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Thu Aug 29, 2013, 04:21 PM Aug 2013

In your opinion, how long should a new resident of your state live there before allowed to vote? [View all]

Choose the answer closest to your preference?

(edited to add: assuming they are US Citizens)

29 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
No waiting period necessary
20 (69%)
30 days
5 (17%)
90 days
1 (3%)
6 months
3 (10%)
1 year
0 (0%)
Longer than 1 year
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Coming from where? Saturn? leftstreet Aug 2013 #1
assuming they are US Citizens, I'm not specifying where they came from CreekDog Aug 2013 #7
As soon as they move there. hrmjustin Aug 2013 #2
In that case a bunch of people could vote in a local election and then leave again Bandit Aug 2013 #6
has there been any instance of people voting in a local election and then leaving again? CreekDog Aug 2013 #13
Yes it was quite a problem in Alaska when we were deciding stuff on the Pipeline Bandit Aug 2013 #20
That's highly speculative and what's more, there is no evidence of voter fraud happening that CTyankee Aug 2013 #21
So you think you would have the right after only one day to make decisions on local matters? Bandit Aug 2013 #23
I'm ok with waiting for the first bills to come in, as a way of establishing your address CTyankee Aug 2013 #25
I'd imagine that if one is a member of the local populace, regardless of length of residency LanternWaste Aug 2013 #33
So how would you vote on our upcoming Harbor Bill? Bandit Aug 2013 #35
It would affect them every day after. NutmegYankee Aug 2013 #38
No. Agschmid Aug 2013 #59
As soon as they get a state I.D. card or drivers license Rex Aug 2013 #3
Why should they need an ID to vote? n/t hughee99 Aug 2013 #8
I have to show ID to vote in my district. Rex Aug 2013 #15
Um, no... brooklynite Aug 2013 #26
Must be nice. Rex Aug 2013 #46
Not in Minnesota, either. MineralMan Aug 2013 #28
The residency requirement in Minnesota is that a voter must Jenoch Aug 2013 #55
I don't in MA. hughee99 Aug 2013 #34
I don't. I'm in Los Angeles County, all I do is sign my name. nt Raine Aug 2013 #66
Wait, are you saying ID should be required to vote? CreekDog Aug 2013 #11
Yes or at least a voter registration card would work. Rex Aug 2013 #14
Two words: Poll tax KamaAina Aug 2013 #36
You know what? That must be true I live in Texas Rex Aug 2013 #47
So have I. KamaAina Aug 2013 #48
You got an address, you can register, and vote. Agnosticsherbet Aug 2013 #4
Ok, but what does it mean to 'have an address'? HereSince1628 Aug 2013 #17
The homeless are a dificult case, but they could be delt with this way. Agnosticsherbet Aug 2013 #22
Yes, I think the homeless are a difficult case, so too, the poor, sick and elderly. HereSince1628 Aug 2013 #30
To vote, they need an address, and the government is withing its power to offer them one Agnosticsherbet Aug 2013 #31
I'm all for someone having to live in a district to represent it but madokie Aug 2013 #5
+1 Agschmid Aug 2013 #60
At first I was going for at least 30 days... Wait Wut Aug 2013 #9
The poll needs another option: "are you fucking kidding me?" Squinch Aug 2013 #10
Hey! NO waiting! Laffy Kat Aug 2013 #12
Current NC law says you have to live in a county 30 days before voting there struggle4progress Aug 2013 #16
The moment you are expected to pay taxes. nt onehandle Aug 2013 #18
I think 30 days is about right. LuvNewcastle Aug 2013 #19
No waiting period, provide they actually are residing in the state. MNBrewer Aug 2013 #24
Wait for what? US Citizen = Right to Vote. No matter where. n/t Avalux Aug 2013 #27
I wonder how many new residents would claim HolyMoley Aug 2013 #29
Permanent residency Yo_Mama Aug 2013 #32
taxes as a state resident? CreekDog Aug 2013 #39
You generally have to file a tax return if you are living there Yo_Mama Aug 2013 #50
so you should wait until the following year when you file a tax return to vote? CreekDog Aug 2013 #51
No, you should be a permanent resident Yo_Mama Aug 2013 #53
I agree with that concept. The person should have some skin in the game in the new state. bluestate10 Aug 2013 #42
Define "new resident" FarCenter Aug 2013 #37
Long enough to register to vote, I guess. Iggo Aug 2013 #40
As soon as the person register to vote in the new state of residence. nt bluestate10 Aug 2013 #41
sliding scale krawhitham Aug 2013 #43
Repubs would love that KamaAina Aug 2013 #49
I understand what you said, but no. life long demo Aug 2013 #52
your idea is horrible and reactionary CreekDog Aug 2013 #54
I think you should be able to vote in the state you live in on Election day 1-Old-Man Aug 2013 #44
About as long as they have to live there to run for US Senate The Straight Story Aug 2013 #45
However long it takes to show proof of residence and register. Puzzledtraveller Aug 2013 #56
SCOTUS said that 30 days is the legal maximum for any state to have. GreenStormCloud Aug 2013 #57
I was asking what people here wanted, not what the law says CreekDog Aug 2013 #61
Really? Agschmid Aug 2013 #58
i advocate for no waiting period for voting CreekDog Aug 2013 #62
Good. Agschmid Aug 2013 #63
If they live there when a poll's going on, they've been there long enough. Posteritatis Aug 2013 #64
30 day residency, in the case of local and state elections, national citizenship should be optional. Humanist_Activist Aug 2013 #65
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