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Response to seabeyond (Reply #63)

k&r thanks for posting. nm rhett o rick Nov 2013 #1
+1 for the internets, people like Lookadoo can't hide as easy uponit7771 Nov 2013 #2
and THIS is our conditioned roles that society demands we live, that hurt all of us. but, the men a seabeyond Nov 2013 #3
What's even more amazing about this is that Richardson is a suburb of Dallas. kentauros Nov 2013 #4
i am in very very red amarillo. and i know that if this was said in the school here, there would seabeyond Nov 2013 #6
I know my sister, another teacher in Texas, wouldn't accept it either, kentauros Nov 2013 #7
they jump on it for whatever reason. regardless of the ridiculousness or fact of the matter. seabeyond Nov 2013 #8
I'm not a fan of the ridiculousness of Texas, kentauros Nov 2013 #10
i did a couple years ago. we were going to new orleans. so i routed us south and across. seabeyond Nov 2013 #11
You're a good parent. kentauros Nov 2013 #18
thank you kentauros. exactly what you say. and it simply is not that hard. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #19
that's good to hear cali Nov 2013 #13
men are getting brazen, because it is accepted and allowed thru so much of our seabeyond Nov 2013 #15
I agree. He's such an unintended parody of those attitudes that cali Nov 2013 #20
And despite what you said, Dallas also voted for Pres Obama nearly 2:1, if I'm not mistaken. n/t ChisolmTrailDem Nov 2013 #38
Oh, Dallas is certainly liberal in some areas. kentauros Nov 2013 #66
we're working on that w8liftinglady Nov 2013 #84
looks like students someplace are learning critical thinking rurallib Nov 2013 #5
good for the kids for speaking out against this pig. cali Nov 2013 #9
Why am I reading this like it was something Peter Griffin said? Initech Nov 2013 #12
Peter Griffin is from Rhode Island Marrah_G Nov 2013 #17
What this man preaches is dangerous Marrah_G Nov 2013 #14
"lookadouche"... priceless kids.. dionysus Nov 2013 #16
Make that #Lookadouche Coyotl Nov 2013 #21
Loved that! lol LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #102
this generation of kids will clear out a lot of the cultural trash yurbud Nov 2013 #22
Whackadoo adieu Nov 2013 #23
How does this guy even get gigs at schools? TransitJohn Nov 2013 #24
I can grant him one or two things. The rest is bullshit. Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #25
what is a "slut" that you call these girls? really, define slut for me. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #27
It's the shoulder thing that goes up. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #28
are you talking like... pushing the hair off the shoulder type movement? seabeyond Nov 2013 #30
I mean there is no real definition. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #31
so we can just call our girls and women, sluts at will. gotcha. seabeyond Nov 2013 #32
No, I mean it's not a thing. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #33
atheist.... seabeyond Nov 2013 #35
Sorry sorry. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #36
lol. no. not at all seabeyond Nov 2013 #37
I understood you BainsBane Nov 2013 #44
I would love to see the jury comments on that post... AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #45
I wasn't the first alerter BainsBane Nov 2013 #47
I think the last line tends to lend the initial premise some 'concern' cover. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #48
lol. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #50
and for the juror that says it is pabs supposed stalker? i cant remember when or if i have ever seabeyond Nov 2013 #49
Here's a hint folks BainsBane Nov 2013 #82
this... nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #85
If someone is so easily insulted Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #57
Ugh. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #71
And that a jury allowed that post to stand is equally outrageous. BainsBane Nov 2013 #41
yup. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #42
but, i still an waiting for pab to advise me what a slut is. i have errands to run. seabeyond Nov 2013 #43
You'll be waiting a long time. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #108
well. i did NOT go to the grocery store and have sex with anyone, so maybe i am ok. seabeyond Nov 2013 #109
It's unfortunate. Some people get locked into lines of thought, and AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #110
yes. nt seabeyond Nov 2013 #111
Again, it's not a judgment on the girls. Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #54
so, sexually enticing a boy is a slut? must i wear my hair up to avoid being a slut? seabeyond Nov 2013 #56
Please don't try to be obtuse here. Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #58
you likened them to a slut. you are the one being obtuse. i want to know what makes your slut. seabeyond Nov 2013 #60
From Webster's Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #62
you made it clear. women, girls... hide all sexuality or you are a slut. per pab. seabeyond Nov 2013 #63
Post removed Post removed Nov 2013 #68
i think what is really sad, is because you are close minded with women, you do not realize the huge seabeyond Nov 2013 #69
Aren't we all supposed to be sex negative prudes? BainsBane Nov 2013 #80
get me my couch. i am exhausted. seabeyond Nov 2013 #83
this is my point. how is this different from what you did. this is where i do not see that you seabeyond Nov 2013 #72
Two things cyberswede Nov 2013 #73
WHY?! AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #75
my shirt is a little tight today, AthiestCrusader Skittles Nov 2013 #76
Bwuh? AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #74
Are effeminate men just asking for queer bashing? Gormy Cuss Nov 2013 #95
Post removed Post removed Nov 2013 #53
you called some girl somewhere a slut. since you said these girls are "like" a slut. so i ask... seabeyond Nov 2013 #55
Okay. You want a slut? Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #59
she is a slut cause he sticks HIS crotch up on her butt? she is the slut? and still, du says ok. seabeyond Nov 2013 #61
They're both sluts. Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #64
ya. cause like men do not get high fives, told it is their biology, oh wait.... seabeyond Nov 2013 #65
Well, you said that if a girl wants to dress that way, it's her choice... cyberswede Nov 2013 #70
obviously on your way out CreekDog Nov 2013 #87
Now he's on Facebook blaming his flag on Seabeyond BainsBane Nov 2013 #88
my father in law likes to tell me sexist jokes. 1 out of 10 i may call him on. that makes me bad. seabeyond Nov 2013 #89
seabeyond is the all-powerful head of the nightstalker coven. Gormy Cuss Nov 2013 #96
i get up at 6. i cant afford this middle of the night crap, lol. i am gettin' old. seabeyond Nov 2013 #97
That's 3 AM somewhere, woman. Gormy Cuss Nov 2013 #103
that is funny. seabeyond Nov 2013 #104
pab... and that one above gets hidden. aamzing. hey... i didnt alert. i alerted only on the seabeyond Nov 2013 #78
Not sure. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #79
thank you for sharing the alert and what the jurors said. seabeyond Nov 2013 #81
I was the alerter on the other BainsBane Nov 2013 #86
And now his account is under review. Sheldon Cooper Nov 2013 #90
I just read the misandry/viagra insurance thread. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #99
What? gollygee Nov 2013 #93
nice boys like sexy girls too. My daughter is very open about her sexuality and she likes to dress liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #98
The word "slut" is highly loaded. MineralMan Nov 2013 #100
And this, folks, is Reason #15,803 why I support SlutWalks. n/t LadyHawkAZ Nov 2013 #101
Wow. n/t DirkGently Nov 2013 #26
Going to public school in Texas... Dopers_Greed Nov 2013 #29
I'm so proud of the upcoming generation. Wait Wut Nov 2013 #34
I LOVE this younger generation! Arugula Latte Nov 2013 #51
Me too! I'm jealous! I'm too old and chunky, the kids look great;young and healthy! mountain grammy Nov 2013 #107
KnR for the students: they are priceless. nt Hekate Nov 2013 #39
Someone TNNurse Nov 2013 #40
Juanita Jean had fun mocking these idiots Gothmog Nov 2013 #46
"The Dateable girl letís God run the world ...." Coyotl Nov 2013 #94
I flunk the quiz also Gothmog Nov 2013 #105
Here's hoping that, after this, this a-hole won't be able to get more gigs at public schools Arugula Latte Nov 2013 #52
some expert. expert jerk is more like it. nt Sheri Nov 2013 #67
k&r idwiyo Nov 2013 #77
I'm glad the school snd students libodem Nov 2013 #91
well done students! fishwax Nov 2013 #92
Good for the students. gopiscrap Nov 2013 #106
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