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Mon Sep 9, 2013, 01:13 PM Sep 2013

face it. There is a contingent on DU who love a shirtless Putin and are swooning [View all]

over his ice blue eyes. Every word of his send chills up their spine and they thrill to his next brilliant move.

There's really nothing to be done. Only an antidote of injecting wolf blood into a person has a slight chance of diminishing the fascination and infatuation with the Russian leader.

It is best to realize Obama has been bettered by the pale enigma from Leningrad.

On edit: Quick! Someone start a VPG! We needs more pictures!

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You really ought to be TS'd for this pattern of behavior cthulu2016 Sep 2013 #1
I love DU. The OLD DU. Not the President Obama-hating DU. GOt it? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #5
you love the old DU. you don't say? CreekDog Sep 2013 #43
not to mention... foo_bar Sep 2013 #47
Quite the victim, eh? WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #260
yeah. the REALLY old DU as was clear in that post. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #50
when I think about the things about the old DU that I miss, your posts aren't among them CreekDog Sep 2013 #51
Oh snap! Ellipsis Sep 2013 #143
Love. Starry Messenger Sep 2013 #158
no shit.... madrchsod Sep 2013 #181
... MrMickeysMom Sep 2013 #214
Still not a single example of a single DUer "swooning" over Putin CreekDog Sep 2013 #234
You are daft if you cannot recognize literary hyperbole Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #237
if there are so many swooning posts, you could link to one or quote the words of one CreekDog Sep 2013 #241
There are none AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #255
i agree 100% CreekDog Sep 2013 #270
And you were leaving because AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #254
But when he did really leave, it was via tombstone for homophobia, QC Sep 2013 #306
+1,000 nt MADem Sep 2013 #55
Lay off the "hate" talk Abq_Sarah Sep 2013 #85
there is legitimate criticism here (Cali supports the president and criticizes) Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #90
I don't think we hate them exactly. We just hate war. ozone_man Sep 2013 #187
So if I hate the idea of killing more children in the name of Exxon, you would criticize me rhett o rick Sep 2013 #268
There are expressions of "hate" and "disgust" here CakeGrrl Sep 2013 #275
LOL,..I'd say anything you want is Ok by you....dear. NM_Birder Sep 2013 #89
that would be campaign DU hfojvt Sep 2013 #110
This message was self-deleted by its author R. Daneel Olivaw Sep 2013 #140
Lol, hating is disagreeing to you! n-t Logical Sep 2013 #153
I love DU. I also like U. bravenak Sep 2013 #191
Well, certainly a purveyor of something... WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #257
Thx.nt bravenak Sep 2013 #263
You're quite welcome. WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #266
I am a BOGGER. bravenak Sep 2013 #267
Wow, I had NO idea! WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #271
You should smile more. bravenak Sep 2013 #280
The entertainment value from... WorseBeforeBetter Sep 2013 #284
Agree with you. LukeFL Sep 2013 #246
What? HappyMe Sep 2013 #8
weird how unhappy some people get with disagreement Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #11
Never mind unhappy....PERSONAL. MADem Sep 2013 #64
I'm a lazy researcher. It was kind of fun seeing my old post Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #68
Hey, I can understand. MADem Sep 2013 #83
Yeah... cui bono Sep 2013 #91
would you not agree that is different than GENERAL DISCUSSION? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #93
I didn't make an analogy. I was merely responding to your post about people who can't cui bono Sep 2013 #98
many of those same people on BOG also post and read here Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #106
This ^^^ Just Saying Sep 2013 #141
I think they are unhappy that you said they swooned over Putin when I think almost NOBODY here does CreekDog Sep 2013 #236
You have issues Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #239
yes, most of us have issues with you misrepresenting our opinions to make us sound like Putin lovers CreekDog Sep 2013 #242
Please proceed. Your novel about your perception of me Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #247
you're novel about us supporting Putin was written before I weighed in CreekDog Sep 2013 #249
You put "Putin is a hero" in quotes. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #33
Or even that general sentiment? Common Sense Party Sep 2013 #179
Yeah, I haven't even seen that. It's amazing what people will say. cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #182
I've seen 'em. Putin is for peace, love, and rock'n'roll. Well maybe not rock (ask Pussy Riot)... Hekate Sep 2013 #224
Well it looks like I'm taking your word for it, cuz you say I have to. Not SOP for GD... cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #269
Indeed, indeed. The eye sees what it sees; different eyes, different sights. Hekate Sep 2013 #276
Have you seen any Putin love in posts in the intervening days? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #310
You have? cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #311
THIS and Pretzel Warrior can't and Pretzel Warrior won't --what does that tell you? CreekDog Sep 2013 #238
it's made up bullshit and the OP has responded that he won't provide examples CreekDog Sep 2013 #245
You are correct as usual. William769 Sep 2013 #37
But....but.....but!!!!! MADem Sep 2013 #73
Often the main ones doing the "what Putin love? I see NUTHING!" are the main ones kicking Number23 Sep 2013 #288
lol! HappyMe Sep 2013 #290
They've kind of proven themselves worthy of contempt lately Schema Thing Sep 2013 #25
Oh good! Caretha Sep 2013 #199
Awww. sibelian Sep 2013 #281
Agreed. /nt Marr Sep 2013 #62
I have thought he needed some pizza for a while too. n/t PowerToThePeople Sep 2013 #107
If it happened, it wouldn't be the first time. n/t QC Sep 2013 #123
This is some ugly, ugly stuff, agreed. n/t Aerows Sep 2013 #126
Get a life and a sense of humor pal. DeltaLitProf Sep 2013 #138
I agree. It is terribly tiresome. nt Mojorabbit Sep 2013 #240
Oh god nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #2
Look at it this way, the freeperville fund raiser has to end some time, right?..n/t monmouth3 Sep 2013 #17
I think that is still ongoing though nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #28
Here are a few treestar Sep 2013 #3
lol. a great start. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #9
Kind of flabby and out of shape isn't he? Cleita Sep 2013 #13
He does need to get to the gym treestar Sep 2013 #20
image link broken? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #61
He's not welcome here. bravenak Sep 2013 #196
He looks like an out of shape in shape '50s guy: Hassin Bin Sober Sep 2013 #262
UH OH, he has a gun. Oh wait, he is a 1% and in government, so it is ok The Straight Story Sep 2013 #31
ooo. a half naked white guy with a big gun. Whisp Sep 2013 #42
Since you are the Caretha Sep 2013 #201
For some reason, I find him amusing treestar Sep 2013 #209
I got a slew of them. Loves me some Putin in the wild! freshwest Sep 2013 #302
Your subconscious is showing. polichick Sep 2013 #4
no. it was purposeful. my 11th dimension posting style Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #7
:) polichick Sep 2013 #16
Not enough meta Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #6
Comments about DU are against the rules LittleBlue Sep 2013 #10
BAHAHAHAHAHA! That is awesome. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #12
I'm making that one my laptop background flamingdem Sep 2013 #127
lol treestar Sep 2013 #18
this thread is worth it just for your post alone. KittyWampus Sep 2013 #19
Ok I gotta say it nadinbrzezinski Sep 2013 #38
Thread win! Turborama Sep 2013 #78
That is great Harmony Blue Sep 2013 #80
You win the Internets today. nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #95
Best post ever!! DevonRex Sep 2013 #114
Now that is the t-shirt shot. DeltaLitProf Sep 2013 #139
Oh, SHIT... Scootaloo Sep 2013 #157
LOL! Too funny! smirkymonkey Sep 2013 #175
Awesome! Hekate Sep 2013 #215
at first glance I thought this was Putin as a Centaur Voice for Peace Sep 2013 #272
... Scurrilous Sep 2013 #304
Thanks for this! JustAnotherGen Sep 2013 #14
funny, I haven't seen anyone here express that. cali Sep 2013 #15
funny. I have. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #22
funny, you don't provide any links to back up your claim. cali Sep 2013 #24
I noticed blue links from BOG'ers get flamed Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #27
I'm quite certain you may even think a handful of people may believe that little rationalization... LanternWaste Sep 2013 #52
"not interested in the extra work just to get flamed" Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #67
links, you vant links? Whisp Sep 2013 #137
Strawman AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #205
Nazi level nationalism. mick063 Sep 2013 #21
Godwin's Law Hekate Sep 2013 #235
Yep...ooops. mick063 Sep 2013 #252
Oh, for fuck's sake. NuclearDem Sep 2013 #23
Dear Pretzel Warrior : Your fine work in the defense of all things bullwinkle428 Sep 2013 #26
a few on this thread need to take this to heart Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #29
Well, maybe when you start threads calling anyone opposed to military intervention Putin lovers NuclearDem Sep 2013 #32
that's not what I was doing. I was calling people who give high praise to Putin "Putin Lovers" Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #34
Wait... you REALLY think your OP has a complex notion in it? cui bono Sep 2013 #102
WOW---where in that OP is there a single word about "military intervention?" MADem Sep 2013 #97
I don't think you will understand why this post is offensive even if I explain it to you. LiberalAndProud Sep 2013 #30
I'm right there with you on that. This has nothing to do with that specifically Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #35
You know ... Caretha Sep 2013 #210
This is just as stupid and juvenile polly7 Sep 2013 #36
Is there a VPG yet? n/t L0oniX Sep 2013 #39
probably not yet. still being processed by the admins, no doubt :D Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #44
Just had an influx of little ants, so that bug avatar is in danger just now! Hekate Sep 2013 #233
What do you expect to achieve by posting this (REDACTED TO AVOID HIDING BY JURY)? 2ndAmForComputers Sep 2013 #40
One of the stupidest OPs I've ever seen on DU. Th1onein Sep 2013 #41
I think people who believe Snowden was right when he said Whisp Sep 2013 #45
Oh, okay. HappyMe Sep 2013 #53
Snowden is a Russian? grasswire Sep 2013 #58
ok, a Russian Spy. sorry. n/t Whisp Sep 2013 #69
Snowden is a Russian spy? Link please. n/t cui bono Sep 2013 #113
Here: Whisp Sep 2013 #121
So you confirm that you were just making shit up. Thanks. cui bono Sep 2013 #122
And you confirm that Putin is now the good guy because Snowden Whisp Sep 2013 #124
Really? Where did I do that? Link please. cui bono Sep 2013 #125
LOL flamingdem Sep 2013 #128
This message was self-deleted by its author HangOnKids Sep 2013 #132
Ow! My sides!! Number23 Sep 2013 #289
I think this was this hootinholler Sep 2013 #145
I don't know anyone on DU who is saying that except for YOU. Th1onein Sep 2013 #103
no. it is not even remotely like that. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #46
FDR didn't win WW2. polly7 Sep 2013 #71
I have. probably WAY MORE than you. FDR delayed D-day specifically to bleed Russia Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #74
lmfao. nt. polly7 Sep 2013 #76
Good grief. We weren't ready in 1942 or 1943 to invade Europe. We didn't have enough neverforget Sep 2013 #193
"Sacrificed", indeed Art_from_Ark Sep 2013 #178
Oh don't worry. He can go lower. Starry Messenger Sep 2013 #48
Has anyone notified MIRT? Th1onein Sep 2013 #109
if he keeps this up, it will happen. progressoid Sep 2013 #116
How does he get to continue posting if this has happened before? Th1onein Sep 2013 #174
This message was self-deleted by its author bullwinkle428 Sep 2013 #49
The pale enigma from Leningrad...in ELEVATOR shoes....!!!! MADem Sep 2013 #54
And he shoots guns! treestar Sep 2013 #148
What is a VPG? Jesus Malverde Sep 2013 #56
Vladimir Putin Group Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #60
Vladimir Putin Group. OnyxCollie Sep 2013 #212
This has to be performance art. WilliamPitt Sep 2013 #57
I'd rather have beer and travel money. nt grasswire Sep 2013 #59
Putin's reign of terror is one big bad piece of performance art Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #63
I'd be embarrassed if you were one of the people who tended to agree with me. Marr Sep 2013 #65
who cares? Point was made. and that was the point Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #72
It doesn't irk me. You're just trolling. Marr Sep 2013 #77
I made a point about what I saw on DU re: Putin. People can choose to agree or disagree or ignore Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #92
K&R! Well said! MannyGoldstein Sep 2013 #66
LOL! cui bono Sep 2013 #115
I agree, Manny. bvar22 Sep 2013 #134
I just added a rec Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #142
Well said! nt Mojorabbit Sep 2013 #248
It's too early in the day to be drinking so heavily, P-Warrior. Comrade Grumpy Sep 2013 #70
Is any week the right one to stop sniffing glue? Fumesucker Sep 2013 #81
FU%*! I spit coffee on my damned keyboard! Th1onein Sep 2013 #185
Post removed Post removed Sep 2013 #75
Do you like the thread in the link below? cui bono Sep 2013 #79
that is a pretty good one. we do look like a circular firing squad Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #84
And so you are happy with this OP you posted? n/t cui bono Sep 2013 #87
maybe didn't stick the landing. but generally, yes. happy. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #96
Okay, good to know. cui bono Sep 2013 #99
VPG... SidDithers Sep 2013 #82
I would argue that there is a contingent on DU who are just like Tea Partiers cui bono Sep 2013 #86
I believe our Republic will survive Obama's reign of terror Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #100
Well, you've already shown you have quite the imagination. cui bono Sep 2013 #105
+1000 forestpath Sep 2013 #101
except of course when the owner of chemical weapons decides to back down VanillaRhapsody Sep 2013 #104
Those are the type of comments treestar Sep 2013 #151
My post is countering the OP. cui bono Sep 2013 #155
Groups are allowed to ban treestar Sep 2013 #156
I agree, it's amazing this is supposed to be for Democrats when the GD has so many cui bono Sep 2013 #162
You have exaggerated views of the policies treestar Sep 2013 #163
Well I disagree. I feel the board has been taken over by people who are blindly loyal cui bono Sep 2013 #250
... woo me with science Sep 2013 #192
This thread interrupted me while I was watching Ow! My Balls! Capt. Obvious Sep 2013 #88
that movie is hilarious. My post has electrolytes. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #94
Meta!!! Iggo Sep 2013 #108
Yep. We're just a bunch of Putin-swooning... HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #111
Are you on bath salts? Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #112
GD hosts didn't lock this shit, so it's the new normal. GDBOGMETA cthulu2016 Sep 2013 #118
The pro-war meltdown happening right now Union Scribe Sep 2013 #117
this isn't about pro war or anti war. it is about people who love to diss Obama so much Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #119
Believe it or not... ocpagu Sep 2013 #131
I got that loud and clear from the OP. Why it's so hard for others to grasp I do not know. nt Hekate Sep 2013 #251
They're all COMMUNISTS! Dash87 Sep 2013 #120
Shirtless PALIN! JEFF9K Sep 2013 #129
this will have to do Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #130
Palin is hot! ... JEFF9K Sep 2013 #188
I admit I do think Putin could kick some serious butt. avaistheone1 Sep 2013 #133
LOL. Hey, it takes one to know one. DeltaLitProf Sep 2013 #135
Tiresome over-the top trolling. TacoD Sep 2013 #136
Must be tough being consistently wrong whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #144
I wouldn't know. I'll ask Glen Greenwald. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #149
It's knee slappers like that... whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #152
Back on Snowden now! Keep up the agenda! n-t Logical Sep 2013 #154
rofl. Cha Sep 2013 #172
why, thank you, Cha!! Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #305
DU rec... SidDithers Sep 2013 #146
cheers! Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #150
personally I prefer.. BadGimp Sep 2013 #147
Why does it have to be a pissing contest between Obama and Putin? notadmblnd Sep 2013 #159
It sounds like some people are trying to resurrect Art_from_Ark Sep 2013 #278
troll with a hint of homophobia. Excellent. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #160
thank you Warren. CreekDog Sep 2013 #165
More than a hint, it's a heaping helping. Bluenorthwest Sep 2013 #168
No surprise, really. QC Sep 2013 #170
Yes. Starry Messenger Sep 2013 #177
I wafted this thread towards my nose and also got a hint of homophobia. Gravitycollapse Sep 2013 #225
2009-2010 DU was toxic, nasty, & included a stalking group calling out even imagined homophobes Hekate Sep 2013 #259
"Disagree on the merits" - seriously? The op is a flamebait trolling piece of crap. Warren Stupidity Sep 2013 #285
The homophobia you see re: my OP is your own imagination Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #286
Where in the heck do you get that? nt treestar Sep 2013 #264
Possibly the reference to swooning. Only BOGgers are supposed to swoon. Or at least people say we do Hekate Sep 2013 #303
It takes a weird kind of sexism too treestar Sep 2013 #307
...and they're always posting pictures of dear leader without a shirt frylock Sep 2013 #161
Here's a chance to compare: treestar Sep 2013 #164
He's not as dreamy as Zlad but he's OK RandiFan1290 Sep 2013 #166
face it. There is a contingent on DU who's sole purpose SomethingFishy Sep 2013 #167
Geeze, what is wrong with you? Yo_Mama Sep 2013 #169
I had to rec this dumbassery post RetroLounge Sep 2013 #171
How about Putin on a pony... Oilwellian Sep 2013 #282
We'll be fine. PowerToThePeople Sep 2013 #173
Y.I.K.E.S! Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #176
go away.... madrchsod Sep 2013 #180
Here's how I know an OP is full of Industrial Strength Fail... cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #183
it's all in your point of view. plenty of others loved it. Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #184
I don't have a problem with that. You go on believing there are people here who are swooning over cherokeeprogressive Sep 2013 #186
Actually, that pretty well describes the BOG. HooptieWagon Sep 2013 #208
Pretzel Guy, stop posting things you don't even believe CreekDog Sep 2013 #232
"Do you like to ride?" He asked, his icy blue eyes seeming to look into my very soul. scarletwoman Sep 2013 #189
Best fucking post ever!!!!!!!! Autumn Sep 2013 #194
Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it. scarletwoman Sep 2013 #202
Holy Crap! In_The_Wind Sep 2013 #195
Damn, I'm not sure but I think I just fucking swooned Autumn Sep 2013 #197
Right In_The_Wind Sep 2013 #200
Why was that so awesome??????? bravenak Sep 2013 #198
Your Good! Caretha Sep 2013 #203
I want to have your children.... mike_c Sep 2013 #206
Oh, myyyyyy! polly7 Sep 2013 #207
Ohhhhhh myyyyyyy NuclearDem Sep 2013 #213
Whoooah.. yeeah... MrMickeysMom Sep 2013 #216
Oh, it's all original. The OP inspired me. scarletwoman Sep 2013 #217
Your writing cracked me up. Nice job! Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #220
Thank you. I'm glad you liked it. scarletwoman Sep 2013 #227
This could be your week, scarlet woman... MrMickeysMom Sep 2013 #222
Why did I picture that as two guys? Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2013 #218
Hey, whatever works for you! scarletwoman Sep 2013 #223
Whatever works for Putin. Spitfire of ATJ Sep 2013 #228
Yeah, there's that... scarletwoman Sep 2013 #229
... Gravitycollapse Sep 2013 #226
Oh, baby! scarletwoman Sep 2013 #230
I will admit that Putin is a rather good looking older man... Gravitycollapse Sep 2013 #231
Whoops! I need a fan and a fainting couch after that! Hekate Sep 2013 #244
OMG! You totally rock! Mojorabbit Sep 2013 #253
Oh my! cui bono Sep 2013 #261
Thread win, Scarlet. Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #277
Brava brava brava !!! :) Tx4obama Sep 2013 #279
Brilliant! historylovr Sep 2013 #296
I need to find a bodice to rip....excellent. nt msanthrope Sep 2013 #298
OMG! You win the thread. In fact you win all of DU today..... Little Star Sep 2013 #299
Love it! You had me at "little comrad!" Safetykitten Sep 2013 #309
Ice blue eyes are a sign of being a white walker. bravenak Sep 2013 #190
Is this your idea of "Obama support"? AgingAmerican Sep 2013 #204
face it. There is a contingent on DU who love... 99Forever Sep 2013 #211
You need a break. preferrably an enforced one. bobduca Sep 2013 #219
I absolutely ADORE this thread. Gravitycollapse Sep 2013 #221
This was so awesome. bravenak Sep 2013 #243
Putin on the Ritz - image Tx4obama Sep 2013 #256
That is so hilarious Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #258
omg treestar Sep 2013 #265
Rec'ing this thread just for this post. Props to everyone that made the personal choice not to get Number23 Sep 2013 #292
Good Lord! Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #273
Delete - dupe Blue_In_AK Sep 2013 #273
Don't get the "bully Putin" thing. ocpagu Sep 2013 #283
Fucking absurd. TroglodyteScholar Sep 2013 #287
Of course it's absurd. As is 80% of what I read on DU Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #295
Anything to say now that Putin saved the Prez? whatchamacallit Sep 2013 #291
You have it exactly ass-backwards, as usual scheming daemons Sep 2013 #294
Just my 2 cents... this post was bait. Lost me at accusing someone of having love for Putin. gtar100 Sep 2013 #293
I see now people are LOOKING for reasons to hide threads. Here was my comment Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #297
Another glorious thread fail! Rex Sep 2013 #300
just fine. you will admit juries are applying unequal justice? Pretzel_Warrior Sep 2013 #301
He's d r e a m y! Safetykitten Sep 2013 #308
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