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Egalitarian Thug

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103. I'm not sure forcing nations into insurmountable debt so the money can go to American corporations
Wed Jan 1, 2014, 06:45 PM
Jan 2014

to build the means to extract that nation's natural resources, while paying a tiny fraction of its worth further enhancing the debt cycle, qualifies as assistance so much as sabotage.

Add that to the fact that most of the places that need help need it because of our actions, and your premise becomes iffy at best.

No brainer. Scuba Jan 2014 #1
Ding, ding, we have a winner! Coyotl Jan 2014 #9
It would be difficult to agree more Savannahmann Jan 2014 #2
Your tax dollars at work. blkmusclmachine Jan 2014 #3
Totally and obviously. bemildred Jan 2014 #4
one would think...but i keep thinking someone will be smart enough to stop xchrom Jan 2014 #6
The basic problem is that taking a moral position can land you sleeping on the street. bemildred Jan 2014 #8
+1 xchrom Jan 2014 #12
That's it, plus oil keeping the dollar propped up. nt valerief Jan 2014 #16
Yes, many things contribute to the stability of the old order. It's well dug in. bemildred Jan 2014 #19
Jesus plays a big role in keeping the old order. Can't get soldiers without Jesus. nt valerief Jan 2014 #21
OK. bemildred Jan 2014 #22
I tend to agree. RC Jan 2014 #33
Yep, that dying with honor thing always seems to help the very wealthy get richer, too. valerief Jan 2014 #64
That is also why concentrating the nation's wealth Enthusiast Jan 2014 #112
If you let them grab all the money, they will try to defend it. bemildred Jan 2014 #123
Well, a list we're at the top of. woo me with science Jan 2014 #5
Amurika--Number 1!! lastlib Jan 2014 #26
Christian terrorist gangsters. nt RandiFan1290 Jan 2014 #7
Bought & paid for polititians newfie11 Jan 2014 #10
A nation founded on invasion, genocide, slavery, and warfare. What would you expect? Coyotl Jan 2014 #11
The US has been a violent country from day one, often inflicting violence at RKP5637 Jan 2014 #13
K&R.... daleanime Jan 2014 #14
Yeah, look at the way Obama eagerly waged war in Syria, for example, Nye Bevan Jan 2014 #15
He sure wanted to. RC Jan 2014 #35
And what brought the Ayatollah to power in Iran, pray tell? NuclearDem Jan 2014 #61
Precisely...............nt Enthusiast Jan 2014 #113
Well, yes and no. R. Daneel Olivaw Jan 2014 #117
Well first, Obama was trying damn hard to get his war on in Syria Scootaloo Jan 2014 #77
Look at the way he expanded and escalated drone strikes. morningfog Jan 2014 #127
If We Would Help..Not Hinder grilled onions Jan 2014 #17
Until there's a disaster. Then our phone starts ringing off the hook. 7962 Jan 2014 #18
+1 treestar Jan 2014 #25
All the supposed smart, serious foreign policy writers pound Obama for not intervening more TwilightGardener Jan 2014 #37
Exactly, look at the Arab Spring treestar Jan 2014 #40
Curious. Would it be like what happened between WW1 and WW2? I think the *permanent* military stance freshwest Jan 2014 #118
This game is no competition to "Where's Waldo?" rock Jan 2014 #20
Ridiculous treestar Jan 2014 #23
too much eggnog last night? niyad Jan 2014 #32
Guess you did have too much. treestar Jan 2014 #39
you keep on thinking that. pretty sure none of the groups you mentioned has the biggest military niyad Jan 2014 #42
So - those groups use what they do have for bad treestar Jan 2014 #43
And by defending "us," you mean bobclark86 Jan 2014 #45
I'm not that cynical treestar Jan 2014 #47
like I said, whatever lets you sleep at night. denial is NOT a riiver in egypt. niyad Jan 2014 #49
Reality - what it is with this desire to see everything as treestar Jan 2014 #52
Wow donheld Jan 2014 #120
+1000. eom Ranchemp. Jan 2014 #38
We spend more on "defense" bobclark86 Jan 2014 #44
We are defending other countries also treestar Jan 2014 #48
Yeah, like dictators who do business with America bobclark86 Jan 2014 #56
+ A shit load! Enthusiast Jan 2014 #114
the u.s. military defends the rich, period. tomp Jan 2014 #125
1) Chechen separatists are hardly one of the greatest threats to world peace. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #51
All I see here is a desire to blame us for everything treestar Jan 2014 #53
Yeah, like no opium production. bobclark86 Jan 2014 #57
And we had the chance to fix Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #58
67,000 respondents worldwide, and your head is firmly in the sand. DisgustipatedinCA Jan 2014 #71
Nailed It. bvar22 Jan 2014 #104
Ah yes. "Anti-American," and "blame america first" Scootaloo Jan 2014 #79
let's see--who the hell TRAINED osama bin laden and began the al-qaeda group?? oh, yes, that niyad Jan 2014 #106
Thank you. jessie04 Jan 2014 #60
+1 totodeinhere Jan 2014 #110
Just another thing that sorefeet Jan 2014 #24
We're number one! Vashta Nerada Jan 2014 #27
More Americans need to understand why we rank on top, so we can work together to get Jefferson23 Jan 2014 #28
k/r marmar Jan 2014 #29
Unrestrained International Corporations HoosierCowboy Jan 2014 #30
In a short period of less than 75 years, we went from saving the world mountain grammy Jan 2014 #31
But, but, but we had to keep the dominoes from falling and the world safe for democracy indepat Jan 2014 #82
Sure, because there's no governing body that can tell the US Government no The2ndWheel Jan 2014 #34
No surprise here. nt avebury Jan 2014 #36
America cant win.. if we do too much we get bashed..if we do too little we also get bashed. DCBob Jan 2014 #41
+1 treestar Jan 2014 #54
The Chinese and Russians must be loving this. DCBob Jan 2014 #62
These OTT exaggerators are treestar Jan 2014 #67
So in your estimation, ronnie624 Jan 2014 #66
No. But I guess you are saying it'd be OK to have them all under Kim Jong Un? treestar Jan 2014 #68
So what do you suggest we do with North Korea? NuclearDem Jan 2014 #75
I think the point was limited to how evil we are for treestar Jan 2014 #85
I'm not arguing that the Korean War shouldn't have been fought. NuclearDem Jan 2014 #93
Koreans did not "ask" for US "help". ronnie624 Jan 2014 #76
The Russians administered NK and us SK treestar Jan 2014 #86
If you really want to place the blame on a divided Korea then blame Japan davidpdx Jan 2014 #115
It was not Japanese bombers that destroyed Korea during the Korean War, ronnie624 Jan 2014 #119
I know who both of them are davidpdx Jan 2014 #121
Biggest Threat to World Peace: The United States ronnie624 Jan 2014 #131
South Korea has a free and fairly elected democratic system davidpdx Jan 2014 #136
I agree that S. Korea is a democratic system. ronnie624 Jan 2014 #137
I never claimed it was a democratically elected system davidpdx Jan 2014 #138
"twenty percent of the population of Korea" ronnie624 Jan 2014 #140
Message auto-removed Name removed Jan 2014 #133
Tell it to the rest of the world. That's who calls us a threat. Comrade Grumpy Jan 2014 #92
The rest of the world, like Canada treestar Jan 2014 #96
"Do nothing and everything is done." Lao Tse Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #70
can you flesh this out DonCoquixote Jan 2014 #83
We have "done" a lot in Korea, and the Kim family is still there. Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #89
The kims are in Pyonhyang DonCoquixote Jan 2014 #91
So, what do you suggest we "do"? Tierra_y_Libertad Jan 2014 #94
for one DonCoquixote Jan 2014 #95
So we quit trying? treestar Jan 2014 #97
"A strange game. The only way to win is not to play." - W.O.P.E.R. Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #101
It's 2014, not 1944. morningfog Jan 2014 #128
It's partly a bad thing. gulliver Jan 2014 #46
K&R! MrMickeysMom Jan 2014 #50
The Military Industrial Complex is/has been in control. democratisphere Jan 2014 #55
No surprise there! n/t 2naSalit Jan 2014 #59
We are the terrorist of the world. (Sung to the tune "We are the Champions" - Queen) L0oniX Jan 2014 #63
To many (most?) US citizens, ronnie624 Jan 2014 #65
And even at that, how many of those actions have backfired on us? NuclearDem Jan 2014 #72
Absolutely. ronnie624 Jan 2014 #78
We're Number One! We're Number One! We're Number One! progressoid Jan 2014 #69
LOL Savannahmann Jan 2014 #73
The USA feeds and assists more countries than any other nation seveneyes Jan 2014 #74
And yet with some changes in the way we do things, maybe they wouldn't need the assistance Scootaloo Jan 2014 #80
If we are so responsible for every damn thing, treestar Jan 2014 #98
Comes with being a world superpower dedicated to militarism and hypercapitalism, Treestar Scootaloo Jan 2014 #100
Link for that claim? moondust Jan 2014 #84
In terms of the absolute value of aid given, the United States is the world's top donor by far. seveneyes Jan 2014 #87
I'm not sure forcing nations into insurmountable debt so the money can go to American corporations Egalitarian Thug Jan 2014 #103
This is no surprise at all. hrmjustin Jan 2014 #81
This message was self-deleted by its author Dash87 Jan 2014 #88
heh, look how low Saudi Arabia ended up! MisterP Jan 2014 #90
It's relative. Hosnon Jan 2014 #99
Bias poll... They're asking the people we're bombing. That's just dumb. penultimate Jan 2014 #102
I hope you're kidding.... because thats pretty funny. bvar22 Jan 2014 #107
This poll oversampled racist hater libertarians. OnyxCollie Jan 2014 #105
K&R Jamastiene Jan 2014 #108
As for me..... DeSwiss Jan 2014 #109
Well, it's true.............nt Enthusiast Jan 2014 #111
Our old enemy Vietnam thinks it's China as do most of the WestPac rim nations. 4bucksagallon Jan 2014 #116
In the world today I agree. Moving forward though... Locut0s Jan 2014 #122
Our biggest exports are The Wizard Jan 2014 #124
Biggest hope, too BeyondGeography Jan 2014 #126
We spend almost as much on our military as the rest of the world. Captain Stern Jan 2014 #129
When we stop focusing on the military industrial complex liberal N proud Jan 2014 #130
Biggest threat to world peace? panader0 Jan 2014 #132
BLOOD FOR PROFIT. woo me with science Jan 2014 #134
You know, I like Srar Wars... NealK Jan 2014 #135
Now ask which country they'd want to come help them after a natural disaster. JoePhilly Jan 2014 #139
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