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Egalitarian Thug

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22. Nobody on this thread has brought up what seems to me to be the problem.
Tue Jan 7, 2014, 01:31 PM
Jan 2014

Everybody knows how casinos work and the inevitable results of patronizing them too frequently or enthusiastically.

So why are these people, like the drug addicts they are compared to here, doing something that they know is not good for them? We've read some of the reasons, lonely, bored, feeling useless or abandoned, and so on.

We are a profoundly unhappy people. Hardly any of us wouldn't rather be doing something else. "Life isn't fair", "Why do you think they call it work?" Is there anybody that hasn't heard these and similar admonitions their whole lives? Why are you spending your all too short life doing something you'd rather not? How do you think you will feel 40 years from now as you look back and realize that you've lived your life without doing the things you really wanted to and now it's too late? Or maybe that you sacrificed what you were doing in order to "raise a family" only to now have that family look on you as a burden or to feel that way about yourself?

Yes gambling is a problem, but it's mostly a symptom of living in a world not of your own making, where you are forced into spending your only life working to achieve somebody else's dream and in the end they aren't even grateful.

I know several elderly women that are always compelled to visit our local casinos. democratisphere Jan 2014 #1
This is a big problem, and as casinos and other forms of gambling proliferate, LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #2
Very good stuff there. Bohunk68 Jan 2014 #4
Yes, I would try to avoid taking them to places like that. LuvNewcastle Jan 2014 #6
Most money and Helen Borg Jan 2014 #7
k&r for the truth, however depressing it may be. n/t Laelth Jan 2014 #3
I was in a truck stop on a recent trip with a bus full of seniors on their way to a casino liberal N proud Jan 2014 #5
part of the way gambling and gambling addictions work is that people KurtNYC Jan 2014 #10
SAD Mr Dixon Jan 2014 #8
so they worked during the greatest expansion of the middle class FatBuddy Jan 2014 #9
So what happens when John McCain owes big bucks because of his addiction? KurtNYC Jan 2014 #11
It's the only ctsnowman Jan 2014 #12
It's their money The2ndWheel Jan 2014 #13
"Driven by Corporate Greed, Bad Govt. Policy" -- let's face reality: Govt greed too progree Jan 2014 #14
I would not categorize government necessarily exboyfil Jan 2014 #31
Considering the known consequences I would and I do n/t progree Jan 2014 #33
casino employees treat folks well greymattermom Jan 2014 #15
Just a question. Is it more addicting than going to the bar or playing video games? Since I see a jwirr Jan 2014 #16
This post was about the many who cannot. JNelson6563 Jan 2014 #17
not sure jwirr deserved that snarkiness Skittles Jan 2014 #27
Post sounded pretty self-righteous to me. JNelson6563 Jan 2014 #30
Since its not a problem for me, its not a problem. Besides, there are programs for addicts progree Jan 2014 #18
An elderly woman I know is in this trap CountAllVotes Jan 2014 #19
Gambling, like drug addiction--is a vice--something that is actively bad for the people geek tragedy Jan 2014 #20
Dottys... Jesus Malverde Jan 2014 #21
Nobody on this thread has brought up what seems to me to be the problem. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #22
Boom! CFLDem Jan 2014 #23
Thanks. I assumed this reply would either be ignored or kill the thread. It's too big, Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #24
Well, #16 indicated seniors have little else to do -- the casino, bar, or video games is about it progree Jan 2014 #25
You should read my original reply. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #26
I did. Seniors feel underappreciated and so they gamble. I got it. n/t progree Jan 2014 #34
No, you totally didn't. If you are very young, you might still learn, if not, good luck. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #35
LOL. Not young. But I don't whine about not being appreciated progree Jan 2014 #36
Well, being completely wrong is not limited to the young. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #37
I didn't mean to discount the suffering of people who ruminate bitterly about not being appreciated progree Jan 2014 #38
It is not insignificant that you have evaded the personal and resorted to posting totally irrelevant Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #39
Sorry, lots of questions progree Jan 2014 #40
The DSM-4 recognized pathological gambling as a impulse control disorder Major Nikon Jan 2014 #45
excellent response Skittles Jan 2014 #29
The white man stole from the Native Americans Major Nikon Jan 2014 #42
Sort of, but they're not stealing it back from the right people. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #43
Perhaps, but Native American casinos are a booming industry right now Major Nikon Jan 2014 #44
That's good and I'm happy for you as long as you're happy with it. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #46
cheap hotel rooms, luscious buffets and dazzling shows in a fun playful atmosphere Douglas Carpenter Jan 2014 #28
I think that is being scaled back exboyfil Jan 2014 #32
No more of a problem than organized religion IMO, and arguably less Major Nikon Jan 2014 #41
Good point. n/t Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #47
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