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Sun Mar 16, 2014, 05:23 PM Mar 2014

POLL: Should Snowden Come Back to the US to Face "Justice"? [View all]

Pls rec this so we get a bigger sampling.

94 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
15 (16%)
73 (78%)
I don't know.
1 (1%)
I don't care.
5 (5%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Oh good, there's an "I don't care" option Scootaloo Mar 2014 #1
The information he has provided is the key Aerows Mar 2014 #20
My guess is that he'll find a safe refuge. delrem Mar 2014 #48
No, it will just be a kangaroo court. Shoulders of Giants Mar 2014 #2
BS treestar Mar 2014 #89
If its not BS, then why aren't people being prosecuted for the crimes he exposed? Shoulders of Giants Mar 2014 #116
It would be extremely detrimental to the American people (not to mention 'Justice') T. J. Kong Mar 2014 #95
Paul Revere!...nt SidDithers Mar 2014 #96
^^^This! 1000+^^^ T.J.Kong! 2banon Mar 2014 #112
As stated elsewhere, Those against what Snowden did, are for the surveillance state. RC Mar 2014 #3
Wrong. nt jazzimov Mar 2014 #14
Agreed. 7962 Mar 2014 #18
I agree with RC having chatted with a few of them. They are truly scary in their blind loyalty sabrina 1 Mar 2014 #88
Do not care. bravenak Mar 2014 #4
I don't think it's about whether Russia "protects freedoms". nt delrem Mar 2014 #53
I dont think so either. But he seems to like it there. He can stay. bravenak Mar 2014 #76
My guess is that he'll move on. delrem Mar 2014 #78
Rarely do i disagree with you. bravenak Mar 2014 #94
When DiFi got on her white horse named silver delrem Mar 2014 #97
Good point.. 2banon Mar 2014 #113
This. Jamaal510 Mar 2014 #107
And the Death Penalty itsrobert Mar 2014 #5
So you are in favor of the death penalty? n-t Logical Mar 2014 #6
Justice would mean facing a kangaroo military court LittleBlue Mar 2014 #7
Because he is a coward itsrobert Mar 2014 #9
Because he has functioning brain cells LittleBlue Mar 2014 #12
+1. bvar22 Mar 2014 #19
Not only a coward... SoapBox Mar 2014 #31
"coward" is an easy word to use. delrem Mar 2014 #55
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Mar 2014 #100
He wouldn't face a military court .... oldhippie Mar 2014 #13
The fact is that the US has proven deficient w.r.t. matters of justice delrem Mar 2014 #56
WTF? No, I don't know this ..... oldhippie Mar 2014 #87
I'm saying that the US has much to clean up. delrem Mar 2014 #90
derp. nt oldhippie Mar 2014 #92
Your "derp" is small consolation to the accused, in post 9/11 US. delrem Mar 2014 #99
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Mar 2014 #101
Military??? Wrong court. nt msanthrope Mar 2014 #28
Same outcome LittleBlue Mar 2014 #37
Forget it, he's rolling. JoePhilly Mar 2014 #115
He can be a hypocrite in Russia if he wants Bad Thoughts Mar 2014 #8
To me its irrelavent if Snowden is a hypocrite. Shoulders of Giants Mar 2014 #15
Oh for Pete's sake, if there was even half the indignation and anger truedelphi Mar 2014 #10
Thank you for the "I don't care" option Shivering Jemmy Mar 2014 #11
Should Dick Cheney & Karl Rove be prosecuted for outing Valerie Plame? baldguy Mar 2014 #16
If it is justice you want.... Pholus Mar 2014 #26
I'm guessing you failed your reading comrehension skills tests in 7th grade. baldguy Mar 2014 #36
It takes a steely-eyed "realistic" Democrat to note all that, huh. Pholus Mar 2014 #43
Your juxtaposition of blinding ignorance and sophomoric sarcasm is very interesting. baldguy Mar 2014 #50
Well, so you find me interesting! That isn't reciprocated I fear... Pholus Mar 2014 #54
Speaking of 7th grade... Chef Eric Mar 2014 #58
Funny that the same people that defend not prosecuting Dick, George, or Karl JoeyT Mar 2014 #30
Tell me: What's it like to be a RW dupe who gets caught up in his own propaganda? baldguy Mar 2014 #41
Throwing Rand Paul in the thread for the fail. nt Mojorabbit Mar 2014 #64
The failure is on the Snowden fans baldguy Mar 2014 #68
Awwww, your job just got harder! Pholus Mar 2014 #72
Dick Cheney hates Snowden. JoeyT Mar 2014 #79
Nice Video Clip! Pholus Mar 2014 #110
funny the same people who insist on prosecuting treestar Mar 2014 #91
It created a corrosive culture of lawbreaking. Pholus Mar 2014 #109
What the poll should say is 1awake Mar 2014 #17
Went with "I Don't Care", cause he's an autonomous human being able to make his own decisions…. KittyWampus Mar 2014 #21
The message he had to the world is what is important Aerows Mar 2014 #22
Exactly Iwillnevergiveup Mar 2014 #24
...^ that 840high Mar 2014 #46
Have to find it first. n/t jtuck004 Mar 2014 #23
Since Putin Cryptoad Mar 2014 #25
Wow...that has the same flavor zeemike Mar 2014 #27
So why doesn't Putin give him safe passage somewhere else? randome Mar 2014 #59
Well he would be a fool to do that zeemike Mar 2014 #62
The conspiracy theory is that the U.S. brought down a plane in order to 'get' Snowden. randome Mar 2014 #63
So you don't want to talk about your CT. zeemike Mar 2014 #71
That "incident" happened. delrem Mar 2014 #75
You might as well ask, "Should Snowden voluntarily lock himself in a cage for the rest Zorra Mar 2014 #29
He DID lock himself in a cage. randome Mar 2014 #34
how so? nt Zorra Mar 2014 #38
He trapped himself in Russia by stealing hundreds of thousands of documents... randome Mar 2014 #49
I'd prefer he attempted to take a dash for a country that actually shares his professed values. WatermelonRat Mar 2014 #32
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Mar 2014 #102
The reason what happens to Snowden matters is not for the sake of Snowden, JoeyT Mar 2014 #33
Justice? As in, "Lead the guilty man in for a fair trial and sentencing"? Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2014 #35
If Snowden came back... Helen Borg Mar 2014 #39
I voted Yes Martin Eden Mar 2014 #40
You're assuming justice is here to face. rug Mar 2014 #42
Hell NO. 840high Mar 2014 #44
The fact that you felt the need to put "justice" in quotes--plus Jackpine Radical Mar 2014 #45
Well said. woo me with science Mar 2014 #70
Right after Bush and Cheney. Octafish Mar 2014 #47
I really do not give a shit nadinbrzezinski Mar 2014 #51
One shallow consideration ... OldBoss Mar 2014 #52
No, but the NSA needs to face Justice. 2banon Mar 2014 #57
+1 grahamhgreen Mar 2014 #111
Not just no but hell no. n/t Catherina Mar 2014 #60
Yes CFLDem Mar 2014 #61
LOL, death penalty fan. Sure you belong here? n-t Logical Mar 2014 #67
Actually I prefer life with no parole CFLDem Mar 2014 #77
So in other words, no logic at all. I get it. n-t Logical Mar 2014 #80
Let me guess CFLDem Mar 2014 #81
LOL, 4 posts locked there. Temper Temper. I imagine your stay might be short. n-t Logical Mar 2014 #82
Too short to pick the higher up fruit, I see. CFLDem Mar 2014 #83
You are the lower fruit? Confused, are you drunk? nt Logical Mar 2014 #84
I think it's time for bed my dear Logical. CFLDem Mar 2014 #86
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Mar 2014 #103
How not to run an intelligence agency Trust Buster Mar 2014 #65
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Mar 2014 #105
The 'Yes' people are the usual suspects. nt Logical Mar 2014 #66
No, and fuck the goosesteppers. kenny blankenship Mar 2014 #69
When you expose a nation's crimes, you should not be subject to their "justice". Scuba Mar 2014 #73
Yeah. After the DOJ prosecutes all the criminal banksters, Cayman island tax cheats, and Bush era GoneFishin Mar 2014 #74
Who gives a fuck? I hope they make him Emperor of CRIME-a. Tarheel_Dem Mar 2014 #85
Poll: Most think Edward Snowden should stand trial in U.S. Tarheel_Dem Mar 2014 #93
The US govt. should face justice. Vashta Nerada Mar 2014 #98
Lock that Ron Paul-loving traitor up and throw away the key. nt Jamaal510 Mar 2014 #104
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Mar 2014 #106
I've always found that response interesting. JoePhilly Mar 2014 #114
+1 Tarheel_Dem Mar 2014 #108
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