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Luminous Animal

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Thu Oct 24, 2013, 05:30 PM Oct 2013

Enemy of the State: How Glenn Greenwald is taking on the world, and why he'll never stop. [View all]


One of the problems with political ideologues is that they can be such a drag. While I’ve always admired Greenwald’s work — rigorous 3,000-word columns packed with hyperlinks to federal court documents, obscure government memoranda, and dissident dispatches by foreign bloggers — I worried that in the flesh, Greenwald would be grim, cold, and wonky. His obsession with surveillance and privacy issues have made him into an ideological pillar of the rather sterile, unfriendly world of civil libertarian politics, a group not known for its warmth and humanism.

My hesitation dissipates the instant Greenwald and Miranda pick me up off an Ipanema boulevard in their red mini station wagon. I’m tagging along with the couple to a photo shoot for a feature spread (fully clothed) for the Brazilian edition of Playboy. “It’s a very tasteful magazine,” Greenwald insists. “It’s run by gays!” With Katy Perry playing on the radio, we spend our first hour together mostly talking about Cesar Millan and the tyrannical nature of chihuahuas. Miranda, who has found his own global acclaim and notoriety since being detained at Heathrow, is on his phone trying to coordinate picking up scalped tickets to a sold-out Bon Jovi/Nickleback concert in Rio. “I am going to this concert!” he declares. Greenwald credits Miranda, a Brazilian native who is currently finishing a degree in communications, for his success in journalism. “He’s like my Svengali,” says Greenwald.

Greenwald, 46, met Miranda, 28, in 2005, on the first day of a two-month vacation in Rio. At the time, Greenwald was just beginning to transition from his job as a constitutional law litigator to fiery polemicist. He was reading on the beach at Copacabana; Miranda was playing beach volleyball. Miranda’s beach ball rolled onto Greenwald’s towel: “Oi! Meu nome é Glenn.” They moved in together that week. “As a gay man, when you come to Rio for seven weeks, you’re not looking for a relationship,” Greenwald says with a bawdy laugh, “but I never fell in love so fast.”


Greenwald and Miranda never moved to the U.S. together because, until the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act in June, Miranda could not get an immigration visa. “For eight years we didn’t have that option,” Greenwald says, “but then, literally the week DOMA got struck down, this other little barrier to living in the United States popped up: I might be arrested indefinitely the second I got off the plane.”

Not that Brazil has been some kind of tropical detention center for Greenwald: “Rio is the best fucking place in the world,” he says as we cruise along the white sands of Copacabana. “The people and the culture have taught me a different way to live; it’s all spoken to my soul since I got here. The U.S. is more concerned with being an actor in the world and influencing the world. You don’t have to be here too long to figure out there’s never any thought at any time of invading another country. I mean, I assume if Argentina invaded Brazil for some reason then, yes, OK, but you realize when staying in another country that the notion of constant invasion is extremely radical.”

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It's a long read but great fun and as HuffPo says,"This Glenn Greenwald Profile Is The Best One Yet" Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #1
He cares about the issues Democrats claim to, and certainly did sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #42
Yep. And Democrats who try to demonize him a experiencing a similar glorious Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #43
For once in my life I agree wholeheartedly with Greenwald: Blue_Tires Oct 2013 #2
Greenwald isn't taking on the world, just the US government. geek tragedy Oct 2013 #3
Jeezus...I threw up a little at that. Nickleback? nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #4
"That was all David. I got nowhere near that." Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #5
Well, so much for loyalty to one's partner. Although with the age difference, one can hardly msanthrope Oct 2013 #6
Loyalty? Hahaha. My husband loves country and western. I let him drag me to 2-3 shows a year Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #9
But would you throw your hubby under the Nickelback bus? nt msanthrope Oct 2013 #13
Oh god, yes. Thankfully, Nickelback is not something I have to contend with. Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #17
And he'll stop if Rand Paul becomes Prez Cali_Democrat Oct 2013 #22
He takes on as he always has, Bush/Cheney policies. I can't imagine sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #44
Constant invasion is extremely radical dreamnightwind Oct 2013 #7
Seems Greenwald is a little late to the party brush Oct 2013 #8
Starting in 2005, he wrote a daily blog criticizing Bush and his admin. He also wrote 3 books doing Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #10
Let's not forget he was writing racist columns, too.... msanthrope Oct 2013 #12
Yes. And he was rightly slammed for it. Funny how you forgot to post this though Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #16
He was on the Koch payroll, too, wasn't he? He was on a lengthy stipend from CATO, IIRC. MADem Oct 2013 #32
Joseph McCarthy is that you? Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #37
If he says he wasn't employed by Cato he is lying--and calling me "McCarthy" isn't going to change MADem Oct 2013 #39
Really. For how long and what was the stipend? And was Kos and Wyden paid... Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #40
Don't plead with me to defend "Kos" and "Wyden." That's not how it works. MADem Oct 2013 #47
You act as though you are revealing deep dark secrets. Squawk! Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #49
No I don't...you're the one who started out denying it, and now you're trying to accuse me of MADem Oct 2013 #52
I've denied nothing. You are peddling in half truths. Yes. 16 pages of published material Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #53
They're "touting" the work of their "contributor" in order to raise his, and their, profile. MADem Oct 2013 #57
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #56
+1. nt pnwmom Oct 2013 #28
You're not very familiar with his work, are you? Since he burst on the sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #45
What? Nothing about Greenwald's IRS problems? randome Oct 2013 #11
Recommend! Fascinating Read! KoKo Oct 2013 #14
I've heard Greenwald speak several times and he's always been witty and gracious. Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #15
Good article Autumn Oct 2013 #18
K&R just to get the reflexive Greenwald haters in a frenzy nt riderinthestorm Oct 2013 #19
lol's they have him on the list with Cindy Sheehan who exposed Bush in a Ditch KoKo Oct 2013 #20
Enemy of the World now? Does he get a cape and spandex with that? Rex Oct 2013 #21
It's FEAR of WHAT HAS BEEN EXPOSED! They are horrified that this could KoKo Oct 2013 #24
It is just funny watching people that normally hate CTs Rex Oct 2013 #27
Agree...and think that word hypocrisy has been expunged from School Rooms all KoKo Oct 2013 #29
Well I know we've both watched critical thinking disparaged on DU Rex Oct 2013 #31
The corporate-government propaganda MUST smear Glenn Greenwald woo me with science Oct 2013 #23
It's a HUGE STORY...that in other times would have been blaring from KoKo Oct 2013 #26
+10000000 woo me with science Oct 2013 #33
Pierre Omidyar is eliciting Greenwald because of Jeff Bezos. joshcryer Oct 2013 #30
Guardian Newspaper has three Investigations coming at them..One big one KoKo Oct 2013 #34
Well yeah, spying and surveillance is also a business. joshcryer Oct 2013 #35
I think what I'm reading is that you think KoKo Oct 2013 #36
That's the $250 million dollar question. joshcryer Oct 2013 #38
Greenwald will never be a corporate sell out. That is the fantasy of sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #46
Squawk! He worked for Cato. Squawk! He worked for Cato. Squawk! He worked for Cato. Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #50
Huge K&R. Greenwald is a hero. woo me with science Oct 2013 #25
depends what the definition is STATE -is upi402 Oct 2013 #41
this just reminded me of Elaine Benes on Seinfeld in Europe with controlling Pretzel_Warrior Oct 2013 #48
Isn't it weird that Elaine did! OMG! Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #51
It's a puff piece struggle4progress Oct 2013 #54
Absolutely! Luminous Animal Oct 2013 #55
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