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41. You would need more than just the WH
Mon Dec 19, 2011, 10:36 AM
Dec 2011

In fact we should start from the bottom. There would not be nearly as much money involved in Congressional races. People ignore them and focus on the POTUS. That's where the problem lies and why the money has so much power.

You could have Hugo Chavez himself in the WH - nothing would happen, because Congress is part of the equation.

I live in a blue state but the state representative district is very red. So the work cut out for me is that state district - the real work. Dreaming about Dennis K in the WH - even if that came true, your "disappointment" would set in the first time he had to compromise to keep the government going.

We do have a system that can make changes without violent revolutions. We aren't Egypt and don't have to suffer through things like that. Look at our history, and we have come a long way.

Assume that the political process was NOT bought and paid for, as you allege... brooklynite Dec 2011 #1
I think you missed it, or at least my intention... Burgman Dec 2011 #3
"been bought and paid for" surfdog Dec 2011 #35
Ding ding ding. Bonobo Dec 2011 #2
See post number three. Burgman Dec 2011 #4
Obama is a real liberal. tabatha Dec 2011 #5
I so hope/wish you are correct but I wonder. Burgman Dec 2011 #7
I would hate to have to face what he has to, every day. tabatha Dec 2011 #13
I'm sure he feels that way. Burgman Dec 2011 #17
Obama calls himself a centrist gyroscope Dec 2011 #9
Maybe that is why that chief of staff is former. tabatha Dec 2011 #12
His new chief of staff isn't much of a liberal either gyroscope Dec 2011 #14
Please stop it RFKHumphreyObama Dec 2011 #19
He most certainly did. gyroscope Dec 2011 #25
No, Rahm told a specific group that planned to run attack ads on Democrats that the strategy emulatorloo Dec 2011 #38
What Rahm said should be used to judge the statement treestar Dec 2011 #43
This message was self-deleted by its author Bodhi BloodWave Dec 2011 #31
He said their ideas were retarded treestar Dec 2011 #42
Oh, and his new chief of staff gyroscope Dec 2011 #11
I have a hard time when people are smeared by association. tabatha Dec 2011 #15
What planet are you from? gyroscope Dec 2011 #23
Can you read? tabatha Dec 2011 #24
I'll do as I please gyroscope Dec 2011 #28
nice to see a 19 post DUer telling long time posters what to do. dionysus Dec 2011 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author tabatha Dec 2011 #16
So we're always told... primavera Dec 2011 #47
Obama is a center-right moderate. nt. Warren Stupidity Dec 2011 #50
Not even close Angry Dragon Dec 2011 #55
Capra's film may still be a "fond dream", but anyone who believes there can be meaningful change Missy Vixen Dec 2011 #6
Damn. That's so sad. tblue Dec 2011 #27
This message was self-deleted by its author gyroscope Dec 2011 #8
21% identify themselves as "liberal" dkf Dec 2011 #10
Huh. No wonder the country is in such terrible shape. That totally explains it right there. nt Zorra Dec 2011 #18
thanks to Fox, Rush and countless others Burgman Dec 2011 #21
Beg to differ on the perspective here. gtar100 Dec 2011 #29
Thanks to GHWB, et al, liberal has become a bad word. tblue Dec 2011 #26
Liberal has been a difficult concept for those in power probably for eons. gtar100 Dec 2011 #30
I hate seeing that statistic posted on this website since it is so very misleading. stillwaiting Dec 2011 #34
You are of course able to post your conflicting data if you so choose. dkf Dec 2011 #39
Well, I don't choose to do so. stillwaiting Dec 2011 #40
I operate based on data and analysis. dkf Dec 2011 #45
I made my point quite clearly. I don't like wasting my time on stillwaiting Dec 2011 #49
Wasn't'Capra a Republican? RFKHumphreyObama Dec 2011 #20
A 40's R compared to today's R's???? Burgman Dec 2011 #22
I would argue that the common man has never had a real voice in Washington. Laelth Dec 2011 #32
The changes have to be much more than just surface bandaids lunatica Dec 2011 #33
And ironically the dream has fully died.. vi5 Dec 2011 #36
politics has never given me a wet dream. nt seabeyond Dec 2011 #37
You would need more than just the WH treestar Dec 2011 #41
tsunamis bigtree Dec 2011 #44
You need to focus on CONGRESS. CakeGrrl Dec 2011 #48
Aww..c'mon. The bosses let us vote for who they select for us. Tierra_y_Libertad Dec 2011 #51
The year to have started working on that dream seriously-- eridani Dec 2011 #52
The real Progressive in the Dem primary can't win if you don't vote for him. Richardson 2012! NT Hart2008 Dec 2011 #53
DIng, DIng, Ding nadinbrzezinski Dec 2011 #54
Where is Andrew Jackson when you need him? MrSlayer Dec 2011 #56
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