hi pants BainsBane May 2014 #71
It picked you? Are you sure it didn't p-ick you? n/t winter is coming May 2014 #76
Are you calling me a Monica?! BainsBane May 2014 #77
Not sure I would have seen this if I'd added "monica" to my trash keywords when I added "lewinsky". winter is coming May 2014 #81
Thanks for the laughs! Rider3 May 2014 #75
I didn't know what life has, until BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #78
That was so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Squinch May 2014 #99
me too... BlancheSplanchnik May 2014 #120
The 'Lawyer Up' Fella Sounds Vaguely Familiar, Sir.... The Magistrate May 2014 #79
They couldn't exist without hate and ignorance to keep them going. lpbk2713 May 2014 #80
It's all pretty amusing, Netflix Complainer is hard to beat... Bluenorthwest May 2014 #82
So glad to see the Hate Mailbag again; kudos to EarG for the LOL titles! Hekate May 2014 #83
WOW! I had the MSNBC schmuck in a romp, but the lawyer up clown ... 11 Bravo May 2014 #84
My thinking, as well. ColesCountyDem May 2014 #104
Heh-heh! cer7711 May 2014 #89
Does anyone have the zip code of the "LLC Office?" DFW May 2014 #90
I love the hate mailbag! n/t warrprayer May 2014 #92
The "office of the LLC" was just such an absurd sounding name rurallib May 2014 #96
It was a tough choice. Le Taz Hot May 2014 #97
Thank you EarlG, choking am laughing so hard. uppityperson May 2014 #100
Are you holding up bast gains again???? Dammit, we talked about that. Squinch May 2014 #101
This seems like a slightly better class of moron Warpy May 2014 #103
I gotta go with the one who thinks that Rommeny can't run again yardwork May 2014 #105
"Piss on your echo chamber of Constitution hating, freedom hating, OilemFirchen May 2014 #107
Tough choices NastyRiffraff May 2014 #108
These idiots who claim their 1st Amendment rights are being violated crack me up.... Spitfire of ATJ May 2014 #109
EarlG, you are a treasure Skittles May 2014 #110
I voted the Netflix guy. Springslips May 2014 #112
I love reading these! But afterward, I feel like I've got to take a shower...blech! tofuandbeer May 2014 #114
It's EarlG's commentary that take the filth away for me, tofuandbeer.. Cha May 2014 #135
Yes! I love those! tofuandbeer May 2014 #138
This guy... ut oh May 2014 #115
Do I vote for the stupid and insane, or for the stupid and profane? joeybee12 May 2014 #116
Would love to see more of this! troublesome_mind May 2014 #117
Ask, and ye shall receive. A blast from DU's past: ScreamingMeemie May 2014 #119
Oh my, roflmao lovemydog May 2014 #142
At last, the mystery of Romney's defeat is solved! Rob H. May 2014 #118
Lawyer up, yo! Initech May 2014 #121
This is your brain on Fox News VA_Jill May 2014 #122
Sheesh... Are you guys violating peoples constitutional rights again? Ohio Joe May 2014 #123
OMG Tribalceltic May 2014 #124
Some of these are almost a storyline for a SNL skit! RKP5637 May 2014 #127
Meh, pretty tame. But here's a link to some golden oldies. edbermac May 2014 #128
Wow - thanks a million! lovemydog May 2014 #144
Yeah and DU RESPONDS was a lot better too edbermac May 2014 #148
So many laughs!!! Thanks for this! nt babylonsister May 2014 #130
COCK Soylent Brice May 2014 #131
It's so hard to choose just one! They're all so Funny.. especially with your Commentary, EarlG! Ha! Cha May 2014 #133
how many times did KO have to explain to cretins that "right to free speech" refers to niyad May 2014 #136
I've been on this website for 10 years rucky May 2014 #137
Netflix? More like booger flicks. winter is coming May 2014 #143
Thanks for the surprise! Agschmid May 2014 #140
Wow, hard to pick just one. Rex May 2014 #141
Everyone knows you don't say hi to pants. You say hi to slacks. Or trousers. valerief May 2014 #146
Maybe C-ck is too sacred to spell out? Schema Thing May 2014 #149
I had to go with the one about MLK ... JustABozoOnThisBus May 2014 #151
Isn't an LLC a limited liability corporation? 4_TN_TITANS May 2014 #152
I like the first and last one davidpdx May 2014 #153
I love these updates. ctsnowman May 2014 #154
"Little Fairy Skippers" ...I like that, actually. n/t LeftinOH May 2014 #155
LM*fucking*AO berni_mccoy May 2014 #157
Well, now I demand a liberalhistorian May 2014 #158
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2014 #159
Spam on the Hatemail thread? Too funny. Wondering if they will send EarlG hatemail now? uppityperson May 2014 #160
Oh noes. Constitutional claims are commin against us Maraya1969 May 2014 #161
It was hard to choose.......... Amaril May 2014 #162
If there is ever another DU name amnesty I'm going with "Fairy Skipper" next time. Arugula Latte May 2014 #163
Difficult choices Bluzmann57 May 2014 #164
Can I be DU's lawyer when Orly Taitz takes on the "Lawyer Up" guy and files suit? nt msanthrope May 2014 #165
Hilarious Endgames May 2014 #166
Can't thank you enough, EarlG pablo_marmol May 2014 #167
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