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Fri Nov 1, 2013, 10:42 AM Nov 2013

Dear DU men, this poll is for you [View all]

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and it's not meant as a dis of any kind.

How important is the issue of a woman's right to choose to you?

Edited to make it absolutely clear that this is in reference to a woman's right to choose whether to have an abortion or not.

44 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Very important. It's an essential right
40 (91%)
It's important but not vital. there are issues more pressing
2 (5%)
It's more of an issue for women
1 (2%)
It's not high up in the list of critical issues facing this country
1 (2%)
Not important at all
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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interesting. i can see the respect in a simple answer. not a "right" answer. you worded seabeyond Nov 2013 #1
I almost added another option cali Nov 2013 #5
i think it can be done repsectfully toward everyone. would make for interesting. i am also seabeyond Nov 2013 #7
*poke* jeff47 Nov 2013 #2
I feel it's not a right for men to decide on a woman's right of choice! B Calm Nov 2013 #3
Can you explain that in more detail? cali Nov 2013 #4
I voted Very important. It's an essential right B Calm Nov 2013 #6
ah, I see what you were saying now. cali Nov 2013 #9
It's important for everyone. It is time for a male oral contraceptive. n/t lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #8
wouldn't that be great. cali Nov 2013 #11
The barrier appears to be more business and regulatory than science. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #15
you mean - not free like all the birth control I payed on my own for thirty years? bettyellen Nov 2013 #72
There's a project of the Parsemus foundation... Chan790 Nov 2013 #30
Which choice? Just the ones involving abortion or other personal choices? The Straight Story Nov 2013 #10
I think it's clear that this poll is about abortion. cali Nov 2013 #12
Your post says "How important is the issue of choice to you?" The Straight Story Nov 2013 #16
Choice is the term used by people who are pro-choice re abortion cali Nov 2013 #18
As far as helmets, their head, their choice. Or this about cost in dollars? If so.... The Straight Story Nov 2013 #21
How can a man have an opinion on something they should have no business The2ndWheel Nov 2013 #22
So it's also none of your business to have an opinion on LGBT rights or cali Nov 2013 #27
If you're white and against racism The2ndWheel Nov 2013 #44
wow. what nonsense. cali Nov 2013 #45
It's just a turn of phrase The2ndWheel Nov 2013 #57
Your underlying premise in seems to be that if one is white and anti-racist, it's merely to be a "gr LanternWaste Nov 2013 #67
If that's what you're getting from me, I guess I have to apologize The2ndWheel Nov 2013 #70
Maybe one's first failure is believing that it's about points and winning. LanternWaste Nov 2013 #66
Again, I'm saying being white and anti-racist doesn't get you anything The2ndWheel Nov 2013 #71
Anyone reading it outside of a woman's ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #36
quite a bit of that going on in this thread. cali Nov 2013 #46
Respectfully, I don't think you can assert that. lumberjack_jeff Nov 2013 #17
I'm not clear on what you think I'm asserting. cali Nov 2013 #19
Just choice in general, for whoever, about whatever, or something specific? The2ndWheel Nov 2013 #13
Not a well-formed question, so I can't answer. closeupready Nov 2013 #14
How is it not well formed? what is the problem with the question and options cali Nov 2013 #20
Who on Earth opposes "choice" as a concept? Silliness. closeupready Nov 2013 #24
I've clarified it. Not that it wasn't obvious to begin with. cali Nov 2013 #29
Your meaning was crystal clear in the OP. Some are pretending not to understand ... 11 Bravo Nov 2013 #42
+1 It's pretty obvious! B Calm Nov 2013 #68
Choice is the ONLY Choice seveneyes Nov 2013 #23
It's very important PRETZEL Nov 2013 #25
it's primary. if they can take that right, they can take any. spanone Nov 2013 #26
You left out the 'Spent my youth at clinic defenses and still have a round blue sign' option. Bluenorthwest Nov 2013 #28
thank you. cali Nov 2013 #31
I am a gay man, so I kinda don't have a dog in this fight Not Me Nov 2013 #32
I'm a straight woman and I fought hard for LGBT rights in my state cali Nov 2013 #39
Sorry, did not mean to offend Not Me Nov 2013 #50
OK, so you DO have a dog in this fight cali Nov 2013 #55
It's important to me because it's important to the women in my life tularetom Nov 2013 #33
K&V Pab Sungenis Nov 2013 #34
Missing poll question: Is it a womans right to breath air? L0oniX Nov 2013 #35
Not sure how to vote. DireStrike Nov 2013 #37
Yes, it's a HUGE economic issue. cali Nov 2013 #41
Social issues are economic issues. nt Deep13 Nov 2013 #53
That seems a bit disingenuous to me. Marr Nov 2013 #60
I was discussing the real effect and not what kind of political football it is. Deep13 Nov 2013 #73
I will have to ask my wife how I feel before I can vote. Glassunion Nov 2013 #38
I think it's the rare liberal/progressive who has a problem with abortion rights. Comrade Grumpy Nov 2013 #40
I think quite a few of the comments in the thread belie the poll results cali Nov 2013 #43
I almost never respond to polls... whttevrr Nov 2013 #47
I wish running for office depended more ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #48
Touche' whttevrr Nov 2013 #49
Just from a selfish standpoint: if they can invade a woman's bodily autonomy they can invade mine Recursion Nov 2013 #51
You have a valid point, however, if you are a man, the likelihood of them invading Sheldon Cooper Nov 2013 #61
A woman's right to choose is crucial for a healthy society. nt rrneck Nov 2013 #52
I will not vote for anyone who opposes abortion rights. Tierra_y_Libertad Nov 2013 #54
That was easy. nt Deep13 Nov 2013 #56
Essential, people should have sovereignty over their own bodies, that is the basis on which I TheKentuckian Nov 2013 #58
Just look at my quote. A bird cannot fly with wings of different size litlbilly Nov 2013 #59
Standing up for women's rights establishes a precedent that extends to myself. AtheistCrusader Nov 2013 #62
I have daughters. rurallib Nov 2013 #63
Very important Broken_Hero Nov 2013 #64
Her body, her choice, an essential right n/t Tom Rinaldo Nov 2013 #65
Choose? trumad Nov 2013 #69
It is a human right to me LittleBlue Nov 2013 #74
if we don't fix our political and economic problems, a lot more women will need them. yurbud Nov 2013 #75
Edit was unnecessary... whttevrr Nov 2013 #76
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