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This isn't a after thought to that other thread is it? William769 Mar 2014 #1
it wasn't til you mentioned it xchrom Mar 2014 #22
Yeah but it's just metadata so it's no big deal. Autumn Mar 2014 #2
You know how they were convinced that messages were being sent back and forth through gaming Baitball Blogger Mar 2014 #3
Swallow a "Nationís Telephone Network Whole" snooper2 Mar 2014 #4
Well if the to (sic) geographical locations are identical then there no need for the phone hootinholler Mar 2014 #7
Swallowing a 'Telephone Network Whole' might lead to severe indigestion. lumpy Mar 2014 #30
Bart Gellman is a commie putinista poopiehead Luminous Animal Mar 2014 #5
Why is Gandalf playing an electric guitar? Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #9
The NSA needs to spend more on illustrators. Luminous Animal Mar 2014 #11
I know, right? Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #23
K & R !!! WillyT Mar 2014 #6
Okay, it's scary but sort of sexy at the same time. Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #8
I'm just glad I'm not the only one. AtheistCrusader Mar 2014 #25
To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, "We are all in the gutter..." Warren DeMontague Mar 2014 #27
Link to the WaPo article Luminous Animal Mar 2014 #10
The NSA can gather all the data it wants but it has to be able to pick out the important info .... spin Mar 2014 #12
either way it's a win for them Locrian Mar 2014 #18
If you are right and I suspect you are ... spin Mar 2014 #31
conspiratorial, are we? erronis Mar 2014 #33
I think you pretty much nailed it Locrian Mar 2014 #34
Sorry Amigo Savannahmann Mar 2014 #13
Please notice that this is UNCLASSIFIED. MineralMan Mar 2014 #14
Duh. Kind of hard to miss that. Autumn Mar 2014 #17
Yes, it is, isn't it. MineralMan Mar 2014 #19
No evidence. Autumn Mar 2014 #20
OK. MineralMan Mar 2014 #21
Then this Guardian article confuses me. AtheistCrusader Mar 2014 #26
A long habit of not thinking a thing wrong gives it a superficial appearance of being right. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2014 #15
I'm going to prank call people in Iran and Syria just to confuse the NSA. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #16
Yottabite Octafish Mar 2014 #24
I hope all the people who tried to spin the crap that the NSA does not have time to listen to calls djean111 Mar 2014 #28
That pretty much nails the spin. Pholus Mar 2014 #29
I actually nailed that spin months ago, but I may as well have been talking in tongues. djean111 Mar 2014 #32
I was hoping for an administration of good listeners, but this is becoming ridiculous... adirondacker Mar 2014 #35
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