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33. We all live in a death penalty state: the United States.
Wed Apr 30, 2014, 08:27 AM
Apr 2014

It is still permitted at the federal level in all states. It is still permitted under the US constitution. Whether you admit it, you still own it to some degree.

I just knew it would make the whole situation worse Warpy Apr 2014 #1
"Every last person living in this nation becomes just as evil". Really? Jgarrick Apr 2014 #2
Yes MohRokTah Apr 2014 #4
Yep, we sink to their level. nt awoke_in_2003 Apr 2014 #23
I am a murderer. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #7
Since murder is a horrible crime, how long a prison sentence should you suffer? Jgarrick Apr 2014 #41
Yes n/t malaise Apr 2014 #37
that appears to be the message as harsh as it is Supersedeas May 2014 #44
Just as important is the fact that the death penalty avebury Apr 2014 #3
Agreed, but that does not alter the point. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #8
You don't have to go to a red state newspaper website to find those types of comments Major Nikon Apr 2014 #24
And that is really sad. avebury Apr 2014 #27
I agree, but I have numerous other reasons for opposing the death penalty Major Nikon Apr 2014 #29
I agree with all of your points. nt avebury Apr 2014 #34
Can you support a length of rope in the hands of every incarcerated person? Loudly Apr 2014 #5
No. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #6
You are one cold-hearted muther. Loudly Apr 2014 #9
It's far more humane than death. eom MohRokTah Apr 2014 #10
I defy you to spend a week in gen pop and say that! Loudly Apr 2014 #11
I have participated in a prison ministry. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #12
Life is suffering in that situation. Loudly Apr 2014 #16
No justice is served by allowing a criminal to take the easy way out. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #19
Is that a torture chamber of punishment by assault from other prisoners? Loudly Apr 2014 #20
If suicide is the easy way out and life is the punishment whopis01 Apr 2014 #28
They don't need rope. Warpy Apr 2014 #26
I believe in the right to die. I am anti-DP. morningfog Apr 2014 #35
Agree, agree, agree Boreal Apr 2014 #13
Sadly, you bear responsibility for both. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #14
Nonsense Boreal Apr 2014 #15
We all live in a death penalty state: the United States. morningfog Apr 2014 #33
I have the same opinion from a different viewpoint.... alittlelark Apr 2014 #17
It's revenge, not punishment. flvegan Apr 2014 #18
My reason is kind of a different point of view of your reason, MohRokTah. JDPriestly Apr 2014 #21
I, too, once supported the death penalty... awoke_in_2003 Apr 2014 #22
Any society which arms its police with lethal force needledriver Apr 2014 #25
Your position is not logical. morningfog Apr 2014 #30
So what you're saying is it's ok for the state to kill somebody needledriver Apr 2014 #42
The only time a use of deadly force is ever justified, by any person, state or otherwise, morningfog May 2014 #43
The death penalty is not murder because it is not an illegal killing by definition. aikoaiko Apr 2014 #31
By that description, the Holocaust was not murder because it was not illegal. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #32
Was anyone charged with murder, per se, in connection with the Holocaust. aikoaiko Apr 2014 #36
I'm sure some were, most weren't, but this is nothing but a red herring to your original point Major Nikon Apr 2014 #39
+1 Jgarrick Apr 2014 #40
Exactly. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2014 #38
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