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35. I can only think of 3 people in Congress that carry themselves like candidates...
Thu Oct 31, 2013, 10:00 PM
Oct 2013

...and by "carry" I mean they make populist statements:

Bernie Sanders (says "not interested" every week on Thom Hartmann)
Elizabeth Warren (apparently, she's thrown her support behind Hillary)
Alan Grayson (I could see him running)

Outside the beltway
Howard Dean
Dennis John Kucinich

If not Hillary, Who? [View all] ourfuneral Oct 2013 OP
She's inevitable! MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #1
LOL! peacebird Oct 2013 #2
Senator Warren, you're no Barack Obama ourfuneral Oct 2013 #4
No, she's certainly not! MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #6
Yeah. She believes in putting banksters in jail. Octafish Nov 2013 #84
She's unavoidably inevitable. jsr Oct 2013 #20
I love the whole "Ready for Hillary" meme. winter is coming Oct 2013 #32
Time to giver that meme a spin... nt MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #44
...which tells me you have no idea what "Ready for Hillary" is about... brooklynite Nov 2013 #69
A "campaign in waiting", my ass. It's a propaganda campaign, intended to intimidate winter is coming Nov 2013 #72
I wouldn't miss this thread4anything leftstreet Oct 2013 #3
Oh, that's awesome. MannyGoldstein Oct 2013 #42
There's a buttload of candidates... bobclark86 Oct 2013 #5
B.S. Beacool Nov 2013 #70
Link please. tabasco Nov 2013 #80
Do your own research. Beacool Nov 2013 #83
Don't make unsupported claims... bobclark86 Nov 2013 #85
In case you haven't noticed, everyone's popularity has gone down. People are sick of politicians. Beacool Nov 2013 #86
LOL! tabasco Nov 2013 #88
Suit yourself. Beacool Nov 2013 #89
Elizabeth Warren would make an excellent candidate. She thinks well on her feet and bluestate10 Oct 2013 #7
She said she is not running and has endorsed Hillary so she is not an option. nt stevenleser Oct 2013 #43
endorsed? NoOneMan Nov 2013 #53
You mean we shouldn't expect the person touted as true to their values to be just that? stevenleser Nov 2013 #65
My "retort" was to point out it wasn't an endorsement, as the lie suggested NoOneMan Nov 2013 #67
LMAO, parsing "encouraging someone to run" as not an endorsement? stevenleser Nov 2013 #76
Yep. Its not whatsoever NoOneMan Nov 2013 #77
I am a huge Hillary fan, but I don't understand the need to call it for her now... cynatnite Oct 2013 #8
But she's the media favorite... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2013 #23
This presidential sooth saying is all bullshit BainsBane Oct 2013 #9
LOL, it is a "discussion" board. Read about it. n-t Logical Oct 2013 #13
I believe it hurts Democrats BainsBane Oct 2013 #17
I totally agree with you Andy823 Oct 2013 #31
OK, maybe a good point. n-t Logical Oct 2013 #36
I don't think a focus on the White House is why the GOP does so well at midterms... bobclark86 Nov 2013 #48
Don't forget their young white offspring who I bet couldn't even name the last 5 prez & VPs nt Laura PourMeADrink Nov 2013 #102
+1000 Tarheel_Dem Nov 2013 #63
Why must we decide now? Savannahmann Oct 2013 #10
I love Hillary....BUT... RichGirl Oct 2013 #11
yes. no more (Bushes OR) Clintons WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2013 #16
lol I was thinking about starting this thread tonight... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2013 #12
Howard Dean on 2016: "At this point, I'm supporting Hillary Clinton" brooklynite Nov 2013 #94
As a friend of mine once said.. sendero Oct 2013 #14
hillary=obama=gw=bill blah blah blah time for something new bowens43 Oct 2013 #15
Bernie Sanders. Or, at least, a liberal. Tierra_y_Libertad Oct 2013 #18
I can only think of 3 people in Congress that carry themselves like candidates... WhaTHellsgoingonhere Oct 2013 #35
Like. 840high Oct 2013 #39
Do you support the Trans Pacific Partnership? solarhydrocan Oct 2013 #19
HRC played a leading part in drafting the TPP, according to Business Week antigop Nov 2013 #57
It's true. Bonobo Oct 2013 #21
Permanent Democratic Monarchy! bobduca Oct 2013 #28
The Republicans are not likely to offer a candidate that sensible people can vote for. JDPriestly Oct 2013 #34
I agree, so let's give someone from another family a shot... bobduca Oct 2013 #37
Excellent! Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. JDPriestly Nov 2013 #45
Yes, it's going to be Who. jsr Oct 2013 #22
I like joe Drew Richards Oct 2013 #24
Anybody who remembers the '90s knows Courtesy Flush Oct 2013 #25
The 'whos' will come out early in 2016 officially Whisp Oct 2013 #26
Bernie Sanders gopiscrap Oct 2013 #27
Clinton II will be a kick-ass/take names/no prisoners president and we all know that. DonCoquixote Oct 2013 #29
You must have half of DU on ignore if you believe "we all know that". n/t winter is coming Nov 2013 #55
actually I was quoting DonCoquixote Nov 2013 #68
damned nearly anyone.... mike_c Oct 2013 #30
Hillary and corruption. That's the problem. JDPriestly Oct 2013 #33
Ah, perception management, gotcha nadinbrzezinski Oct 2013 #38
Warren's good. Unlike Clinton, she's an intellectual titan, progressive and people *like* her. Smarmie Doofus Oct 2013 #40
Pick someone with executive experience -- one of the Governors? FarCenter Oct 2013 #41
Just pleased that I could Serve Tonight ourfuneral Nov 2013 #46
For starters? How about someone who's not an Old Rich White Establishment Person? cherokeeprogressive Nov 2013 #47
Hey, as already stated, I love Joe Biden ourfuneral Nov 2013 #50
Oh, the guys with the money have MONTHS to figure this out. HereSince1628 Nov 2013 #49
big money has already hired the next president datasuspect Nov 2013 #51
...and the progressives have MONTHS to sit behind their computers complaining... brooklynite Nov 2013 #93
Who is complaining? I know the system, I'm being reassuring HereSince1628 Nov 2013 #97
The the aggregate of all the Hillary threads... brooklynite Nov 2013 #99
There are 3 years and a primary to answer that question NoOneMan Nov 2013 #52
How appropriate for this to have been posted by "ourfuneral" polichick Nov 2013 #54
It will be, if a Democrat isn't elected in '16 ourfuneral Nov 2013 #62
If we keep electing corporate Dems... polichick Nov 2013 #66
The OP author's PPR makes it appropriate on multiple levels pinboy3niner Nov 2013 #87
Yikes! polichick Nov 2013 #90
Martin O'Malley, that's who. kwassa Nov 2013 #56
Correctamundo. tabasco Nov 2013 #81
I'm voting for whoever the nominee is in the general election. Iggo Nov 2013 #58
+1 B Calm Nov 2013 #101
I am 100% behind Hillary for President, and so are most Democrats. n/t Lil Missy Nov 2013 #59
I like Dean mitchtv Nov 2013 #60
Me, too. Iggo Nov 2013 #79
We don't have to go dredging the same lakes for the same tired candidates you know. ScreamingMeemie Nov 2013 #61
Let's see, at the end of 2000 SheilaT Nov 2013 #64
Howard Dean Egnever Nov 2013 #71
I am supporting Hillary in 2016. hrmjustin Nov 2013 #73
a populist liberal such as Warren or Sanders, and I don't give a damn if people think they don't liberal_at_heart Nov 2013 #74
Do you give a damn if THEY'RE NOT RUNNING? brooklynite Nov 2013 #92
anyone but Hillary Rodham Clinton krawhitham Nov 2013 #75
I'm supporting Hillary if she decides to run. Beacool Nov 2013 #78
Bill de Blasio or Cory Booker. CK_John Nov 2013 #82
I sometimes wonder if responses like this are intentionally silly... brooklynite Nov 2013 #91
Nice post, graham4whatever! Regardless, welcome to DU... madinmaryland Nov 2013 #95
The poster is already gone pinboy3niner Nov 2013 #96
Someone else. JVS Nov 2013 #98
I just thought of this one: how abt Al Franken? jmowreader Nov 2013 #100
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