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Sat Sep 21, 2013, 01:36 PM Sep 2013

Are your posessions worth more than a human life? [View all]

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I just want to know who the sociopaths are here

19 votes, 4 passes | Time left: Unlimited
Hell yeah! You don\'t touch my stuff or Imma KILL YOU!
4 (21%)
No, inanimate objects are not equal to human life.
15 (79%)
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No but . . . JustAnotherGen Sep 2013 #1
Depends on how old the human life form is The Straight Story Sep 2013 #2
A few years back, the girl who lived in the apt below me burned it down... Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #3
oh... And because I love the whole DU3 transparency stuff... Here is the alert Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #10
I considered alerting... discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2013 #78
I rub some people the wrong way Taverner Sep 2013 #85
Nooo discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2013 #86
LOL Taverner Sep 2013 #87
generally, buglers are harmless. reflection Sep 2013 #92
+1 GeorgeGist Sep 2013 #111
You're a good person malaise Sep 2013 #55
heh... It still is Ohio Joe Sep 2013 #67
That's fucked up alright malaise Sep 2013 #69
Too basic a question. Oakenshield Sep 2013 #4
No context, no valid answer. Igel Sep 2013 #5
No I'm boiling it all down to its simplest parts Taverner Sep 2013 #8
If a burglar is running away and you shoot him, furious Sep 2013 #19
I can imagine that would bum you out then... Taverner Sep 2013 #20
Why would it bum me out? furious Sep 2013 #22
Not getting to kill somoene Taverner Sep 2013 #23
What leads you to believe that I want to kill someone? furious Sep 2013 #24
They would and do in LA Taverner Sep 2013 #40
I'm not in LA. furious Sep 2013 #41
My dad was a cop. No I think most GUN OWNERS salivate at the idea of shooting someone Taverner Sep 2013 #43
There are numerous reasons why people buy guns. furious Sep 2013 #45
And I am sure most do not Duckhunter935 Sep 2013 #57
I'm not a gun owner qazplm Sep 2013 #81
Look if you buy a gun that means you think it would be OK to kill someone Taverner Sep 2013 #82
Yep mythology Sep 2013 #95
A firearm can be used for hunting and for protection against dangerous animals. ... spin Sep 2013 #104
Don't ruin the narrative with facts. blueridge3210 Sep 2013 #56
Haven't seen that one, where is it? furious Sep 2013 #59
Hoo boy, maybe you should see my post on "are some lives worth more than others" Taverner Sep 2013 #61
The only life that would be less worth than mine would be the person furious Sep 2013 #63
That's self defense Taverner Sep 2013 #76
That's correct, and I haven't said anything different. furious Sep 2013 #79
He makes them up ..... oldhippie Sep 2013 #97
Gungeon post. Interesting responses. blueridge3210 Sep 2013 #65
Thanks. furious Sep 2013 #66
running away , no Niceguy1 Sep 2013 #29
A lethal booby trap is, in fact, legal Nevernose Sep 2013 #105
Nope, if someone wants my stuff, take it, furious Sep 2013 #6
Is your life worth so little to you that you'll risk it for my stuff? JVS Sep 2013 #7
So your stuff is worth more Taverner Sep 2013 #9
No because Duckhunter935 Sep 2013 #60
Which human life? And since you were specific about the life being "human", Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #11
I would classify animals as "someone" not stuff Taverner Sep 2013 #12
Cool. Then that only leaves the first question, which life? Egalitarian Thug Sep 2013 #13
I would sacrifice my car or guitar to save Dick Cheney's life Taverner Sep 2013 #32
If someone tried to harm my dog, RebelOne Sep 2013 #27
No, with a few exeptions. ZombieHorde Sep 2013 #14
That's self defense - which is differnt Taverner Sep 2013 #15
I agree, but a bottle of insulin is still "stuff." ZombieHorde Sep 2013 #17
If it's the last vial of insulin in 20 miles, taking it is like murder Taverner Sep 2013 #31
Of course not. And you have your answers. Robb Sep 2013 #16
I have read posts on DU that claim theft of objects is theft of time, ZombieHorde Sep 2013 #18
That's psychotic. Robb Sep 2013 #34
Yeah, I don't even know what to say about that. nt ZombieHorde Sep 2013 #64
Not exactly but the thief is pushing the bounds of enslaving me by taking away the value of my labor TheKentuckian Sep 2013 #21
Taking my "stuff" is tantamount to taking the portion of my life I used earning money it get it. Taitertots Sep 2013 #25
Nnnnnope. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #26
You would be surprised how many here disagree with you Taverner Sep 2013 #39
Excuse me, but I think you're out of your fucking mind. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #71
I'd like to see that also. furious Sep 2013 #73
I think those who equate stealing property with stealing life kcr Sep 2013 #90
Is that a serious question? HELL NO!!!! bluestate10 Sep 2013 #28
Have to pass sarisataka Sep 2013 #30
Forget the "your money or your life" thing jmowreader Sep 2013 #33
Absolute Bullshit Taverner Sep 2013 #38
The vast majority of burglars break in when the house is empty, too jmowreader Sep 2013 #96
True. furious Sep 2013 #98
Looks like a CD poll pintobean Sep 2013 #35
Generally speaking no. rrneck Sep 2013 #36
How do I know if you're here for my stuff or my family's life? NightWatcher Sep 2013 #37
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2013 #42
Welcome to DU gopiscrap Sep 2013 #46
This message was self-deleted by its author furious Sep 2013 #70
other H2O Man Sep 2013 #44
What if that suff is an AR and 3 30 round mags? ileus Sep 2013 #47
Stuff, no - but if someone harms a hair on my cat Ruby the Liberal Sep 2013 #48
LOL. furious Sep 2013 #50
In our house sarisataka Sep 2013 #52
I'd pass you mayo and cheddar for the sandwich. irisblue Sep 2013 #54
Of course! Spirochete Sep 2013 #49
Now that might be a legitimate reason. LOL. furious Sep 2013 #51
Which human? Shrek Sep 2013 #53
I realize you are talking about personal possessions... NutmegYankee Sep 2013 #58
Part of why I am a Socialist Taverner Sep 2013 #62
Just a thought discntnt_irny_srcsm Sep 2013 #68
Would you let someone beat the hell out of you to avoid taking their life? hughee99 Sep 2013 #72
To avoid taking my life, yes. But I would throw some punches back. Taverner Sep 2013 #77
How about to stop a rape? hughee99 Sep 2013 #83
Stopping a rape is easy - I've done it twice Taverner Sep 2013 #84
That doesn't always work, I've seen it first hand. furious Sep 2013 #88
Yup. flvegan Sep 2013 #74
Yep, I think you are! nt Logical Sep 2013 #106
So, someone seeking to burn down your house flvegan Sep 2013 #110
The question of "worth" muddies the issue hopelessly. cthulu2016 Sep 2013 #75
I would take a life that threatened my own or those of my loved ones or even a stranger arely staircase Sep 2013 #80
Yes and no LostOne4Ever Sep 2013 #89
I was robbed at gun point Texasgal Sep 2013 #91
You probably did the right thing, furious Sep 2013 #93
Yup. We visited a friend in the hospital yesterday ...... oldhippie Sep 2013 #100
Sympathies for your friend. furious Sep 2013 #101
Sometimes. Yo_Mama Sep 2013 #94
Now? No. At other points in my life when I couldn't replace even the cheapest possession I owned? stevenleser Sep 2013 #99
The question is not properly ask, it should be is your life less important than what you are Thinkingabout Sep 2013 #102
To save another human life, I'd risk taking one or losing my own. Agnosticsherbet Sep 2013 #103
I would say no. Incitatus Sep 2013 #107
I'm trying to imagine a situation where I can be certain someone will stop at my possessions Recursion Sep 2013 #108
Depends on which possessions... Demo_Chris Sep 2013 #109
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