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11. In red areas, we need to run white women.
Mon Oct 21, 2013, 10:48 AM
Oct 2013

I've said this before, and I am well-prepared to withstand criticism on this subject, but the Republican gerrymandering of 2010 left a lot of Republicans vulnerable to a 5 point swing in popular opinion regarding who should control Congress. White women can win these seats.

Racism is real, and pretending it doesn't exist is folly. Feminism is also real, and pretending it does not exist is also folly. For the red states and the red areas of those states, in particular, white women have the best chance of winning as Democrats, because they peel white women away from their Repbulican-voting husbands and families. There's only one white male left in Congress who's a Democrat from the Deep South, and that's Georgia's John Barrow. In the red districts of the Deep South (and elsewhere), white, male Democrats are nearly extinct. In those same districts, I contend, a white female Democrat can win.

Flame-retardant suit on. Have at it.


Big K ananda Oct 2013 #1
Time to get started on the 2014 MineralMan Oct 2013 #2
Before GOTV we need strong candidates BlueStreak Oct 2013 #44
Yes, of course. The candidate selection process is underway in MineralMan Oct 2013 #45
That's good news Andy823 Oct 2013 #3
Nice but Americans have short memories WI_DEM Oct 2013 #4
Amen to that. demosincebirth Oct 2013 #16
Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Roland99 Oct 2013 #25
I see that repeated often as if it was established fact that among the world's Bluenorthwest Oct 2013 #35
IMHO, it is the media who perpetuate that canard... KansDem Oct 2013 #40
It's our job to remind them and to get Dems to come out and vote IronLionZion Oct 2013 #49
I wish we were voting sharp_stick Oct 2013 #5
Hey, looks like the idiots plan on bringing their beloved shutdown-hostage crisis into the new year calimary Oct 2013 #41
Folks have GOT to turn out BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #6
I have a red one in my district I can work on. ffr Oct 2013 #7
Definitely not too early. Efilroft Sul Oct 2013 #8
Well said. Eleanors38 Oct 2013 #9
Every republican cheering on the house floor for the shutdown and default are not patriots kimbutgar Oct 2013 #10
In red areas, we need to run white women. Laelth Oct 2013 #11
I agree. . . serqet Oct 2013 #17
Agreed. Laelth Oct 2013 #24
You make a good point. Never thought of it like that. demosincebirth Oct 2013 #18
Thanks. Glad you found my insights to be useful. n/t Laelth Oct 2013 #46
I agree with what you say Plucketeer Oct 2013 #22
I fully agree that we'd all be better off with more women in government. Laelth Oct 2013 #27
I love white women as much as anyone IronLionZion Oct 2013 #52
All I can really say is that white, male Democrats are nearly extinct in the Deep South. Laelth Oct 2013 #53
I'm torn ChangeUp106 Oct 2013 #12
It Means Nothing albino65 Oct 2013 #13
Well said, and welcome to DU. n/t Laelth Oct 2013 #15
I really doubt that the ideologues in the Teapublican Party will be able to contain themselves. Old and In the Way Oct 2013 #14
As someone recently said, you can't beat somebody with nobody. enough Oct 2013 #19
Cutting SS will flip this, as could the TPP, more war, or any of the many issues Americans are far grahamhgreen Oct 2013 #20
The teabaggers will do a repeat. Turbineguy Oct 2013 #21
But the front page of the Wisconsin State Urinal, I mean Journal AllyCat Oct 2013 #23
This is why we will not see another shutdown threat next year. n/t Dawgs Oct 2013 #26
Not so sure about that my Bernie avatar sharing friend ChangeUp106 Oct 2013 #28
I'm afraid you may be right. Dawgs Oct 2013 #31
the catch, from the 1st paragraph Shampoyeto Oct 2013 #29
If the healthcare.gov is not fixed in a hurry .... they will be lucky to lose just another 50 seats srican69 Oct 2013 #30
I do not subscribe to this kind of paranoia. Laelth Oct 2013 #33
This is a bullshit RW talking point BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #36
The teabaggers have lost the breaks on the clown car. sheshe2 Oct 2013 #32
The GOP is making the mistake of appealing to a loud-mouthed fringe movement in their party. Lizzie Poppet Oct 2013 #34
Agreed. More popcorn, please. Laelth Oct 2013 #38
Oh please, oh please, oh please... CSStrowbridge Oct 2013 #37
+1. Laelth Oct 2013 #39
I love good news! flamingdem Oct 2013 #42
CleanHouse 2014 Hutzpa Oct 2013 #43
Yes. n/t ProSense Oct 2013 #48
A long time till election, these numbers mean nothing! nt Logical Oct 2013 #47
They certainly do mean something... if voters keep hearing negative things about Republicans.. DCBob Oct 2013 #51
I just got polled by PPP about my congressman Michael Grimm. hrmjustin Oct 2013 #50
And that's before ObamaCare is the whopping success it is going to be. gulliver Oct 2013 #54
First, we need to stand strong & defend SS & MC or we will snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Faryn Balyncd Oct 2013 #55
Appreciate the Republican rifts: Kochs, Jim Demint and teabaggers ProSense Oct 2013 #56
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