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Wait Wut

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33. I agree.
Tue Nov 12, 2013, 07:40 PM
Nov 2013

That's not the point I was trying to make. But, I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, too many people are trying to pick a fight over a single word. I didn't say I don't want them accessible, affordable, legal or safe. I would just like to see the day when abortions are rare. More funding for Planned Parenthood and other women's health organizations, education, research, healthier lifestyles, mental health treatments...all of these things could help reduce the need for abortions.

I've been put into the situation of having to make a choice when I was 17 years old and living on the street. I was emotionally immature and had zero support. The thousands of teens that are making this choice today are going through the exact same emotionally charged decision. The rest of us can sit back and talk about how it's only a medical procedure, a clump of cells, how it should be easy and affordable and safe, but it isn't easy for a lot of these young women. It's terrifying. The other option is even more terrifying. I want these young women (and men) to receive the planning and education they deserve. I want them all to live happy, stress free lives. If an abortion becomes necessary, I want them to get counseling if they need it without fear of reprisals. If they choose to not terminate, I want them to receive counseling if they need it without fear of reprisals.

I'm not just thinking about a woman's right to choose. I'm thinking of the individual. Each woman has her own story. I don't think it's wrong to wish that none of these women ever had to make that choice. That every young woman is free to pursue an education, career, and plan a family in her own time frame. Not be forced to make a possibly life altering decision in a few weeks. So, I will say it again...I hope to live to see the day when abortions are rare.

Hey, I read somewhere that teen pregnancies are down in the US. That means abortions just became a little more rare. See what I did there?

. gollygee Nov 2013 #1
Well said ismnotwasm Nov 2013 #2
So long as women exit the medical facility sobbing and in need of psychological help... randome Nov 2013 #3
Right, because getting an abortion is so much fun. Dawgs Nov 2013 #4
As birth control becomes available and free with ACA ... frazzled Nov 2013 #5
A mastectomy... Wait Wut Nov 2013 #6
Well that's just crazy talk! Nine Nov 2013 #9
lame...why in the hell should mastectomies be rare? noiretextatique Nov 2013 #19
I don't believe the poster said "treatment for breast cancer' and I get what the poster is saying. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #21
LOL! Wait Wut Nov 2013 #22
as a breast cancer survivor, let me clue you in on a few things noiretextatique Nov 2013 #26
So... Wait Wut Nov 2013 #29
surviving abortions without complications is why many of us fight to keep the choice of legal, uppityperson Nov 2013 #31
I agree. Wait Wut Nov 2013 #33
Diamonds aren't rare and are kept artificially expensive. hobbit709 Nov 2013 #7
/\ /\ /\ This. So, the analogy should be: It is a diamond TalkingDog Nov 2013 #11
Another one! whistler162 Nov 2013 #8
I think most people having sex know where babies come from. Incitatus Nov 2013 #17
one problem: there is no 100% effective birth control method noiretextatique Nov 2013 #18
Is anyone here saying that it shouldn't be available? cleanhippie Nov 2013 #10
Problem is, you have millions of religious idiots dedicating their lives to just that. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #25
Moving the goalposts. No one HERE is saying that. No one. cleanhippie Nov 2013 #35
"Safe, legal and rare" may mean that in this case. But it doesn't *always* mean that. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #36
Gaol posts moved again. cleanhippie Nov 2013 #38
Or just clarifying my point. But okay, you win, I guess. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #40
Not trying to win, just want us all to be factual and consistent. cleanhippie Nov 2013 #43
Understood. My initial comment wasn't referring to DU, but I can see how you assumed that. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #44
As then should vasectomies, yes? LanternWaste Nov 2013 #41
Should vasectomies what? cleanhippie Nov 2013 #42
Providers should be properly compensated One_Life_To_Give Nov 2013 #12
Abortion shouldn't be rare and you want to hand out coupons.. SomethingFishy Nov 2013 #13
+1 tallahasseedem Nov 2013 #15
the poster didn't mention anything about what you claim noiretextatique Nov 2013 #20
Abortion IS birth control. How is that "twisted"? and who said you had to hand out uppityperson Nov 2013 #32
Diamonds aren't rare. They're just hoarded. WinkyDink Nov 2013 #14
It's cheaper than the costs associated with delivering a child, I would think insurance companies Incitatus Nov 2013 #16
even diamonds are not rare La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2013 #23
Artificially rare, that is. Which makes the excesses of the diamond industry all the more tragic. nomorenomore08 Nov 2013 #27
Please keep your opinion to yourself.... cbdo2007 Nov 2013 #24
no we are allowed to have intelligent decisions. we aren't allowed to pretend to be prochoice La Lioness Priyanka Nov 2013 #37
Abortion isn't a compassionate conservative and should not be as rare. nt valerief Nov 2013 #28
I think you mercuryblues Nov 2013 #30
Oh gee. 99Forever Nov 2013 #34
Adoption isn't a haircut, either. pnwmom Nov 2013 #39
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