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1. I hope he's right, but
Fri Oct 25, 2013, 01:08 PM
Oct 2013

common sense says:

1) He was just tapped a week ago. How has he even been able to complete a full assessment yet? An honest response would be 'Here's a date when we'll have a date for you with a high level of confidence'.

2) They are just now bringing in Quality Software Services. How in the world have they been able to conduct an independent code review to even identify all of the problems

3) It's not just 'fixing the code', it also involves unit testing, QA testing, integration testing and regression testing to make sure they haven't introduced additional problems as a result of their fixes.

4) They now have the system in production. Production fixes take more time once you go live due to increased controls around software deployment procedures.

5) It's not just code. Once has to wonder about the integrity of all of the databases. I would think their interface partners have a lot of cleanup to do as well. Incomplete/duplicate applications, corrupted data, incorrect data. This needs to be cleaned up. A daunting task.

I really wish he hadn't said 'let me be clear'. Sounds like a White House yes man by doing so. IMHO of course.

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