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Agree. Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #1
Post removed Post removed Feb 2021 #31
What's behind the 180 IS important. NoMoreRepugs Feb 2021 #34
Also, Graham has a very anti-gay voting record SCantiGOP Feb 2021 #51
Even if he's gay, it's not cool to use gender based slurs DesertRat Feb 2021 #73
Allegedly, "Lady G." was what his prostitutes called him. nt Gore1FL Feb 2021 #79
I remember reading that rumor on twitter DesertRat Feb 2021 #85
I concur. Just answering the question posed. nt Gore1FL Feb 2021 #95
Thanks DesertRat Feb 2021 #128
That name is a "rumor". Anyone can make up anything and spread it around. LeftInTX Feb 2021 #89
I used the word "allegedly" when answering the question for that very reason. nt Gore1FL Feb 2021 #97
How do you feel about fat shaming Trump? BannonsLiver Feb 2021 #115
Good question. NurseJackie Feb 2021 #148
Wow, never heard that story. (n/m) BradAllison Feb 2021 #166
His "sexuality" has not caused him to do anything. cwydro Feb 2021 #59
I think the poster is saying that ... Whiskeytide Feb 2021 #121
It's not unique to Graham Shermanator Feb 2021 #72
Bingo and a hardy, hardy welcome!!! marble falls Feb 2021 #127
Good first post. ooky Feb 2021 #129
Thank you. TwilightZone Feb 2021 #145
"his sexuality MAY BE a national security risk" -- wtf? fishwax Feb 2021 #75
Exactly DesertRat Feb 2021 #88
AZ8theist JGug1 Feb 2021 #99
This is the 21st Century LeftInTX Feb 2021 #112
Agree. My Pet Orangutan Feb 2021 #2
yuk bdamomma Feb 2021 #19
I'm interested in it to the extent that it exposes her hypocrisy. BlueStater Feb 2021 #24
+100 Absolutely. bronxiteforever Feb 2021 #54
I don't see what extra-martial sex has to do with transphobia. My Pet Orangutan Feb 2021 #111
I can see you don't. You apparently think that a lawmaker bronxiteforever Feb 2021 #130
I'll rephrase the question - if someone is bigoted, should they be outed? My Pet Orangutan Feb 2021 #144
I'm interested (shudder) only because Oldem Feb 2021 #57
Damn it! I thought I was settling in for a good chunk of Sunday morning, BobTheSubgenius Feb 2021 #80
However, I keep saying MTG LeftInTX Feb 2021 #93
At least get his name right, and the nickname. OnDoutside Feb 2021 #3
So if it were correct it is ok? redstatebluegirl Feb 2021 #6
Whoosh. OnDoutside Feb 2021 #7
I'm surprised by it being allowed on a progressive site jimfields33 Feb 2021 #4
Me too. cwydro Feb 2021 #10
It's sad really jimfields33 Feb 2021 #11
The popcorn emojis bother me Sympthsical Feb 2021 #28
Well said, it's unfortunate that your post was so necessary Cozmo Feb 2021 #33
So true. cwydro Feb 2021 #64
Thank you. Ms. Toad Feb 2021 #81
I thought DownriverDem Feb 2021 #36
+1000 paleotn Feb 2021 #39
Progressive exclusively? paleotn Feb 2021 #40
His point is that homophobic slurs Turin_C3PO Feb 2021 #60
DUers are better than this. Words can hurt, don't do it Cozmo Feb 2021 #92
I get the point. Side question. paleotn Feb 2021 #135
Yep. Iggo Feb 2021 #77
There's a fair bit of unrealized racism and homophobia on DU. intheflow Feb 2021 #165
A total shame. jimfields33 Feb 2021 #169
Yes! Peacetrain Feb 2021 #5
I still wonder what Trump and Putin have on him... ProudMNDemocrat Feb 2021 #8
I think bdamomma Feb 2021 #20
Or he's up to his elbows The Wizard Feb 2021 #82
Absolutely nothing Blue_Adept Feb 2021 #74
I wonder DENVERPOPS Feb 2021 #122
Agreed nt Tree-Hugger Feb 2021 #9
Agree. nt Hortensis Feb 2021 #12
Some people really do want it to be okay to use slurs. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2021 #13
It's taking a page from the trump playbook DesertRat Feb 2021 #83
Post removed Post removed Feb 2021 #14
Agreed - the blatant hypocracy might well be at issue. SheltieLover Feb 2021 #16
While I agree with most you say..... BigOleDummy Feb 2021 #42
THIS KPN Feb 2021 #44
So - I take it you have had a conversation with him in which he has disclosed Ms. Toad Feb 2021 #86
I chose my words precisely and carefully ... mr_lebowski Feb 2021 #90
"Likely" doesn't make the post any less offensive. n/t Ms. Toad Feb 2021 #100
This message was self-deleted by its author mr_lebowski Feb 2021 #117
Agree 100% VickiSmith Feb 2021 #15
Agree.... but suppose he votes hypocritically on personal sexual issues Rustyeye77 Feb 2021 #17
That is about his policy not his sexual orientation. redstatebluegirl Feb 2021 #21
Yes, using homophobic slurs is definitely okay in that case. WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2021 #47
He had a strong anti-gay voting record SCantiGOP Feb 2021 #53
That's why he doesn't deserve the consideration or the compassion BannonsLiver Feb 2021 #118
Very true. How about his color? judesedit Feb 2021 #18
His color is irrelevant. His racism IS relevent. redstatebluegirl Feb 2021 #25
Good point. I have not heard him say anything racist, but I'm judesedit Feb 2021 #52
His political mentor SCantiGOP Feb 2021 #58
Isn't Thurmond the hypocrite who was demeaning to poc while having a judesedit Feb 2021 #63
Not a mistress SCantiGOP Feb 2021 #66
Wow! Guilt finally got him. judesedit Feb 2021 #141
Graham makes my skin crawl. But it's because he is an Old South White Supremicist. Tommymac Feb 2021 #22
I never use any names of that manner mvd Feb 2021 #23
I know a number of gay people who say the same about him. Chicago1980 Feb 2021 #26
Gay people can do that. cwydro Feb 2021 #67
I'm gay, I have learned... Chicago1980 Feb 2021 #69
Wow. Name calling? cwydro Feb 2021 #70
No, would have said dumb ass if I wanted to name call... Chicago1980 Feb 2021 #153
That doesn't excuse the misogyny... tonedevil Feb 2021 #78
Thank you. cwydro Feb 2021 #102
This. Exactly this. MontanaMama Feb 2021 #124
However, it doesn't make it true LeftInTX Feb 2021 #103
And a number of Black people use the term n***** Ms. Toad Feb 2021 #131
Yes we do... Chicago1980 Feb 2021 #152
Let's also stop the sexist safeinOhio Feb 2021 #27
yep. Totally agree. SlogginThroughIt Feb 2021 #120
There are enough adjectives and monikers without using homophobic slurs MLAA Feb 2021 #29
Complete asshole! redstatebluegirl Feb 2021 #30
Hypocrisy matters! gibraltar72 Feb 2021 #32
BUT LG is such a hater on Gay rights..... flying_wahini Feb 2021 #35
Using homophobic slurs to expose hypocrisy on an ostensibly Democratic message board seems a little, WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2021 #49
Exactly! One could just call him a hypocrite. femmedem Feb 2021 #61
Yes, so does the use of gender slurs on conservative and whathehell Feb 2021 #163
THat can be done without resorting to offensive, homophibic slurs. No? KPN Feb 2021 #50
Nope. cwydro Feb 2021 #68
I like a term I heard yesterday, for Lindsey;... JoeOtterbein Feb 2021 #37
I'm so stealing that. MontanaMama Feb 2021 #125
So now it's okay to fat-shame people? NurseJackie Feb 2021 #168
I am using edhopper Feb 2021 #38
That works, so does asshole Lindsey. redstatebluegirl Feb 2021 #41
Agreed. Let's not be homophobic. Or sexist. n/t KatK Feb 2021 #43
No lady would act the way that dried up turd acts. nt yaesu Feb 2021 #45
I think of him more as a flailing alcoholic Generic Brad Feb 2021 #46
Something isn't right with him LeftInTX Feb 2021 #109
OK. OK. It's wrong. Let's stop it. RVN VET71 Feb 2021 #48
"you had better be ready for a dose of you own god damned medicine." WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2021 #56
I think of the attacks on Graham not as oppression RVN VET71 Feb 2021 #158
I wasn't saying calling him slurs is oppressing him. Doing so perpetuates a system of oppression WhiskeyGrinder Feb 2021 #159
Yes. We agree. RVN VET71 Feb 2021 #160
It actually have a lot to do with it to me... BadGimp Feb 2021 #55
And the rest of us are just collateral damage? Boomer Feb 2021 #114
I've been fighting to make this point and I will not stop! Thanks for your OP!!! marble falls Feb 2021 #62
His fascism and lying hypocritical destruction of the constitution is what matters. lark Feb 2021 #65
Well said, thank you! DesertRat Feb 2021 #71
He's a horrible guy but his orientation should be off limits. DemocratSinceBirth Feb 2021 #76
Judge him on his character, TNNurse Feb 2021 #84
Yeah we get it. tavernier Feb 2021 #87
Absolutely. Iggo Feb 2021 #106
Thank you. K&R crickets Feb 2021 #91
People usually seem to forget that those slurs are wildly sexist as well. Squinch Feb 2021 #94
Actually matt819 Feb 2021 #96
Graham's Sexuality JGug1 Feb 2021 #98
I call Lindsey VA_Jill Feb 2021 #101
Bottom line..... Chipper Chat Feb 2021 #104
+?1 n/t FreeState Feb 2021 #149
Can we call him the esteemed Senator from SC who has anal moles that he Autumn Feb 2021 #105
Seriously? cwydro Feb 2021 #134
Lot of people have moles, nothing to do with sexual orientation. I had one on my shoulder but Autumn Feb 2021 #136
I have no idea what you're talking about. cwydro Feb 2021 #137
If you have no idea what I'm talking about why the ...Seriously? Wow.? Autumn Feb 2021 #138
Whoosh. nt cwydro Feb 2021 #139
Whatever. nt Autumn Feb 2021 #140
You should see what he gets called at Joe.My.God. mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2021 #107
Oh dear! Oh dear me! That's... something, isn't it? NurseJackie Feb 2021 #167
I'll just enjoy the snark coming from Teh Gays I follow then. maxsolomon Feb 2021 #108
Lindsey Graham is a FUCKING LIAR! OMGWTF Feb 2021 #110
Okay? BannonsLiver Feb 2021 #113
he is an enigma for sure... samnsara Feb 2021 #116
Agree. Just saw SNL from last night. Kate McKinnon Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2021 #119
She's good. That made me laugh! NurseJackie Feb 2021 #146
Yes she is! Just didn't get the quirky gestures. Hate the MF Laura PourMeADrink Feb 2021 #147
I'm not fond of the name calling in general here. It's childish and we can do better. n/t Akoto Feb 2021 #123
It is not what one perceive Graham to be, it is the perception. Smackdown2019 Feb 2021 #126
You laid it out well. But the hypocrisy is highly likely. That deserves condemnation, if true. Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2021 #164
Oh, lord. NurseJackie Feb 2021 #132
Does the subject not please... tonedevil Feb 2021 #142
I agree MustLoveBeagles Feb 2021 #133
Totally agree. nt Raine Feb 2021 #143
Neither am I.. it's ridiculously Cha Feb 2021 #150
This message was self-deleted by its author ecstatic Feb 2021 #151
Strongly agreed. Mike Niendorff Feb 2021 #154
Lindsey deserves how people think of him. pwb Feb 2021 #155
No you don't hate lindsay graham as much as I do. mdbl Feb 2021 #156
Agree bucolic_frolic Feb 2021 #157
OK, I agree... lonely bird Feb 2021 #161
I understand and agree that homophobic comments are wrong, I just had a different interpretation wcollar Feb 2021 #162
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