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Tue Oct 8, 2013, 03:17 PM Oct 2013

My Grandfather, Who Has Hated President Obama, Just Called... [View all]

He asked if I was watching the President speak on television today....

I said "I am, and I am agreeing with him 100% (I like to rib him a little bit )

He said, "Wait, let me finish...I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I am agreeing with him too....these Republicans who won't raise the debt ceiling are assholes!"

He then went on to say how he found out today that under Obamacare, he and my grandmother are going to save $63 a month on their premiums!

We may be at a turning point here!

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They are falling apart BluegrassStateBlues Oct 2013 #1
Aren't they Medicare age? If so is their suppliment premium going down? n/t doc03 Oct 2013 #2
They are on Medicare...and I believe it was their supplement premium.... PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #5
I am on Medicare and my union negotiates with the insurance companies for our suplimental insurance doc03 Oct 2013 #11
Me too. The Last Dem. Oct 2013 #62
As far as I know Worried senior Oct 2013 #22
That's strange.... jaysunb Oct 2013 #30
Our part D went up $2.00 a month but our co-pay went down. It evened out. appleannie1 Oct 2013 #45
I was just there yesterday wading through part d plans Mojorabbit Oct 2013 #57
Just goes to show ya... KayJay503 Oct 2013 #36
Several DUers have reported similarly. elleng Oct 2013 #3
That's great! DevonRex Oct 2013 #4
I agree! PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #7
Hey, she might win. My aunt actually had to DevonRex Oct 2013 #10
You just tapped into something I think isn't discussed enough. SleeplessinSoCal Oct 2013 #47
Do they both live here in PA? BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #6
They don't...They live in deep blue New York PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #8
Okay. Ya'll out West need to work on Turzai BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #12
Oh Turzai...ugh! PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #14
I actually wanted Mark Singel to run BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #33
Mark Singel! Yes! He is from my county - Cambria! PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #44
Didn't realize that rural folks were pissed about the education cuts BumRushDaShow Oct 2013 #49
You are right.... PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #74
This is *awesome*. I *love* it when they flip... LaydeeBug Oct 2013 #9
Huzzuh sakabatou Oct 2013 #13
K&R stonecutter357 Oct 2013 #15
We may be at a turning point here! Hayduke Bomgarte Oct 2013 #16
They've fucked up big time. Neoma Oct 2013 #72
Hallelujah Iliyah Oct 2013 #17
Precisely the sort of thing that the Repubs are terrified will happen Lex Oct 2013 #18
K & R Scurrilous Oct 2013 #19
Republicans greatest fear.... Wounded Bear Oct 2013 #20
From some of the anecdotes we have heard here nadinbrzezinski Oct 2013 #21
Dear Grandpa gussmith Oct 2013 #23
That's excellent. Mariana Oct 2013 #24
This is a perfect example of what Re/Teapukes were so fearful of!! Hope it spreads!!! hue Oct 2013 #25
This is why the Orange man is desperate for the President to help him back in off that ledge. Tarheel_Dem Oct 2013 #26
The GOP's greatest fear is that the Affordable Care Act will work Gothmog Oct 2013 #27
Every one of these stories should be posted on Facebook. That's the one place the average RWers are nolabear Oct 2013 #28
my guess is that the gop will be afraid of its Ilsa Oct 2013 #29
sometimes people have to personally experience it, when the death panels don't come true JI7 Oct 2013 #31
This is why republicans want to stop Obamacare , once people realize the benefits JI7 Oct 2013 #32
A BIG turning point for Obamacare Occurred on October 1... George II Oct 2013 #34
congrats! flamingdem Oct 2013 #35
Your grandfather's $63 savings is why the Republicans are extorting Obama... CoffeeCat Oct 2013 #37
So all it took for him to come around Bay Boy Oct 2013 #38
He's an old Italian guy from the Bronx! PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #42
It took 4 years of Stupid in office to wake my dad up Warpy Oct 2013 #39
Like rightsideout Oct 2013 #40
Called my insane bagger sister in Glennbeckistan. After listening to her insanity for years... freshwest Oct 2013 #41
Oh, that is great news about your sister! sheshe2 Oct 2013 #59
+1 Tarheel_Dem Oct 2013 #65
Awesome!! Sky Masterson Oct 2013 #43
That is why they fight it so hard. redstatebluegirl Oct 2013 #46
Sooo Good to hear, Matt! Cha Oct 2013 #48
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Oct 2013 #50
Youre grandfather is missing the point: Obama's black ejbr Oct 2013 #51
It's touching your grandpa calls you like that Southside Oct 2013 #52
"The debt ceiling so the U.S. can pay the bills that CONGRESS has already incurred" LaPera Oct 2013 #53
Grandpa,"I can't believe I'm going to say this, but..." LOLOL! n/t veness Oct 2013 #54
truth will finally win mehrrh Oct 2013 #55
OMG that's great gopiscrap Oct 2013 #56
When it comes down to it, it is pocket book issues. alfredo Oct 2013 #58
Congratulation Matt! sheshe2 Oct 2013 #60
Your OP is at the top of the rec list at Daily Kos ProSense Oct 2013 #69
That is AWESOME!!! PennsylvaniaMatt Oct 2013 #70
Matt! sheshe2 Oct 2013 #76
Ain't it sad that it's always $$$ that changes people's minds. VPStoltz Oct 2013 #61
Look out 2014! The Rs are going to get burned big time. Coyotl Oct 2013 #63
Thank you for telling us! tallahasseedem Oct 2013 #64
My sons' six kids call me "grandpa". JohnnyRingo Oct 2013 #66
Just wait for the senior citizens to discover that ReTHUGs malaise Oct 2013 #67
SCOTUS needs to make a ruling. Conium Oct 2013 #68
I'd like that, just don't know the method to bring it to them. freshwest Oct 2013 #71
I'm seeing people flip as well. The Repubbies are shitting on America, and... Berlum Oct 2013 #73
your post was just posted on my facebook page madrchsod Oct 2013 #75
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