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Egalitarian Thug

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39. The American Civil War never ended.
Sat Feb 22, 2014, 10:31 PM
Feb 2014

The leaders of the Confederacy surrendered and victory was declared, but the schism still exists.

And the schism isn't regional or spiritual, it authoritarian vs. egalitarian, coercion vs. cooperation.

There will be civil unrest due to food and water shortages as climate change takes hold Auggie Feb 2014 #1
Just judging from what's going on in CA with water, we're heading there, probably. n/t RKP5637 Feb 2014 #2
A perfect storm is brewing Auggie Feb 2014 #10
Inevitable class war davekriss Feb 2014 #15
Yep Auggie Feb 2014 #19
Agreed. Much more likely than "lib vs con," IMO. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2014 #74
It will be the rich and middle class vs. the poor if anything. former9thward Feb 2014 #90
Yes Something like that Auggie Feb 2014 #110
Climate change worsened by Republicons going AWOL from reality & responsibility Berlum Feb 2014 #97
this ^^^ magical thyme Feb 2014 #126
Probably not. I think we'd see a Constitutional Convention before that Lurks Often Feb 2014 #3
Republicans are pushing for that in many states already CatholicEdHead Feb 2014 #31
they want the Handmaid's Tale stg81 Feb 2014 #33
Or worse. Enthusiast Feb 2014 #94
If only they knew what the Handmaid's Tale was. pangaia Feb 2014 #105
Which is why I'm 150% against the idea. Initech Feb 2014 #102
And, the end of the US. We would just be a third world knuckle dragging place as the RKP5637 Feb 2014 #128
Republicans have already killed 200,000+ seattledo Feb 2014 #111
Would it actually pass anything, or end in complete disarray quaker bill Feb 2014 #125
I don't think we've reached that point yet Lurks Often Feb 2014 #127
A Constitutional Convention any time now would be a disaster CanonRay Feb 2014 #130
if ever the should be a flashpoint for a new civil war, a constitutional convention would be it. unblock Feb 2014 #152
Disagree, since it is laid out in law, it might the only peaceful Lurks Often Feb 2014 #156
i'm not expecting "results" from a constitutional convention other than more acrimony unblock Feb 2014 #157
Acrimony is the current state of politics these days. n/t Lurks Often Feb 2014 #158
indeed. that's why i think a constitutional convention won't help. unblock Feb 2014 #159
As much as the Kroch Bros. want to overthrow our Wellstone ruled Feb 2014 #4
Unrec. Ridiculous hyperbole. FSogol Feb 2014 #5
No it isn't. Throd Feb 2014 #6
That's mind-bogglingly silly. Codeine Feb 2014 #7
Dumb premise Pretzel_Warrior Feb 2014 #8
+100000000 aristocles Feb 2014 #54
+100,000,000 Auntie Bush Feb 2014 #66
Civil War II: Electric Boogaloo Initech Feb 2014 #101
LOL!!! bravenak Feb 2014 #144
All the militias and gun nuts combined and coordinatedwould not last a week... gordianot Feb 2014 #9
If there were serious food or water shortages the federal government would not stand a chance. former9thward Feb 2014 #91
What I described would be an insurrection not a civil war over ideology. gordianot Feb 2014 #115
BRING. IT. ON. (mutherf/ckers) blkmusclmachine Feb 2014 #11
I've never seen the split between Americans this bad except for the Vietnam War era. IMO, before AlinPA Feb 2014 #12
why would they secede? grasswire Feb 2014 #26
Good point, but it's a "What's The Matter With Kansas" type thing and religious fanaticism. AlinPA Feb 2014 #27
they are too stupid to comprehend this reality stg81 Feb 2014 #35
Not happening. JoePhilly Feb 2014 #13
Only in a Second Amendment absolutist's billh58 Feb 2014 #14
Nope. zappaman Feb 2014 #16
Don't burst the bubble... greytdemocrat Feb 2014 #18
Are you in Colorado by chance? XRubicon Feb 2014 #17
No, but don't think I'm not seriously contemplating it. AAO Feb 2014 #20
Thank you all for responding! AAO Feb 2014 #21
I see this coming too. deaniac21 Feb 2014 #22
I don't know about "civil war"...but we are less politically stable than many think... First Speaker Feb 2014 #23
As I told my son today AAO Feb 2014 #28
Of the current "militias" in this country, 95% won't leave their mom's basement, and the rest are chrisa Feb 2014 #24
I'm just a pro-2A lefty, but this is a amusing, in a hyperventilating way. Eleanors38 Feb 2014 #25
We are teetering on republican or democratic control. airplaneman Feb 2014 #29
Now THAT's what I'm talkin about! AAO Feb 2014 #34
there are a lot of very evil people in this country, and it would be foolish to ignore that stg81 Feb 2014 #36
That is it, right there. Millions will die as intended by the RWNJs. n/t freshwest Feb 2014 #45
The veneer of society is very thin. L0oniX Feb 2014 #63
Conservative v Liberal = City v Rural bvar22 Feb 2014 #30
Well put, imo, but I'd amend slightly thus: Ghost Dog Feb 2014 #55
from what i've seen from the police these last 5 to ten years here RedstDem Feb 2014 #56
Yep, so I see. Ghost Dog Feb 2014 #57
It's called a thin blue line for reason... Eleanors38 Feb 2014 #62
Your posts 25. and 62. seem to contradict one another. (nt) Paladin Feb 2014 #71
In what way? Eleanors38 Feb 2014 #76
People in the sticks can grow their own food and have access to water Aerows Feb 2014 #98
That is one of the reasons ... bvar22 Feb 2014 #100
If you can have a garden Aerows Feb 2014 #103
people can't even bother to get up to vote, you think they will go into war? La Lioness Priyanka Feb 2014 #32
For a civil war, you need a split in the military, either by region or by branch FarCenter Feb 2014 #37
I think a civil war doen't necessarily have to involve the military AAO Feb 2014 #38
Vigilantes may be able to restore order fairly quickly FarCenter Feb 2014 #47
problems with calling a disciplined force or "Never start a fire that you cannot put out." RegexReader Feb 2014 #82
The record of civil disturbances in the US doesn't include grandmothers rebelling FarCenter Feb 2014 #88
The American Civil War never ended. Egalitarian Thug Feb 2014 #39
That is a big part of it as is religious fundamentalism. AAO Feb 2014 #40
Sane person here, with six guns Loaded Liberal Dem Feb 2014 #41
Great - we're going to need people with heavy firepower. AAO Feb 2014 #43
So I need to go out, buy a bunch of assault rifles and arm myself? Packerowner740 Feb 2014 #83
I don't have any intention of buying a weapon. AAO Feb 2014 #85
What will we 'need heavy fire power' for B2G Feb 2014 #151
You really want to use nukes? Now that's ridiculous. AAO Feb 2014 #160
If there ever was another civil war, it'd be between the haves and have-nots. Vashta Nerada Feb 2014 #42
Well, yeah, but that would be a very short one. AAO Feb 2014 #44
It will be between the greedy and the needy. Auntie Bush Feb 2014 #68
We should get one of those wheels from the fair madville Feb 2014 #46
I think that's very, very unlikely indeed. sibelian Feb 2014 #48
"almost inevitable"= not inevitable. onenote Feb 2014 #49
The sooner the better! markmyword Feb 2014 #50
100% Correct wocaonimabi Feb 2014 #58
divisionist crap marions ghost Feb 2014 #133
This message was self-deleted by its author wocaonimabi Feb 2014 #135
Divisionist crap marions ghost Feb 2014 #134
We stand together or we die by the millions. aquart Feb 2014 #51
If only I were that powerful. AAO Feb 2014 #59
We will not only die by the millions but we will Auntie Bush Feb 2014 #70
It all depends on your definition of civil war. defacto7 Feb 2014 #52
I think you are more likely see it on Netflix. MMcGuire Feb 2014 #53
We did. Atlas Shrugged II L0oniX Feb 2014 #64
See there you go! MMcGuire Feb 2014 #87
No. The demographics, if nothing else, disallow a Civil war to happen in the U.S. nt ladjf Feb 2014 #60
So long as it doesn't delay the 3rd season of Continuum, that's fine with me. randome Feb 2014 #61
Please include The Voice... L0oniX Feb 2014 #65
There are some fascists on this site who death would be preferable Jetboy Feb 2014 #67
Your statement contains no irony Pretzel_Warrior Feb 2014 #77
I would seriously doubt it. Our divisions are mostly about advertising and Marr Feb 2014 #69
We have two such "culturally-defining, human rights issue like slavery" issues demwing Feb 2014 #73
I'm more inclined to see a (largely peaceful) breakup of the union. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2014 #72
Your vision is what is needed. former9thward Feb 2014 #96
I say bring it on.... ChisolmTrailDem Feb 2014 #75
Reading DU... NobodyHere Feb 2014 #78
How I hear you on that! AAO Feb 2014 #79
Yeah CFLDem Feb 2014 #80
Lol CFLDem Feb 2014 #81
My money is on arely staircase Feb 2014 #84
Class war, not civil war Corruption Inc Feb 2014 #86
The problem is nukes are not smart bombs. former9thward Feb 2014 #89
Police and military would crush those gunshow hillbillies no problem mwrguy Feb 2014 #92
You do realize.... BuzzKillington Feb 2014 #121
"we currently control the nukes." Enthusiast Feb 2014 #93
Better than being controlled by the 'baggers AAO Feb 2014 #112
That's why we need a strong liberal leftist government. Because RW lunatics Zorra Feb 2014 #95
You had better hope not Frytruk33 Feb 2014 #99
I served XRubicon Feb 2014 #108
You're right is does Frytruk33 Feb 2014 #109
In what capacity BuzzKillington Feb 2014 #122
Im going to assume you wont be around long enough to warrant XRubicon Feb 2014 #136
Why? BuzzKillington Feb 2014 #139
my call for war? XRubicon Feb 2014 #140
Actually..... BuzzKillington Feb 2014 #141
Who is crying out for war? AAO Feb 2014 #113
Half the fools replying to this thread Frytruk33 Feb 2014 #114
Well, you responded to me - I never called for war. I'm just a soothsayer. AAO Feb 2014 #131
Link? RandiFan1290 Feb 2014 #124
I've got my pitchfork ready! democratisphere Feb 2014 #104
yep and the Morans will lose Pharaoh Feb 2014 #106
This seems silly to me considering sadoldgirl Feb 2014 #107
Exactly, the Government would not even have to exert much force and it would be very quiet. gordianot Feb 2014 #116
If there will be a civil war it won't be ideological... Springslips Feb 2014 #117
I tend to think of climate change and resources as economic. You do make a good point. gordianot Feb 2014 #118
Yes. Springslips Feb 2014 #119
The strife will be personal one against the other, this just invites government to step in. gordianot Feb 2014 #120
Pfft! Let the rednecks try it - & the Union Army will go all William Tecumseh Sherman on their asses Adenoid_Hynkel Feb 2014 #123
lol. you can find the same divisive shit on freeperville. almost cali Feb 2014 #129
Divisive? How is my OP divisive? Maybe to teabaggers, but they shouldn't be here. AAO Feb 2014 #132
Glad you brought this up.. adavid Feb 2014 #137
Glad you brought this up.. adavid Feb 2014 #137
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2014 #142
Not going to happen. dilby Feb 2014 #143
Not flame bait if it is possible. I think it is, you don't. Stalemate. AAO Feb 2014 #145
Agree there will not be a civil war, but if a Democrat is elected as President in 2016, the AlinPA Feb 2014 #148
. MO_Moderate Feb 2014 #146
I wish I could be so naive. AAO Feb 2014 #162
Conspiracy theories do not prove you to be right MO_Moderate Feb 2014 #164
I didn't get anything from a "hyper partisan website". AAO Feb 2014 #165
secret fantasies based on hack-authored, badly-written sci-fi novellas LanternWaste Feb 2014 #147
more like, second "great depression" and progressive revival.... steve2470 Feb 2014 #149
Message auto-removed Name removed Feb 2014 #150
We should surrender and let them secede and elect a Duck Dynasty. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2014 #153
No, I don't think so. HappyMe Feb 2014 #154
Post removed Post removed Feb 2014 #155
Another good reason we should remain progressive on the 2A. ileus Feb 2014 #161
Yes, please stay together AAO Feb 2014 #163
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