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Thu Oct 24, 2013, 12:21 AM Oct 2013

HealthCare.gov pricing feature can be off the mark [View all]

(CBS News) CBS News has uncovered a serious pricing problem with HealthCare.gov. It stems from the Obama administration's efforts to improve its health care website. A new online feature can dramatically underestimate the cost of insurance.

The administration announced it would provide a new "shop and browse" feature Sunday, but it's not giving consumers the real picture. In some cases, people could end up paying double of what they see on the website, CBS News' Jan Crawford reported Wednesday on "CBS This Morning."

As President Obama promises to fix HealthCare.gov, his administration is touting what it calls "improvements" in design, specifically a feature that allows you to "See Plans Now." White House press secretary Jay Carney has said, "Americans across the country can type in their zip code and shop and browse."

But CBS News has learned the new "shop and browse" feature often comes with the wrong price tags.

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I don't give a flying fuck. It's here, it's on, it's fucking going to work. NYC_SKP Oct 2013 #1
Failure is not an option as we won't be able to delay the individual mandate for political reasons dkf Oct 2013 #11
Let me add a different scenario, in addition to the technical problems Puzzledtraveller Oct 2013 #20
Yes I think it's a mess but D's will have to live with it, like vets in the VA system. dkf Oct 2013 #27
Yes. We can't let this fail, and criticisms of those who are saying we need to get urgent about this Yo_Mama Oct 2013 #58
Any price quote should be honored. Even if that means the federal government covering the difference Gravitycollapse Oct 2013 #2
It's not a quote; it's an estimate. FarCenter Oct 2013 #3
a quote is an estimate datasuspect Oct 2013 #19
That's ridiculous....they have to leave the "just window shopping area" VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #4
No, it's just run by them. kiva Oct 2013 #6
we are talking about the website... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #7
I know, I know... kiva Oct 2013 #8
So you admit you disagree with the vast majority here....yet you continue to hang around and force VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #9
I've accepted the fact that a small but vocal minority here kiva Oct 2013 #10
Unfortunately they aren't a small minority. Vocal yes, but unfortunately not small n/t progree Oct 2013 #16
Not sure I understand what you mean... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #29
Not sure what you mean either. That makes two of us nt progree Oct 2013 #55
I make myself perfectly clear... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #59
"I don't go around griefing..." Some of us choose not to be ostriches. Some of us want to know progree Oct 2013 #68
Word salad! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #70
Is choosing not to be an ostrich "word salad" to you, Sarah? progree Oct 2013 #74
Ostrich? Hardly.....I am well informed....thank you...this is Democratic Underground... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #76
Did I say "ACA is a complete failure", Sarah? progree Oct 2013 #80
"Off" from What? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #85
Giving a 64 year old the rate of a 50 year old is not "off" to you????????????? half the rate is progree Oct 2013 #89
Its NOT a contract!!!!! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #90
Would you say the same thing if it was a Republican admin "misunderestimating" its costs progree Oct 2013 #94
link it or its not true... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #95
The (um problematic) link is in the OP. progree Oct 2013 #112
So how did Romneycare in Massachusetts go? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #114
Its in the link I just gave you, the same link that's in the OP progree Oct 2013 #128
Seems to me the recent swarm of corporate sockbots is here to stop the general movement to the left Zorra Oct 2013 #92
I just think people should know about this problem so they aren't blindsided at the office progree Oct 2013 #98
I'm so sorry for not being clear. I agree with you 100%. Zorra Oct 2013 #115
Bravo kiva! Puzzledtraveller Oct 2013 #21
bravo? Cheering the Griefers? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #30
Look up there on the top left....see what that says? Democratic Underground... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #28
Urban Dictionary? enlightenment Oct 2013 #34
Yes...Urban Dictionary... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #37
Thanks. enlightenment Oct 2013 #42
Just because you do not like colorful words... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #44
I understand completely. enlightenment Oct 2013 #65
Much more than amusing... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #72
"underground" means resiatance to the prevailing paradigm, get it? villager Oct 2013 #61
DEMOCRATIC...this site supports DEMOCRATS! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #117
UNDERGROUND... this site supports critical UNDERGROUND discourse villager Oct 2013 #125
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #107
Ummm...you looked up the wrong word... ScreamingMeemie Oct 2013 #109
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #110
Any time! Hey, he responded to you with an "as in griefers..." ScreamingMeemie Oct 2013 #111
EmoProg Griefers, perhaps!? villager Oct 2013 #126
Flower pressing. uppityperson Oct 2013 #113
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #116
More like pushing up daisies maddezmom Oct 2013 #118
I'm looking for a NEW hobby. She seems to have that one down. uppityperson Oct 2013 #119
She sure does maddezmom Oct 2013 #123
Message auto-removed Name removed Oct 2013 #127
Corarose is that you again? maddezmom Oct 2013 #129
I think that the vast majority on DU want ACA to work Yo_Mama Oct 2013 #25
Bravo Yo! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #39
you are losing your touch by the way... snooper2 Oct 2013 #41
"states the actual prices could be lower, but it makes no mention that they could be higher" progree Oct 2013 #5
The Government often gives wrong info. It falls into the "tough shit" category. dkf Oct 2013 #12
I thought the quote it gives was merely an estimate. The Corporate Media is reaching! Liberal_Stalwart71 Oct 2013 #13
I don't think they are reaching at all Travis_0004 Oct 2013 #14
Is that all your current Insurance company needs for an exact quote? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #31
Precisely exacty where is the "reaching"? progree Oct 2013 #15
All the Obama haters out in full force pretending to be fair minded. Liberal_Stalwart71 Oct 2013 #17
I'm an Obama admirer and worked very hard to get him elected. So stop lying about me. progree Oct 2013 #18
So you are saying people are too stupid to understand "average prices"? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #40
Where do you get this "average prices" thing? progree Oct 2013 #48
thats where an average price comes in....you do realize this involves HUNDREDS of plans... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #52
In most counties only a few insurance companies offer a few plans each FarCenter Oct 2013 #56
"most"? And you know this how? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #75
Health Care Law Fails to Lower Prices for Rural Areas FarCenter Oct 2013 #87
"Hundreds of plans", No, sorry, I don't think so progree Oct 2013 #71
these are averages....Do you not understand AVERAGES....and these are quotes... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #78
If these are "averages," Keefer Oct 2013 #103
Everyone KNOWS it is! What else could it be.... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #120
"First you guys opposed it in general." Keefer Oct 2013 #134
Your "figures" do NOT include the tax credit...that is WHY it COULD be lower... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #136
What if... Keefer Oct 2013 #139
Yes it willl....it just told me that! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #141
??? Keefer Oct 2013 #143
It does so..."if you have an income of less than $46,000" VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #144
they are not averages Travis_0004 Oct 2013 #130
Have you been there and looked at them yourself? I have... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #131
I have been there. Travis_0004 Oct 2013 #137
Baloney! that quote is WITHOUT the tax credit... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #138
so the quote is even more useless Travis_0004 Oct 2013 #142
We qualified for 110 plans, and the range was from 300 to $ 1500 a month. grantcart Oct 2013 #106
In Rochester, MN there are a whole lot of plans, but all from one and only one insurance co. progree Oct 2013 #122
By that standard single payer health care is a monopoly. grantcart Oct 2013 #132
But you leave out the tax CREDITS.... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #133
I am opposed to the ACA, but this complaint is a bit silly... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #22
If this was some Republican program, and they were grossly underestimating their cost "estimates" progree Oct 2013 #23
Yes. My values are not party dependent... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #26
Of course not....But did you happen to notice the name of this joint? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #32
Fine, but I still don't get how it is a "bit silly" for the media to report on it progree Oct 2013 #36
Because it is clearly a quick and temporary insert while they get things going... Demo_Chris Oct 2013 #101
That is NOT what is happening and you know it... VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #33
If the contractor gave you a 1/3 to 1/2 off estimate to get their foot in the door? progree Oct 2013 #45
(drip, drip, drip,...) BKH70041 Oct 2013 #24
I doubt low income people or those with pre-existing conditions are paying more under ACA. Hoyt Oct 2013 #35
Indeed they are not -- but the majority will pay more. FarCenter Oct 2013 #38
Baloney! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #43
Taxpayers will be picking up the subidies; rates will increase due to high-cost patients in the pool FarCenter Oct 2013 #46
Again...Baloney! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #47
Assuming the "non-patients", i.e. the healthy young, sign up in sufficient numbers. We shall see. nt progree Oct 2013 #50
they will! Look how many WANT to use the site! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #53
Do you have any data that these are the young and healthy ones? I suspect, aside from the just progree Oct 2013 #62
You cannot be serious.....in fact I am sure of that! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #69
Data please, so we can all be as sure as you. progree Oct 2013 #77
More word salad from you? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #79
DU being trolled by Griefers and Confederates! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #81
No. Some people think it is a problem when healthcare.gov is estimating a 49 yo based on a 27 yo progree Oct 2013 #86
Okay Ostrich...you would rather have the current Heathcare system...duly noted. VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #88
"Okay Ostrich.you would rather have the current Heathcare system...duly noted." OK Liar progree Oct 2013 #97
You apparently do! VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #121
Show me anywhere I said or indicated the old system is better, or that I don't want the ACA to work. progree Oct 2013 #124
It was a simple question, I'm sorry if simple questions are "word salad" to you, Sarah n/t progree Oct 2013 #82
What was the question Michelle? VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #84
The "non-patients" are the former uninsured getting the high subsidies from the taxpayers. FarCenter Oct 2013 #51
Not true....But I suppose it is much cheaper for the uninsured to just go to the emergency room VanillaRhapsody Oct 2013 #57
I'm willing to pay a bit more to expand coverage to 30 million. But from what I've seen so far, Hoyt Oct 2013 #54
You can identify the plans offered, and then with a little work, go to the insurer's site and get Hoyt Oct 2013 #49
No, CBS News, Obama Isnít Hiding The True Cost Of Obamacare ProSense Oct 2013 #60
Who is ValuePenguin? Raine1967 Oct 2013 #63
A consumer finance web site. FarCenter Oct 2013 #64
Exactly. Raine1967 Oct 2013 #73
Here's the one for California FarCenter Oct 2013 #83
I clicked on the one for Virginia and I saw something peculiar Raine1967 Oct 2013 #93
They are probably connected to an insurance broker -- either own it or FarCenter Oct 2013 #100
I stumbled upon a chart somewhere that had a factor for each age year. Hoyt Oct 2013 #91
Thanks Hoyt. If you can find it, I'd truly appreciate it. Raine1967 Oct 2013 #96
See if these links don't cover it. Hoyt Oct 2013 #102
Thanks. I found out some more stuff, put it below. Raine1967 Oct 2013 #105
Because they spidered the site and built one that apparently works. nt Dreamer Tatum Oct 2013 #104
Is this real or just spin? Packerowner740 Oct 2013 #66
welcome to DU gopiscrap Oct 2013 #67
Keep that question in mind at all times. Skip Intro Oct 2013 #135
Thanks, I will Packerowner740 Oct 2013 #145
Google Value Penguin insurance brokers Raine1967 Oct 2013 #99
The article is juvenile bullshit grantcart Oct 2013 #108
I would imagine the site gives only estimates. Autumn Oct 2013 #140
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