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Mon Sep 30, 2013, 02:35 PM Sep 2013

ACA: Employer mandate DELAYED, Caps on Costs DELAYED. Should Individual Mandate be delayed? [View all]

White House delays employer mandate requirement until 2015

By Sarah Kliff, Published: July 2 at 5:51 pmE-mail the writer

The Obama administration will not penalize businesses that do not provide health insurance in 2014, the Treasury Department announced Tuesday.

Instead, it will delay enforcement of a major Affordable Care Act requirement that all employers with more than 50 employees provide coverage to their workers until 2015.


A Limit on Consumer Costs Is Delayed in Health Care Law
Published: August 12, 2013 980 Comments

WASHINGTON — In another setback for President Obama’s health care initiative, the administration has delayed until 2015 a significant consumer protection in the law that limits how much people may have to spend on their own health care.

The limit on out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles and co-payments, was not supposed to exceed $6,350 for an individual and $12,700 for a family. But under a little-noticed ruling, federal officials have granted a one-year grace period to some insurers, allowing them to set higher limits, or no limit at all on some costs, in 2014.


31 votes, 0 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Yes - delay it until 2015 also
4 (13%)
27 (87%)
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The poll didn't include the option "ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2013 #1
Is the GOP asking to delay the individual mandate? leftstreet Sep 2013 #2
That's their latest hostage. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2013 #4
If you look at it logically delaying the mandate will save us grief. dkf Sep 2013 #9
You're aligning with the House GOP against the entire Democratic party geek tragedy Sep 2013 #20
That's because people are moving into "team" and "tribe" mode vs logic. dkf Sep 2013 #26
So, the GOP are the ones being reasonable now, in your opinion. nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #27
I am Bob's complete lack of surprise jberryhill Sep 2013 #67
And I am Jack's complete lack of surprise geek tragedy Sep 2013 #76
Are you fucking kidding me? The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2013 #30
$93 bucks isn't going to do much vs $100/month. dkf Sep 2013 #60
That's not the point! The point is that the GOP is demanding a change in a law The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2013 #66
So Obama changed the law unilaterally by delaying the employer mandate one year? dkf Sep 2013 #69
He shouldn't have done it and I sure hope he doesn't cave again. The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2013 #72
That wasn't a cave, that was his idea!!! dkf Sep 2013 #77
It was a cave. He was trying to make the ACA more palatable The Velveteen Ocelot Sep 2013 #78
more palatable to the ones who haven't gotten littlewolf Sep 2013 #79
The employer exchanges are behind the individual ones dkf Sep 2013 #80
why the "unsuspecting" part questionseverything Sep 2013 #71
Yes, geek tragedy Sep 2013 #8
Yes. Which seems to be why most people supporting the delay here are conservative leaning CreekDog Sep 2013 #81
is this like when you demanded Obama respond to the birther nonsense CreekDog Sep 2013 #102
Real ordinary people need real meaningful relief now, not in 1 or 2 or X years. Denninmi Sep 2013 #3
Not if you can't afford the coverage to begin with. It won't make one bit of difference duffyduff Sep 2013 #10
Exactly. If you have to buy it, but companies don't have to control costs, or implement it ... Myrina Sep 2013 #44
No, that's a GOP talking point, nothing more, nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #5
I didn't know the out of pocket costs limit has been delayed. That's not good. northoftheborder Sep 2013 #6
This thing needs to be totally revamped. duffyduff Sep 2013 #7
They will remember it in 2016 too. Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #11
Spare us the pro-GOP concern trolling. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #13
You must be an insurance agent. Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #15
No, a Democrat. Only Republicans and their allies want to delay/repeal the ACA at this point. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #16
Obama delayed ACA provisions. Is he a Republican? leftstreet Sep 2013 #37
He's implementing it, you and they are trying to sabotage it. nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #40
He derailed 2 provisions. You're saying GOP allies derail leftstreet Sep 2013 #42
You repeating the Republicans' talking points only proves my point. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #46
Maybe the GOPers are repeating our talking points leftstreet Sep 2013 #63
Three, actually. enlightenment Sep 2013 #74
Oh that's right leftstreet Sep 2013 #83
Understandable. enlightenment Sep 2013 #111
Democrats opposed Mandated Insurance. Including this President. It was Republicans sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #100
How would you vote, with the Republicans or with the Democrats? geek tragedy Sep 2013 #103
Voting for the Mandate WAS voting for Republicans. McCain was for it, Obama against it. sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #105
Quit dodging the question: do you support the Republicans or Democrats in this geek tragedy Sep 2013 #107
So you voted against it then? sabrina 1 Sep 2013 #108
That's twice you've dodged the question. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #110
So you voted against Obama then? Why are you continuing to dodge what is a very sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #129
Obama didn't win the nomination because of the mandate issue. He had to play geek tragedy Oct 2013 #130
Being that I have stood by the Democrats' fight against Republicans sabrina 1 Oct 2013 #131
Thanks for Rush Limbaugh's talking points. Try to be more subtle next time. nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #12
+1 leftstreet Sep 2013 #34
Those voting yes are aligned with the House GOP. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #14
I'm scared. Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #18
I don't know why you're supporting Michelle Bachmann and Louie Gohmert on this issue. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #22
The ACA is a GOP plan. Are you calling Obama a teabagger? leftstreet Sep 2013 #21
Those wanting to delay or derail the ACA are allies of the GOP. Zero exceptions, regardless geek tragedy Sep 2013 #23
Obama 'derailed' the ACA twice leftstreet Sep 2013 #32
No, I'm saying that those who want the same thing as the GOP are aligned with the GOP. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #35
So what? leftstreet Sep 2013 #38
You and your fellow travelers here are arguing for a delay. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #41
Yes. Delay the mandate leftstreet Sep 2013 #43
Yes it is. Because the mandate means more people joining the pools, which will make them geek tragedy Sep 2013 #47
If employers don't join, will it be successful? leftstreet Sep 2013 #62
Only someone completely ignorant of the exchanges would ask that kind of question. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #65
LOL so this is like Phase 1 or something? leftstreet Sep 2013 #68
Let's see, you repeat Republican talking points and then you reveal geek tragedy Sep 2013 #70
Stop insinuating members are trolls leftstreet Sep 2013 #85
Only a rightwing troll would suggest Obama needs to negotiate with the Republicans over the ACA geek tragedy Sep 2013 #86
Really? Obama negotiates all the time leftstreet Sep 2013 #89
Obama has said he's not negotiating on this. So has Harry Reid. So has every Democratic Senator geek tragedy Sep 2013 #92
Oh, okay n/t leftstreet Sep 2013 #93
ACA is patterned after what the Massachusetts legislature (85% Democratic) passed and romney vetoed. pampango Sep 2013 #28
Nice smear zipplewrath Sep 2013 #24
It is not a coincidence that this poll was posted contemporaneously with the House geek tragedy Sep 2013 #25
This Congress can still make several hundred more attempts to repeal it. Turbineguy Sep 2013 #17
lol at the Boehner Brigade RandiFan1290 Sep 2013 #19
Hell no! Andy823 Sep 2013 #29
So they're going to force people into the market but delaying many of the consumer protections? hughee99 Sep 2013 #31
Correct n/t leftstreet Sep 2013 #33
Ego, plain and simple Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #36
"They want to spike the ball so hard they don't care. We must ask, what's the hurry?" geek tragedy Sep 2013 #39
Why? bunnies Sep 2013 #49
You do not know me do you? Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #51
You didnt answer the question, did you? bunnies Sep 2013 #53
Don't expect an honest answer from the person who claims to be a Medicaid case worker geek tragedy Sep 2013 #57
Heh. bunnies Sep 2013 #59
i dont have insurance any more questionseverything Sep 2013 #82
I dont have insurance either. bunnies Sep 2013 #84
so delaying the mandate would keep you from owing the penalty questionseverything Sep 2013 #97
I wont owe the penalty anyway. bunnies Sep 2013 #101
she had cancer questionseverything Sep 2013 #112
oh man. Im really sorry to hear that. bunnies Sep 2013 #114
you are talking premiums questionseverything Sep 2013 #116
Ooooh. Now I understand. bunnies Sep 2013 #118
yea they should send you and me questionseverything Sep 2013 #119
26% is unacceptably high. bunnies Sep 2013 #120
Let's see Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #61
So yes. You have insurance. I thought so. bunnies Sep 2013 #64
^^ THIS THIS THIS THIS ^^ Myrina Sep 2013 #45
I don't think you've thought this through. oh well. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #117
Do you think forcing consumers into a market, but delaying measures to protect them hughee99 Sep 2013 #122
This is a fair question 1000words Sep 2013 #48
I've devoted all my working years to helping others Puzzledtraveller Sep 2013 #50
Consider the source 1000words Sep 2013 #54
No, it's because you smeared everyone who opposes the Republican delay efforts as being geek tragedy Sep 2013 #55
Youve been here less than TWO WEEKS and your blaming "the usual suspects"? bunnies Sep 2013 #52
Lurked for many, many years 1000words Sep 2013 #56
Exploit us! Hey! We are vulnerable to WH decision making HereSince1628 Sep 2013 #58
Delay it and fix it quinnox Sep 2013 #73
Another non-surprising call for caving to the GOP. nt geek tragedy Sep 2013 #75
Yes, not surprising. AtomicKitten Sep 2013 #91
I would support that if either party was interested in doing that. Unfortunately I don't see the liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #98
The mandate guarantees insurance profits...it CANNOT BE DELAYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HereSince1628 Sep 2013 #87
Wait! Is it the tea party lobbying for the delay that will cost insurance companies such profits? pampango Sep 2013 #94
IMO, they want delay in employer mandates, not delay in payments from individuals. HereSince1628 Sep 2013 #95
Would not delay it over something that impacts only 1% of companies with more than 50 employees, and Hoyt Sep 2013 #88
This whole thing is so confusing. I heard on the local news that you can only shop the exchanges if liberal_at_heart Sep 2013 #90
Im pretty sure that if your premiums are over 9.5% of your income... bunnies Sep 2013 #96
if you have questionseverything Sep 2013 #113
thought du was against mandate joshcryer Sep 2013 #99
Well yes, but that was before the GOP opposed Obamacare, so now we love it. It's complicated. nt Demo_Chris Sep 2013 #106
they were never for it joshcryer Sep 2013 #109
The mandate should be delayed permanently. nt Demo_Chris Sep 2013 #104
Healthcare should have been mandated, not insurance. Skeeter Barnes Oct 2013 #128
enlightening list of people who voted "Delay it" in this goofy poll. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #115
But not surprising. geek tragedy Sep 2013 #121
Please stop calling DU members 'trolls' leftstreet Sep 2013 #123
I am of course against the mandate. I am also against TeaPubliKlan appeasement TheKentuckian Oct 2013 #124
Not only NO, but FUCK NO!!!!!! Wounded Bear Oct 2013 #125
Passing a law mandating insurance and consumer protections and then delaying those protections Skeeter Barnes Oct 2013 #127
As long as the employer mandate and cap on out of pocket cost is delayed, the indivdual mandate Skeeter Barnes Oct 2013 #126
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