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10. And one of the first things the Bolsheviks did was restore empire.
Sat Sep 7, 2013, 02:07 PM
Sep 2013

They insisted on keeping Polish territories and the Ukraine; they insisted on retaining control over as much of the former empire as possible by military means.

And when that failed, they did things like they did in Georgia--have a small number of people declare a new, Soviet state, and then have a large invasion to support that very small number of people.

For empire. Except that they couldn't call it "empire" even though it had everything but an emperior. That little oversight didn't stop the non-emperors from calling western countries, as their leaders won and lost elections, "empires."

Meanwhile, stop and consider what "imperialism" meant to Lenin when he wrote it, not the nice metaphorical uses that can be applied to pretty much anything we don't like. Even Germany was an empire--it "owned" Namibia and Cameroon. Few bits of Africa were free. Much of Asia was under the control of another country, that country being in many cases Russia. While imperialism had receded since 1800, it was still pretty intense in 1900. Even that partial retreat is a problem, of course--there were many fewer square miles of territory under empire in 1900 than in 1800, so imperialism retreated with capitalism, which makes sense--mercantilism needed empire, capitalism didn't to nearly the same extent.

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