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Egalitarian Thug

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67. You've got it backward, they attracted the top 20% market by meeting the demand
Sun Jan 26, 2014, 05:44 AM
Jan 2014

of micro and very small businesses, pre-reagan. When Sinegal partnered, in 1983 he brought a decidedly anti-reagan management philosophy and it has been key to their success.

Costco doesn't keep spending (losing) millions of dollars every year on their hot dog sales because their customers need the break. Lots of their most valued customers need that high-quality hot dog and a coke for $1.50.

It's really simple: Don't be greedy, and pay your people what they're worth. CaliforniaPeggy Jan 2014 #1
Always a good atmosphere in COSTCO, customers from all over the world, employees glad to be there. freshwest Jan 2014 #3
The problem with that is most of these CEOs think their workers are overpaid useless scum. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #29
They are simply lines on a balance ledger. Nothing more nothing less. Just another cost of Ed Suspicious Jan 2014 #38
Or eliminated,....at a profit with a Dead Peasant Policy. Spitfire of ATJ Jan 2014 #46
I wonder how many Costco employees are on public assistance... TroglodyteScholar Jan 2014 #42
And it SHOWS in the way I'm treated as a customer! MrMickeysMom Jan 2014 #44
Yup, headquartered in Issaquah! Go Washington!!! Love 'em!!! n/t freshwest Jan 2014 #2
He could add.. sendero Jan 2014 #4
But, but, but... SoapBox Jan 2014 #32
Profits only is not enough for the monsters any more. Whisp Jan 2014 #5
They also have one one of the lowest turnovers of employees.. SomethingFishy Jan 2014 #6
This lad spends about $4,000 each year at Costco and a big fat zero at Walmart during the past seven indepat Jan 2014 #7
Costco makes profits by catering to $100K+ households Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #8
Maybe so, but at least they seem to be doing it in a humanistic way Armstead Jan 2014 #9
I know a retired couple who shop there and have little money to burn... polichick Jan 2014 #10
Really? abelenkpe Jan 2014 #12
You can't be serious? LittleGirl Jan 2014 #17
That is cool and noble, but Costco's target market is still the top 20% of households. Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #51
Several questions spooky3 Jan 2014 #52
This has never really been a subject in dispute Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #55
Thanks for the additional info. But note spooky3 Jan 2014 #59
Well then, why doesn't Costco have a big neon sign that says "We Accept EBT" Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #62
I am a bschool professor at a top university spooky3 Jan 2014 #72
This message was self-deleted by its author Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #73
So what? Does this mean they should not exist? kestrel91316 Jan 2014 #57
Ofcourse not, I love Costco, I just wish they had indoor parking Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #58
This does a nice job of highlighting a whole set of practices spooky3 Jan 2014 #60
nice try but don't give up hope nt msongs Jan 2014 #18
I must be about to get a nice raise then. Egnever Jan 2014 #20
I saw Mitt Romney recently at our Costco... FailureToCommunicate Jan 2014 #24
You've got to be kidding theHandpuppet Jan 2014 #39
Nope, Sen. Walter Sobchak Jan 2014 #50
We've been going there since we were newlyweds making a below-median salary. pnwmom Jan 2014 #41
You've got it backward, they attracted the top 20% market by meeting the demand Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #67
Bullshit. I'm a retiree on a fixed income, and Costco is one of my major stops eridani Jan 2014 #70
Two Entirely Different Business Models With Different Goals BKH70041 Jan 2014 #11
Can you explain more about the "land acquisition" angle? El_Johns Jan 2014 #19
This? Glassunion Jan 2014 #21
Sure BKH70041 Jan 2014 #22
Nothing different from Walmart there. El_Johns Jan 2014 #26
Much Different BKH70041 Jan 2014 #27
Walmart is its own "developer" & pays rent to itself for tax breaks. El_Johns Jan 2014 #35
Real property is nothing more than capital Major Nikon Jan 2014 #45
That is in fact one of the biggest hidden strengths of McDonalds. A HERETIC I AM Jan 2014 #37
So most expanding companies are a land-acquisition company by your odd definition. n/t pnwmom Jan 2014 #43
And there are far more efficient ways for spooky3 Jan 2014 #53
As a Costco member I agree with their operations. L0oniX Jan 2014 #13
the people who need to see this are walmart employees SleeplessinSoCal Jan 2014 #14
Just ordered a canvas print LittleGirl Jan 2014 #15
WalMart will not take note Glassunion Jan 2014 #16
The wife & I love CostCo!!! nt greytdemocrat Jan 2014 #23
There are a BUNCH of differences jmowreader Jan 2014 #25
Not sure how true it is but I heard Walmart has gone largely to a consignment system that.... yourout Jan 2014 #30
That may be true, but treating employees decently should be a basic in all models Armstead Jan 2014 #33
Inventory management and good human resources practices spooky3 Jan 2014 #56
It is in the case of retail jmowreader Jan 2014 #65
You aren't refuting my point; you are introducing spooky3 Jan 2014 #66
This is why I love Aldi as well. Barack_America Jan 2014 #69
To be fair, Costco and Walmart are two completely different businesses AZ Progressive Jan 2014 #28
That doesn't excuse exploitation Armstead Jan 2014 #34
Never said it did AZ Progressive Jan 2014 #40
I just believe that fair treatment of workers should be a basic part of any business equation Armstead Jan 2014 #47
I love Costco LittleBlue Jan 2014 #31
I recently bought a membership there. Incitatus Jan 2014 #48
Which record Boom Sound 416 Jan 2014 #36
A few years back I didn't like shopping at Costco because of the check out area XRubicon Jan 2014 #49
"Treat your employees like, you know, they are human beings" And everyone gasps in response ck4829 Jan 2014 #54
once they charged me for three items when I bought two demigoddess Jan 2014 #61
'm going back to Costco barbtries Jan 2014 #63
All the responses in this thread telling us it's not the reason kcr Jan 2014 #64
That's why you have my business, sir. Barack_America Jan 2014 #68
Wow! Maybe they should pay them 90K and double their profits again. nt Demo_Chris Jan 2014 #71
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