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Fri Feb 21, 2014, 09:15 AM Feb 2014

Does the White House Really Think People Are That Stupid? [View all]


from the Working Life blog:

Does the White House Really Think People Are That Stupid?
Posted on 19 February 2014.

C’mon, seriously, has it gotten to the point of such desperation to pass middle-class crushing, poverty-enhancing trade deals that drive inequality that the White House treats its allies, members of Congress and activists as if they are idiots? That’s a rhetorical question.

This is a head-slapping, WTF moment:

Michael B. Froman, the president’s trade representative, tried to reassure Democrats on Tuesday that the administration would be sensitive to their concerns about workplace and environmental standards in putting together the new trade pact, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP. He noted that as a candidate, Mr. Obama promised to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement, known as Nafta.“And that’s exactly what we’re doing in TPP, upgrading our trading relationships not only with Mexico and Canada but with nine other countries as well,” Mr. Froman said in a speech at the Center for American Progress, a liberal research group in Washington.

That assertion drew scorn from critics. “I don’t think that expanding on the Nafta model and extending it to nine more nations was what the unions, environmental groups or Democratic Party activists had in mind when Obama said he would renegotiate Nafta,” said Lori Wallach, a trade expert at Public Citizen, a liberal advocacy group.

Uh, well, first, in case Mr. Forman and the White House cannot add, candidate Obama existed roughly six years ago. I think that campaign ended already, no? In the period since, the president has done nothing, zilch, nada to renegotiate NAFTA.The opposite: he continues to press for trade deals that as Lori Wallach points out above are precisely in the NAFTA-mold, including the TPP whose passage he so badly wants that he is willing to sacrifice the environment, which is precisely NAFTA-like.

And the Orwellian speak of Froman promising “upgrading our trading relationships” via the TPP is the exact opposite of renegotiating NAFTA.

It’s locking in that very model.

Stop lying.

Stop treating people–in theory, your on base, your supporters, the middle class, workers–like idiots.

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One Step Forward - Two Steps Back cantbeserious Feb 2014 #1
du rec. xchrom Feb 2014 #2
I read ProSense Feb 2014 #3
How can anyone here criticize the President in the face of what just happened in SC? Y kelliekat44 Feb 2014 #9
Yes, exactly. WTF ARE we talking about? mountain grammy Feb 2014 #14
I don't see the relevance. We can't criticize bad policy? WCLinolVir Feb 2014 #102
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren were two of only four to vote against Froman MannyGoldstein Feb 2014 #16
Yes, and I know ProSense Feb 2014 #22
I'm not always in love with Wyden MannyGoldstein Feb 2014 #56
so now it's bad to respect Senator Wyden? grasswire Feb 2014 #84
Congress mostly is bi-partisan when it comes to screwing workers. lark Feb 2014 #62
Are you for or against the TPP? sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #128
maybe he doesn't know this video is a joke? Enrique Feb 2014 #4
No I don't think they do. zeemike Feb 2014 #24
No Puzzledtraveller Feb 2014 #5
That's exactly what they think Glitterati Feb 2014 #6
I gave ann--- Feb 2014 #46
Me too, but Glitterati Feb 2014 #47
This message was self-deleted by its author Th1onein Feb 2014 #109
me too. Phlem Feb 2014 #89
There are very few ctsnowman Feb 2014 #7
+1 nt clarice Feb 2014 #17
They will do what they want, what we think does not matter to them. Autumn Feb 2014 #8
And they've picked Hillary. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #41
Elizabeth isn't going to run, I really doubt Hillary will run. Biden will. Autumn Feb 2014 #44
And as soon as you imthevicar Feb 2014 #48
Then don't go into protected groups and ignore the rules. Then you don't get Autumn Feb 2014 #50
That a trap when you ask for an opinion. imthevicar Feb 2014 #74
It's not a trap. Those are protected groups where supporters of Autumn Feb 2014 #76
What about when a protected group comes out here and tries to treat a hapless participant RC Feb 2014 #81
Yeah but they can't block you from the main forums. Autumn Feb 2014 #82
Same with the BOG. That kind of discrimantory behavior is a real ugly and dangerous side of DU. cui bono Feb 2014 #63
That's what happened, imthevicar Feb 2014 #75
I never miss voting, but if my choice is Hillary or some Republican fool, both picked by the 1%, JDPriestly Feb 2014 #60
You would be cutting off your nose to spite your face. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #61
I'm in California. My vote for Hillary won't make much difference. But if I vote for her, I will JDPriestly Feb 2014 #72
A decision not to vote is a vote for the Republican candidate(s). SunSeeker Feb 2014 #79
Would normally agree with you. But Hillary? I don't see much about her that is Democratic. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #108
She is pro choice, pro Obamacare, pro LGBT rights, pro women's rights. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #111
Clinton-Sachs isnt the same as the Republican clowns. No one here is saying that. rhett o rick Feb 2014 #93
Agreed. n/t cui bono Feb 2014 #94
Agreed X2 bvar22 Feb 2014 #97
That is exactly what you are saying. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #112
Some are making a mistake thinking that our enemy is the Republican Party. rhett o rick Feb 2014 #118
+1000000 woo me with science Feb 2014 #120
Some would rather vilify Dems than blame Republicans. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #123
Really? That's your post? I blame Republicans but they have had some help. rhett o rick Feb 2014 #124
LOL. Oooooh. Guess I hit a nerve. SunSeeker Feb 2014 #125
it's been a sham democracy for a LONG time. tomp Feb 2014 #115
I have just 1 question, why all the secrecy if you are pushing our interests? Dustlawyer Feb 2014 #10
Excellent question erronis Feb 2014 #92
Secrecy is good for presents. I'm sure the White House has a very nice present to surprise us with. jsr Feb 2014 #11
What is superlative CPI? juajen Feb 2014 #107
Who else you gonna vote for? Ha ha ha. OnyxCollie Feb 2014 #12
How about None of the Above? Glitterati Feb 2014 #15
Since the majority of the public OnyxCollie Feb 2014 #20
+1 jsr Feb 2014 #35
+1 more. QuestForSense Feb 2014 #45
Just curious, are you advocating not voting? Just in case you want to weigh in. Autumn Feb 2014 #65
ROFL, I have no intention of dignifying that juvenile foot stomping Glitterati Feb 2014 #66
I gotta say, in terms of the conversation your remark seems to fit and I didn't take Autumn Feb 2014 #67
Right...reminding that there ARE other options Glitterati Feb 2014 #68
The beatings will continue until morale improves Autumn Feb 2014 #69
Evidently Glitterati Feb 2014 #70
Yep, that's exactly their thought process. Lizzie Poppet Feb 2014 #18
And, that's how they got the 2010 result Glitterati Feb 2014 #26
That's the Dem motto these days! polichick Feb 2014 #95
Our President probably reads DU: MannyGoldstein Feb 2014 #13
You never loved the President if you don't register your like there jsr Feb 2014 #21
I like the bumper sticker "We Suck Less". L0oniX Feb 2014 #29
We suck less... Gary 50 Feb 2014 #55
And even accurate - most of the time anyway. RC Feb 2014 #85
That's what staff is for n/t Fumesucker Feb 2014 #36
Yes, sadly Mass Feb 2014 #19
we have voted for sociopaths to run this country madrchsod Feb 2014 #23
The old good cop/bad cop strategy. jsr Feb 2014 #25
Maybe the good corporatist/bad corporatist strategy? n/t xocet Feb 2014 #42
Yep. jsr Feb 2014 #43
If 'free trade' caused poverty and inequality, Europe would be the poorest and most unequal place pampango Feb 2014 #27
Actually, Spain, Greece, Italy, Ireland????? JDPriestly Feb 2014 #57
Spain's standard of living was improved hugely by the EU--it's in Sherrod Brown's book Kolesar Feb 2014 #87
Austerity is indeed stupid, terrible fiscal policy. It has nothing to do with trade. pampango Feb 2014 #90
At the time NAFTA was negotiated, I was teaching a class of high school maddiemom Feb 2014 #28
Well at least he isn't going to offer to sacrifice seniors anymore. L0oniX Feb 2014 #30
Social Security Cuts Still ‘on the Table’ jsr Feb 2014 #33
That is not what Obama said. He is the master of double-talk, and people fall for it. JDPriestly Feb 2014 #59
Really makes you wonder, doesn't it? X_Digger Feb 2014 #31
IMO Mr Dixon Feb 2014 #32
I don't think the WH thinks you are stupid treestar Feb 2014 #34
It's certainly not stupid for members of his social class Fumesucker Feb 2014 #38
Any politician needs to consider no matter politics 2 conditions. gordianot Feb 2014 #37
Hey that's good. Quotable. n/t Populist_Prole Feb 2014 #40
Yes, and it's not just the white house Populist_Prole Feb 2014 #39
Ah, geez, COI? proverbialwisdom Feb 2014 #49
Yes WillyT Feb 2014 #51
sitting at home on election is not an option for me. rbrnmw Feb 2014 #52
Does that mean we'll get a free pizza? nt valerief Feb 2014 #53
Why does Paul Krugman think TPP is no big deal? Progressive dog Feb 2014 #54
Because he didn't do his homework before commenting on the issue. pa28 Feb 2014 #78
Pharma patents are owned by Progressive dog Feb 2014 #106
What, you think Krugman is infallible? nt. druidity33 Feb 2014 #83
No, but he is a Nobel prize winning economist Progressive dog Feb 2014 #104
How do you feel about NAFTA? druidity33 Feb 2014 #113
So, because experts aren't always right in their field, Progressive dog Feb 2014 #114
No, it's better to evaluate the facts yourself. nt. druidity33 Feb 2014 #116
I agree, but that doesn't explain why there Progressive dog Feb 2014 #117
Well when the damn things a secret, what do you expect? nt. druidity33 Feb 2014 #122
Well, first you told me to evaluate facts, Progressive dog Feb 2014 #126
The fact that it's SECRET is one of the facts i evaluated... druidity33 Feb 2014 #127
All you need to know about Obama and trade is reflected in cali Feb 2014 #58
The shepherd always tries to persuade the sheep that their interests and his own are the same. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2014 #64
In a word: yes. DeSwiss Feb 2014 #71
Yes - and I didn't even need to read you OP! AAO Feb 2014 #73
I agree with the point of the article -- But the headline is a bit too much Armstead Feb 2014 #77
recommend frwrfpos Feb 2014 #80
People are that stupid. We have a non-Democratically prinicipled man truedelphi Feb 2014 #86
You only heard the flawed rhetoric of the pals you were listening to Kolesar Feb 2014 #88
Yes, absolutely, without a doubt.... obxhead Feb 2014 #91
DC is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Wall Street wolves. blkmusclmachine Feb 2014 #96
They don't think we are that stupid. bvar22 Feb 2014 #98
What this does... ReRe Feb 2014 #99
Welcome home ReRe. Phlem Feb 2014 #100
+1 virgogal Feb 2014 #101
I think they don't care. WCLinolVir Feb 2014 #103
just in case some are not aware>Michael B. Froman,wiki lunasun Feb 2014 #105
+1 jsr Feb 2014 #119
They probably think the people that read Newsmax or watch Foxnews are total idiots. Rex Feb 2014 #110
Gotta go with Obama on this. gulliver Feb 2014 #121
kick woo me with science Feb 2014 #129
kick woo me with science Feb 2014 #130
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