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Not the fact in itself. MrSlayer Mar 2012 #1
No trial? We gave Saddam Hussein as much and he supposedly had nukes aimed at us, or whatever. Zalatix Mar 2012 #3
We didn't give Saddam a trial. MrSlayer Mar 2012 #5
why would Anyone hand themselves into people that openly torture Sea-Dog Mar 2012 #13
It depends upon the rules of engagement ChunderingTruth Mar 2012 #2
My opinion is post #52 just two down from my post you linked to. denbot Mar 2012 #4
And I will say again, I do not blindly trust anyone. Show me the evidence. Zalatix Mar 2012 #8
Way back when, I had the occasion to share a fighting hole with a variety of grunts. 11 Bravo Mar 2012 #127
Are you actually suggesting... USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #6
We're killing people who did not fire upon US troops at all. Zalatix Mar 2012 #7
Yes, that's what you do in a war. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #9
Since when do you execute a kill on sight order on someone who hasn't opened fire on you? Zalatix Mar 2012 #10
Do you think literally everyone in the Nazi army USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #11
Was al-Banna armed? Zalatix Mar 2012 #12
I don't know, was he? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #14
Wait, you are asking me for specific evidence of innocence? What country do you think you're in? Zalatix Mar 2012 #17
No. You said he wasn't armed. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #18
I base it upon lack of evidence. If you have any, please show it. Zalatix Mar 2012 #19
Once again... USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #41
I take it you have no proof, once again, that al-Banna deserved to die? Zalatix Mar 2012 #43
Not one from a court of law, no. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #49
LOL at your attempt to declare victory. Zalatix Mar 2012 #50
Thank you for proving my point USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #53
You have repeatedly dodged my questions, and have hidden behind irrelevant responses Zalatix Mar 2012 #76
WRONG USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #78
A trial isn't required for all strikes against enemy combatants. However we've no evidence al-Banna Zalatix Mar 2012 #80
How do you know there was no evidence? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #83
How do you know there was evidence? Zalatix Mar 2012 #87
I don't. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #90
WRONG. He SHOULD have had a trial. And you admit you have no evidence. Zalatix Mar 2012 #92
Flip flopper! USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #94
But he's NOT A COMBATANT. So your argument doesn't even apply. Zalatix Mar 2012 #96
How do you know he's not? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #97
You've shot at people you didn't know were hostile? Zalatix Mar 2012 #98
Complete and total strawman. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #99
Actually, since you keep trying to distract the issue with your non-points Zalatix Mar 2012 #100
LOL USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #101
Your argument has been "Reasons? I don't need no stinkin' reasons!" Zalatix Mar 2012 #103
No, that hasn't been my argument. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #105
"We don't need no stinkin' REASONS" is 100% EXACTLY what you said. Zalatix Mar 2012 #107
No, it's not. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #110
"Because we said so" is NOT a reason. Zalatix Mar 2012 #111
"Because he's an al-Qaeda operative" USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #112
YOU are the one dodging. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #215
#l. I don't know that the people targeted at Normandy were really enemy Combatants. AnotherDreamWeaver Mar 2012 #208
What point are you making. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #213
I thought I stated it very clearly AnotherDreamWeaver Mar 2012 #221
We get it. You don't trust the government. randome Mar 2012 #15
I bet you believed Saddam had WMD's. Or that the Gulf of Tonkin was not a hoax. Zalatix Mar 2012 #16
If someone is a criminal USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #20
What part of "show me proof" do you not understand? Zalatix Mar 2012 #23
Please spare me the drama queen BS USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #30
Then spare me the knuckle-dragging "kill em, proof or not" BS Zalatix Mar 2012 #32
No. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #36
Show me the proof. Zalatix Mar 2012 #38
Do you demand the same proof USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #39
Show me the proof. Zalatix Mar 2012 #40
Don't worry. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #44
I told you, I want proof that al-Banna deserved to die. I stand pat on that. Zalatix Mar 2012 #46
And I made a counterpoint USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #61
Counterpoint? Uh, no, what you did was offer no proof at all that al-Banna did ANYTHING wrong Zalatix Mar 2012 #65
ALL criminals are innocent until proven guilty USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #67
How was Awlaki an 'enemy force'? This case is only special because no one knows why sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #159
He was a member of an enemy force USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #163
But we do not know that. He was a preacher, where is the evidence he was a member of sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #168
I see. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #169
Of course I demanded that. Bush was the president, I never believed a word he said. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #172
OK, so just so I'm understanding you correctly... USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #173
When a country is lied into war, I do not generally support that war and question every sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #176
Got it. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #178
I have not quit my day job, but thanks for the advice. I was right just to remind you, about sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #184
Enemy forces who surrendered? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #185
You know the strange thing, well there are many strange things, but sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #190
Yes, so strange USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #191
Probably because he was not an Al Queda leader. Not to mention the fact that the people sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #192
I see. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #193
Why do you keep talking about the legitimacy of war? randome Mar 2012 #179
Yemen is not a war zone. Do we have troops in Yemen? Are we at war with Yemen? sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #188
You know what I call people who fought in Iraq, Suckers bahrbearian Mar 2012 #35
Let the record show USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #55
Blatant insults? For demanding proof that al-Banna did anything to deserve a drone strike? Zalatix Mar 2012 #58
He was talking to me. bahrbearian Mar 2012 #62
LOL gotcha. Gotta check the attributes. Zalatix Mar 2012 #66
No genius. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #63
Oh, the Drama, can I get you some Vapors. bahrbearian Mar 2012 #59
Noticeably absent from your post USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #64
He should have just repeated post #57. Zalatix Mar 2012 #68
If you are gulible enough to think invading an a country that never attacked us is honorable? bahrbearian Mar 2012 #69
You're not worth my time. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #72
Post removed Post removed Mar 2012 #74
Are you in the military? randome Mar 2012 #75
I was drafted #11 1970, was 1A , refused to go to Nam bahrbearian Mar 2012 #81
+1 million for resisting the Draft. Zalatix Mar 2012 #84
Your choice does not entitle you to mock those who thought differently. randome Mar 2012 #86
He wasn't dishonoring anyone. Zalatix Mar 2012 #88
The fuck s/he wasn't. n/t PavePusher Mar 2012 #121
Point taken. Bahrbearian wasn't bowing down to the almighty soldier Zalatix Mar 2012 #123
Far cry from "not bowing down" to blatent hyperbolic blanket stereotyping insults. PavePusher Mar 2012 #131
Sorry, I decline to drink the kool-aid. Zalatix Mar 2012 #133
Don't waste your time on him. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #85
Why is that such a problem, arresting people in a war zone? We have prisons all over sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #161
Do you think World War II should have been fought with arrests instead of munitions? randome Mar 2012 #165
American lives are worth no more nor no less than the lives of anyone else. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #170
I didn't know this was a debate about the legitmacy of a war. randome Mar 2012 #174
Good god, your ignorance of history is astonishing. girl gone mad Mar 2012 #201
Up until the moment they surrendered, the US army was trying as hard as they could to kill them. hack89 Mar 2012 #220
Few of these people we're going after can be compared to soldiers in WW-II Zalatix Mar 2012 #203
I think your asshat post sucked too. era veteran Mar 2012 #207
Let the record show that the most chilling insults toward our troops Kaleko Mar 2012 #197
Excuse me while I pick myself up off the floor. He actually wrote that? Wow. Zalatix Mar 2012 #205
Yep. Kaleko Mar 2012 #211
Yes, indeed that is true. Our leaders do treat our troops like suckers. Zalatix Mar 2012 #212
That's no worse than I've seen on "Democratic" sites USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #217
Your outrage is understandable. Kaleko Mar 2012 #223
Well, your name certainly explains your vile comment. n/t PavePusher Mar 2012 #120
You know what I call people who insult military volunteers? MADem Mar 2012 #186
You know what I wonder? Does anyone care what you call anyone? MineralMan Mar 2012 #189
This message was self-deleted by its author cliffordu Mar 2012 #194
YEP, I'll bet you do - cliffordu Mar 2012 #196
I have a name for you, too. Nt DevonRex Mar 2012 #199
Saddam and WMDs? Be real. randome Mar 2012 #21
Killing someone without proof? Get real. Zalatix Mar 2012 #25
+1 L0oniX Mar 2012 #141
Many thanks! Zalatix Mar 2012 #147
You are being hyperbolic. No one has said 'our President is out to kill us'. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #156
That's not how it works at all. bluedigger Mar 2012 #26
You seem to have no proof that al-Banna deserved to die. Zalatix Mar 2012 #29
So are you suggesting USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #33
Another who is completely ignorant of history. girl gone mad Mar 2012 #202
Keep beating that toy drum! bluedigger Mar 2012 #34
Then you keep on not thinking for yourself. Zalatix Mar 2012 #37
Dude, you're not being very fair to those who disagree with you. randome Mar 2012 #42
Hey, I didn't start the toy drum comment crap. What makes you think that was any nicer? Zalatix Mar 2012 #45
I see no reason to support wrongheaded insanity because it is acting consistently TheKentuckian Mar 2012 #229
Since 1942 OPOS Mar 2012 #154
Are you MK Ultra? joy to the world Mar 2012 #93
Who or what is MK Ultra? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #95
Guilt is not a relevant concept in armed conflict. geek tragedy Mar 2012 #22
Welcome to the funhouse gratuitous Mar 2012 #24
Cindy Sheehan was right. Zalatix Mar 2012 #27
+ KG Mar 2012 #28
+1 L0oniX Mar 2012 #143
What may be causing the confusion here is some don't know the definition of a "free fire zone?" NNN0LHI Mar 2012 #31
Kinda like, "If the police arrested him, he must be guilty." excuse not to write Mar 2012 #47
Exactly. Like when they shot Randy Weaver's wife while she held a baby in her arms. Zalatix Mar 2012 #48
Randy Weaver and his family were racists excuse not to write Mar 2012 #54
But his wife was unarmed! Holding a baby! And she got shot by a sniper! Zalatix Mar 2012 #56
Well that's entirely different. lumberjack_jeff Mar 2012 #71
And it's okay to shoot a woman with a baby in her arms if she and her husband are racists. Zalatix Mar 2012 #102
I never knew racism was punishable by death from afar... cherokeeprogressive Mar 2012 #114
So what's your plan? jeff47 Mar 2012 #51
al-Banna attacked US forces? Where? If he did, then who and where? Zalatix Mar 2012 #52
You're the one who generalized this. jeff47 Mar 2012 #70
How about we just leave the fucker alone? If he's not armed or carrying bombs Zalatix Mar 2012 #73
Well, let's wander into overused Nazi analogies jeff47 Mar 2012 #79
How about a more recent example... Saddam Hussein. Zalatix Mar 2012 #82
You can't possibly be serious. jeff47 Mar 2012 #106
WTF Hahahahahah my evidence for a lack of proof? Did you really say that? Zalatix Mar 2012 #109
Again, you continue to confuse military action with a courtroom jeff47 Mar 2012 #115
"And your evidence for the lack of proof is"... hahahahaha LOL. I'm dying here. Zalatix Mar 2012 #116
AUF after 9/11 jeff47 Mar 2012 #119
Derision? No, I'm just re-quoting what you said. Zalatix Mar 2012 #122
Boy, you sure are working hard with that shovel. jeff47 Mar 2012 #124
It'll take more than 30 posts to dig down to your version of reality. Zalatix Mar 2012 #134
No, it'll take 30 posts for you to actually start reading what people write. jeff47 Mar 2012 #198
I'm wondering why you can't understand the words that you write. Zalatix Mar 2012 #200
'EastAsia'? randome Mar 2012 #125
Your problem is you refuse to open your eyes. This is EXACTLY what George Orwell warned about. Zalatix Mar 2012 #135
No, my 'problem' is that I don't spend my life being afraid of what COULD happen. randome Mar 2012 #136
LOL so your argument here is "just stick your head in the sand and it'll be all okay". Gotcha. Zalatix Mar 2012 #137
Arguably, killing civilians far from any battlefield is not "military action" EFerrari Mar 2012 #128
Members of al-Qaeda are civilians? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #182
The proper question is "what's a civilian"? jeff47 Mar 2012 #195
Actually, that gray area stuff was a line promoted by BushCo's lawyers. EFerrari Mar 2012 #219
No, they really don't. jeff47 Mar 2012 #225
That's incorrect. They are available on line EFerrari Mar 2012 #226
Then it would have been trivial for you to demonstrate I'm wrong, instead of just claiming it (nt) jeff47 Mar 2012 #227
You can go look at the term "unlawful conbatant" at Wikipedia. EFerrari Mar 2012 #228
Here's something none of these fine folks can answer Zalatix Mar 2012 #210
The answer is: nothing. randome Mar 2012 #216
Seriously? You still don't get it? Zalatix Mar 2012 #222
Anyone who accepts accusation as guilt or by extension targeting as guilt is TheKentuckian Mar 2012 #57
Actually I am saying that such an argument is BS. Zalatix Mar 2012 #60
Oh...I know. I regularly suffer from poor deployment of the rhetorical "you" TheKentuckian Mar 2012 #230
So, the 90% of Americans who supported killing bin Laden geek tragedy Mar 2012 #104
I bet close to 90% supported the start of the Iraq invasion, too. Zalatix Mar 2012 #108
No. But the 10% who cried because we were unfair to Osama geek tragedy Mar 2012 #139
That 10% questioned the claim about Saddam's WMDs Zalatix Mar 2012 #145
Since the doctrine is not only no limited to bin Laden or any particular describable people TheKentuckian Mar 2012 #231
Not necessarily. MineralMan Mar 2012 #77
It depends largely on the president's political party. n/t hughee99 Mar 2012 #89
No, and this case with the soldier joy to the world Mar 2012 #91
Guilt is irrelevant. JoePhilly Mar 2012 #113
So if you are identified as a threat to America and a drone is called in on you Zalatix Mar 2012 #118
Not worried about that. geek tragedy Mar 2012 #126
While simultaneously being struck by lightening, and winning the lottery. JoePhilly Mar 2012 #140
Obviously then it would suck to be you, if you were such a threat Bodhi BloodWave Mar 2012 #130
Being identified as a threat is not the same as actually being a threat. Zalatix Mar 2012 #132
if somebody is wanted internationally and locally(within yemen) Bodhi BloodWave Mar 2012 #171
Yup, just like everyone and their dog KNEW Saddam had WMD's. Zalatix Mar 2012 #175
I was against invading Iraq. JoePhilly Mar 2012 #181
you are still avoiding my questions tho Bodhi BloodWave Mar 2012 #183
Not just a "threat" ... but a "military threat". JoePhilly Mar 2012 #138
And how do you avoid becoming perceived as a military threat? Zalatix Mar 2012 #142
If you haven't figured out how to not be perceived as a military threat, I doubt I can help you. JoePhilly Mar 2012 #150
This is not an argument. You would have to be MAKING an argument first, and you are not. Zalatix Mar 2012 #151
Yes, the Republicans will hit my home with a drone strike. JoePhilly Mar 2012 #177
Sure it is. Just check out My-Lai, Sand Creek, Dresden, Hiroshima, and other places. Tierra_y_Libertad Mar 2012 #117
No, but that is the argument made by Bush. sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #129
+1 L0oniX Mar 2012 #144
Sabrina, you will be here to say "I told you so" when the Republicans get control of the drones. Zalatix Mar 2012 #148
...I'm hungry L0oniX Mar 2012 #146
It is NOW. Defensible too. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2012 #149
Say the right words and wait for the drones. Exactly. Zalatix Mar 2012 #152
Not only are that fear mongering not going to work... USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #153
Living in militant denial is what doesn't work. Zalatix Mar 2012 #155
Yes, because we just NOW started killing al-Qaeda and Taliban members? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #157
But he's NOT A COMBATANT. So your argument STILL does not even apply. Zalatix Mar 2012 #158
How do you know that he's not? USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #160
You already admitted you have no evidence that he is. Zalatix Mar 2012 #162
And you admitted other military strikes do NOT require a trial. USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #164
Prove he's a combatant and that will actually MEAN something. Zalatix Mar 2012 #166
Repeating the same nonsense I already addressed USArmyParatrooper Mar 2012 #167
and again...What would you consider as valid proof/evidence Bodhi BloodWave Mar 2012 #187
Charges should have been filed. Why were they not? Charges were filed against Bin Laden sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #204
Ayup, and what's to stop them from deciding ANYONE AT RANDOM needs to die? Zalatix Mar 2012 #206
As opposed to YOU deciding who gets to die? randome Mar 2012 #214
I have no idea what you are talking about. I am against the DP, regardless of the crime, so sabrina 1 Mar 2012 #224
Yes, that's conclusive... kenny blankenship Mar 2012 #180
No, the trial of the Mylai massacre proved that. See my post 208 AnotherDreamWeaver Mar 2012 #209
The Marines used that defense during the trial of the Haditha massacre... Blue_Tires Mar 2012 #218
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