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27. "TIF districts" (tax-incremented financing) are a GREAT example of #5 :
Thu Mar 27, 2014, 08:56 AM
Mar 2014

communities here in Iowa have used them for years and years to "bribe" Wal-Mart and other mega-stores to locate their businesses there, like they wouldn't have anyway.

Huge K&R.

sorry I can only rec once 2pooped2pop Mar 2014 #1
Me, too! calimary Mar 2014 #50
K/R. (nt) NYC_SKP Mar 2014 #2
KICK! Cha Mar 2014 #3
good points !! nt steve2470 Mar 2014 #4
kr....nt MindMover Mar 2014 #5
Gee...I've known about all of these... SoapBox Mar 2014 #6
These need to be named each and every time a Republican or DINO trots out that old phrase LuckyLib Mar 2014 #7
Yeah, just wait until the Democrats hear about this! And the liberal media! Whoooooooo!! Scuba Mar 2014 #21
K & R Iliyah Mar 2014 #8
Damn, that was REALLY unexpected mindwalker_i Mar 2014 #9
DC is a racket. blkmusclmachine Mar 2014 #10
be aware allinthegame Mar 2014 #11
Yep Aerows Mar 2014 #43
K&R stage left Mar 2014 #12
more than $12 billion annually in tax subsidies for corporate meals and entertainment. ErikJ Mar 2014 #13
And they "have" the money to pay for their own food. LakeVermilion Mar 2014 #49
How about the oil company subsidies to the tune of about $4 billion a year? world wide wally Mar 2014 #14
+1 sakabatou Mar 2014 #15
I'll be posting this on Facebook and a few other places. TexasTowelie Mar 2014 #16
Great idea! Post to FB and make this go viral! 2banon Mar 2014 #52
k n r cui bono Mar 2014 #17
K&R CFLDem Mar 2014 #18
They certainly Should, Sir The Magistrate Mar 2014 #19
Great photo fasttense Mar 2014 #40
But but, this would affect the job creators! Enthusiast Mar 2014 #20
Job creators get all that assistance, so where are the jobs? IronLionZion Mar 2014 #23
Yes. If we would just cut their taxes again maybe this time they wouldn't outsource Enthusiast Mar 2014 #24
As long as we keep doing the same things, we can expect a different outcome. nt IronLionZion Mar 2014 #25
Sounds like the best list ever nt MrScorpio Mar 2014 #22
Kristof - I'm in love with that guy. DebJ Mar 2014 #26
I saw "Kristol" in the post headline Ratty Mar 2014 #37
Yin and yang. n/t DebJ Mar 2014 #38
"TIF districts" (tax-incremented financing) are a GREAT example of #5 : bullwinkle428 Mar 2014 #27
TIFs from cities to corporations are damaging JimDandy Mar 2014 #28
Agreed! KansDem Mar 2014 #29
K & R a million times! mountain grammy Mar 2014 #30
k and r + a gazllion. niyad Mar 2014 #31
Yeah. That's gonna happen. Jakes Progress Mar 2014 #32
k&r SHRED Mar 2014 #33
We Deserve it BlueNAlabama Mar 2014 #34
The "yacht" subsidy is actually a "second home" deduction. Glassunion Mar 2014 #35
And some of us not in the 1% are using it. rwsanders Mar 2014 #46
would love to stick this in every Ayn Rand fan's face. n/t BlancheSplanchnik Mar 2014 #36
I just copied and pasted this article into my FB, I'm just sayin' drynberg Mar 2014 #39
But if welfare for private planes and yachts ended... dilby Mar 2014 #41
Kick Gin Mar 2014 #42
Huge K&R Blue Owl Mar 2014 #44
On air traffic control hootinholler Mar 2014 #45
Pic Of The Moment: It's Time To End Wasteful Welfare! allan01 Mar 2014 #47
I'm all for it! n/t RoccoR5955 Mar 2014 #48
Hey, look, something we can all agree upon! Blue_In_AK Mar 2014 #51
Yes! senseandsensibility Mar 2014 #53
knr alfredo Mar 2014 #54
K & R! Omaha Steve Apr 2014 #55
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