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LOL! We posted this at the same time. Race you... nolabear Dec 2013 #1
Good for her! Agschmid Dec 2013 #2
"When Robin first anchored SportsCenter on ESPN, there were many complaints." Number23 Dec 2013 #3
Guess. Are_grits_groceries Dec 2013 #6
I honestly doubt her race was much of a factor dsc Dec 2013 #13
I've noticed when women come off with too much "androgyny" ... MrMickeysMom Dec 2013 #20
But didn't we all know that? I really didn't know it was a secret. I have admired her all along. kelliekat44 Dec 2013 #4
Me, too. I thought she went public quite awhile ago. WillowTree Dec 2013 #7
It was believed but never confirmed. Are_grits_groceries Dec 2013 #9
Cool! Egnever Dec 2013 #5
Good for her! one_voice Dec 2013 #8
i believe she has been openly gay for a while now JI7 Dec 2013 #10
No she hasn't. Are_grits_groceries Dec 2013 #11
Yes, she has. merrily Dec 2013 #17
Good for her!! X_Digger Dec 2013 #12
That has to be one of the least surprising coming out statements ever Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #14
Still, you would be surprised at who prefers not to notice unless and until merrily Dec 2013 #18
Oh definitely. That's why so many were cagey about things for so long Pretzel_Warrior Dec 2013 #25
Still can. merrily Dec 2013 #26
K&R DeSwiss Dec 2013 #15
Nothing personal against Robin .. but anyone with a little gaydar had her pegged long ago. YOHABLO Dec 2013 #16
Yes, but not everyone has "gaydar." Please see Reply 18. merrily Dec 2013 #19
I look forward to TBF Dec 2013 #21
Next, Someone Will Post: The Sun Rises in the East! mckara Dec 2013 #22
Duh? Robin is gay LauraGrg Dec 2013 #23
Wishing her the best of health (nt) question everything Dec 2013 #24
It's embarrassing what passes for news. KentuckyWoman Dec 2013 #27
That is great. I'm glad she has love in her life. liberal_at_heart Dec 2013 #28
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