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21. I remember this
Thu Jan 30, 2014, 04:51 PM
Jan 2014

very well done. Very little you and I disagree about.

I will never understand apologists. People that defend things like the NSA and call themselves liberals, must not pay attention, lie or they're just plain stupid.

Major protests of the late 60s and early 70s were part of what helped bring change. One such protest was against the Democratic Party at the Convention in 1968. Those protesters were not a bunch of conservatives. We need to realize that "party line politics" no longer exists. It's all about the money and it's everywhere.

Big ass K & R! punkin87 Jan 2014 #1
Well done!! suede1 Jan 2014 #2
They haven't yet. Last time there were over 60 responses. 20score Jan 2014 #3
update on illegal parralel construction of evidence questionseverything Jan 2014 #19
Thank you. K&R woo me with science Jan 2014 #4
Welcome! 20score Jan 2014 #6
k and r and bookmarking to read later niyad Jan 2014 #5
Indeed Oilwellian Jan 2014 #7
Thanks. 20score Jan 2014 #14
Spot on Oscarmonster13 Jan 2014 #8
It's amazing how they think. 20score Jan 2014 #13
K&R. Well said. JDPriestly Jan 2014 #9
Thanks! 20score Jan 2014 #16
Kick And Recommend cantbeserious Jan 2014 #10
K & R L0oniX Jan 2014 #11
We have seen the enemy. And he is us. blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #12
enthusiastic K&R nt laundry_queen Jan 2014 #15
Thanks! 20score Jan 2014 #20
K&R CFLDem Jan 2014 #17
Thanks much! 20score Jan 2014 #18
I remember this marym625 Jan 2014 #21
Well said. 20score Jan 2014 #22
Thank you marym625 Feb 2014 #26
K&R! frankowen7 Jan 2014 #23
kick woo me with science Feb 2014 #24
Really great OP. Thanks for the memories... nt riderinthestorm Feb 2014 #25
Thanks! 20score Feb 2014 #28
K&R liberal_at_heart Feb 2014 #27
I think must DUers still agree. A small few appear to change their minds according to 'who is doing sabrina 1 Feb 2014 #29
K&R Solly Mack Feb 2014 #30
kick woo me with science Feb 2014 #31
I think you should repost now. eom marym625 Sep 2014 #32
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