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26. They don't need rope.
Wed Apr 30, 2014, 03:20 AM
Apr 2014

A twisted and knotted sheet will do. So will their prison clothes. Shoot, you can make a rope strong enough to support a human body out of TP.

The fact is that few of them want to die although the means are readily available. I would greatly prefer humane incarceration as a public safety measure to make sure they never do it again.

I just knew it would make the whole situation worse Warpy Apr 2014 #1
"Every last person living in this nation becomes just as evil". Really? Jgarrick Apr 2014 #2
Yes MohRokTah Apr 2014 #4
Yep, we sink to their level. nt awoke_in_2003 Apr 2014 #23
I am a murderer. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #7
Since murder is a horrible crime, how long a prison sentence should you suffer? Jgarrick Apr 2014 #41
Yes n/t malaise Apr 2014 #37
that appears to be the message as harsh as it is Supersedeas May 2014 #44
Just as important is the fact that the death penalty avebury Apr 2014 #3
Agreed, but that does not alter the point. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #8
You don't have to go to a red state newspaper website to find those types of comments Major Nikon Apr 2014 #24
And that is really sad. avebury Apr 2014 #27
I agree, but I have numerous other reasons for opposing the death penalty Major Nikon Apr 2014 #29
I agree with all of your points. nt avebury Apr 2014 #34
Can you support a length of rope in the hands of every incarcerated person? Loudly Apr 2014 #5
No. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #6
You are one cold-hearted muther. Loudly Apr 2014 #9
It's far more humane than death. eom MohRokTah Apr 2014 #10
I defy you to spend a week in gen pop and say that! Loudly Apr 2014 #11
I have participated in a prison ministry. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #12
Life is suffering in that situation. Loudly Apr 2014 #16
No justice is served by allowing a criminal to take the easy way out. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #19
Is that a torture chamber of punishment by assault from other prisoners? Loudly Apr 2014 #20
If suicide is the easy way out and life is the punishment whopis01 Apr 2014 #28
They don't need rope. Warpy Apr 2014 #26
I believe in the right to die. I am anti-DP. morningfog Apr 2014 #35
Agree, agree, agree Boreal Apr 2014 #13
Sadly, you bear responsibility for both. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #14
Nonsense Boreal Apr 2014 #15
We all live in a death penalty state: the United States. morningfog Apr 2014 #33
I have the same opinion from a different viewpoint.... alittlelark Apr 2014 #17
It's revenge, not punishment. flvegan Apr 2014 #18
My reason is kind of a different point of view of your reason, MohRokTah. JDPriestly Apr 2014 #21
I, too, once supported the death penalty... awoke_in_2003 Apr 2014 #22
Any society which arms its police with lethal force needledriver Apr 2014 #25
Your position is not logical. morningfog Apr 2014 #30
So what you're saying is it's ok for the state to kill somebody needledriver Apr 2014 #42
The only time a use of deadly force is ever justified, by any person, state or otherwise, morningfog May 2014 #43
The death penalty is not murder because it is not an illegal killing by definition. aikoaiko Apr 2014 #31
By that description, the Holocaust was not murder because it was not illegal. MohRokTah Apr 2014 #32
Was anyone charged with murder, per se, in connection with the Holocaust. aikoaiko Apr 2014 #36
I'm sure some were, most weren't, but this is nothing but a red herring to your original point Major Nikon Apr 2014 #39
+1 Jgarrick Apr 2014 #40
Exactly. Tommy_Carcetti Apr 2014 #38
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