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Sun Feb 14, 2021, 02:01 PM

QAnon was enabled in part by former military and intelligence professionals "gone wild." [View all]

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Dave Troy
THREAD: QAnon was enabled in part by former military and intelligence professionals "gone wild." They lent credibility to the myth and laundered QAnon messaging to the public, sometimes via E-list "influencers." Here are some of the key personnel.
9:39 AM · Feb 14, 2021

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THREAD: QAnon was enabled in part by former military and intelligence professionals "gone wild." They lent credibility to the myth and laundered QAnon messaging to the public, sometimes via E-list "influencers." Here are some of the key personnel.

2/MICHAEL T. FLYNN is at the very center of the Q operation. As a US Army Lt. General and as former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, he has extensive knowledge of military/intel ops and the mechanics of insurgency. He also deeply resents his treatment by USG – a theme.

3/BILL BINNEY retired in protest from NSA in 2001 after spat with @GenMhayden. He collaborated with Putinphile Oliver Stone (A Good American; Snowden), and has appeared on many Q content channels re: child sex abuse, directed energy weapons; he is part of intj.org

4/ROBERT DAVID STEELE, retired CIA, has appeared on countless Q-influencer channels. He drove the Pizzagate story in 2016. Has ties to Iran-connected ops, and also Russia info channels. Part of intj.org. Reform party pres. candidate, 2012.

Web Sites

5/KIRK WIEBE, former NSA, is a colleague of Binney's. He was part of a pro-Russia group with Binney called VIPS. Has endorsed ITNJ activities. Appeared in a video with Binney and Oliver Stone's son Sean Stone, Sep 2020, on channel "Triangle of Paganism." facebook.com/triangleofpaga…

6/ED LOOMIS, another NSA colleague of Binney and Wiebe; also part of VIPS. He appeared in the Oliver Stone-produced film "A Good American" with Binney.

The Protagonists | A Good American
A brilliant code breaker. A perfect surveillance tool. A flagrant betrayal.

7/LARRY C. JOHNSON is a former CIA + State Dept official, turned conspiracist; also part of VIPS. Signed Dec 2016 VIPS memo saying Russia was not behind the DNC hack; foundational to the Seth Rich lie. Believes Russia did not interfere in 2016.

CIA 'source' says ‘Don’t take my word for it’ that UK wiretapped Donald Trump
The memo comes too late for Donald Trump

8/RAY MCGOVERN is a retired CIA official who has been a longtime guest of Alex Jones on InfoWars; also on left channels like Democracy Now. In Jan 2017, he wrote an op-ed with Binney saying DNC emails weren’t hacked, but leaked. Vehemently pro-Assange.

Emails were leaked, not hacked
It has been several weeks since the New York Times reported that "overwhelming circumstantial evidence" led the CIA to believe that Russian President Vladimir Putin "deployed computer h…

9/MICHAEL SCHEUER founded and led the CIA's station responsible for tracking Osama Bin Laden from 1996-2004. He left after being outed for anonymously publishing "Imperial Hubris." Has called for assassination of Obama and other officials; promotes Q.

Those who do not believe QANON will be mighty surprised
This morning news is replete with condemnations of QANON, his team, and their followers. Much is made of the accused murderer of a gang boss whose lawyers claim that his support for QANON shows his…

10/RUSSELL BRUEMMER, former top lawyer at CIA + congressional affairs lead at FBI, formed cryptocurrency company Indeco with alleged QAnon/Shadowbox collaborator Trevor Fitzgibbon. May have used alias Hiro Tokumei. medium.com/indeco/indeco-…

Indeco Launches First Token Pre-sale under SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding Rules
Campaign Expands Access to Crypto Assets, Promotes Development of Smart, Green Communities

These Gaming Studios Are Bringing Bitcoin to Esports - CoinDesk
These developers are using Bitcoin’s Lightning Network to make esports and gaming a hobby anyone can monetize.

11/KEVIN SHIPP, former CIA, appears in the fabulist documentary “Out of Shadows” and in other Q media. Had initial doubts about QAnon, but then became more supportive. Long history of conflict with CIA.

Former CIA Agent Kevin Shipp Reveals Shocking Details in New Book, From the Company of Shadows
/PRNewswire/ -- While working as a senior officer on a secret government base, Shipp and his family were subjected to severe toxic exposure. They were bleeding...

12/STEVE PIECZENIK, former State Department official, was partners with Tom Clancy. He became a critic of US policy and has appeared many times on InfoWars. He says Bin Laden died in 2001; Steele cites him. Themes from Clancy pervade QAnon + predecessors.

How a conspiracy theory closed part of a major US seaport
The story of how a trio of conspiracy theorists with a modest following inadvertently shut down part of one of the United States' largest ports.

13/JACK POSOBIEC former US Navy intel, connected to Russia-linked actors such as Cassandra Fairbanks, Roger Stone, Jim Hoft, Flynn, and others. Became deeply interested in QAnon in Sep 2018 when he made a long video about it for OAN.
Unroll available on Thread Reader

14/MICHAEL AQUINO, former US Army PSYOPs; founder, Temple of Set; founder, Church of Satan; author, "MindWar." Associate of Jim Watkins (8kun); associate of Sean Stone. Long-time critic of CIA. First officially recognized Satanic Chaplain of the US Army.

15/PAUL VALLELY, former US Army PSYOPs, claims QAnon is run by "The Army of Northern Virginia" (i.e. ex-intel people) who work with "white hats" to deliver intel through Q channels. Listen to him say this.

Americanuck Radio - 20191014
Americanuck Radio - Americanuck Radio is rock 'n roll rebel talk, from north of the 49th parallel! Host Mike Filip is a missionary for liberty in communist occupied western Canada. Join us live Monday…

16/PFC PATRICK BERGY, US Army, appears in the documentary “Shadowgate,” by Millie Weaver. Bergy claims he worked at CENTCOM on a program called iPsy. His claims seem suspect, but nevertheless he uses his military status to burnish QAnon talking points.

PolitiFact - Viral ShadowGate video makes sweeping, unfounded claims
Millie Weaver, a correspondent for Infowars, posted on her website on Aug. 3 that "ShadowGate" was coming soon. Billed a/>

17/JOSHUA MACIAS, founder, Vets for Trump; founder, JTF MAGA. Macias visited Trump Tower in late 2016 to advocate for vets. He was arrested in Philadelphia disrupting the 2020 vote count. Released, he was jailed again after participating in Jan 6 events. washingtonpost.com/nation/2021/01…

18/TOM MCINERNEY former USAF Lt. Gen., has appeared on multiple Q-promoting content channels including Ann Vandersteel and Michael Scheuer's podcast. He claims Democrats coordinated with the Chinese government to create COVID-19.

PolitiFact - Debunking false claims from former Lt. Gen. McInerney on the Capitol riot, COVID-19, election fraud
In a video viewed tens of thousands of times on Facebook, a retired Air Force officer makes a slew of inaccurate and bas/>

19/And there are various collaborators within government. MTG, Boebert, Biggs, Gosar, Jordan, Gohmert, Nunes in Congress, at a minimum. Patel, Tata and possibly others who were at Pentagon and NSA. This BS film offers an overview of part of that network.

20/Expect to hear more about these characters. If you know of others who should be included in this list, please send details. If you're a reporter and wish to dig into this network, please reach out; I have more info. DM's are open. This is a major counterintelligence failure.

21/Some may wonder why these folks went down this path. From research, the common theme we have found is that they are disaffected from the mainstream of their professional community. Alienation is often a cause of radicalization.

22/PRISCILLA ADAMS DUMONT is an employee at the US Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, AL. She was the #1 correspondent with 8kun's Jim Watkins, according to server logs examined by myself, @emmibevensee @maxzzze + others. More in this Bellingcat story.

Exposed Email Logs Show 8kun Owner in Contact With QAnon Influencers and Enthusiasts - bellingcat
The owner of 8kun appears to have been in regular email contact with QAnon conspiracy enthusiasts and influencers, a recently discovered vulnerability in mail servers used by Watkins and a number of t…

23/DAVID E. MARTIN appears in the Mikki Willis quack documentary film Plandemic II: INDOCTORNATION; Willis was at the Capitol on Jan 6th. Martin is not a former USG employee. But he is interest as part of this network; he is also part of ITNJ.

David Martin | The Wobble Effect | Putting Humanity Back into Humans
David Martin specialises in putting humanity back into humans - and business. David's secret of success globally is ‘The Wobble Effect’. Read more...

24/And about ITNJ... The International Tribunal of Natural Justice is a bizarre organization led by Rhodesian "rock star" Sacha Stone and pushed Q themes of child trafficking, pandemic disinfo, 5G disinfo very early. Many in this network are affiliated. itnj.org
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