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Wed Aug 28, 2013, 09:40 AM Aug 2013

I wish it weren't so, but this is blatant dishonesty on the part of the Administration [View all]

in order to get around the prohibition of launching a war (yes, lobbing missiles at another country absent an attack or plans of an attack on the U.S. or its territories is an act of war prohibited by the war powers act)

Here is the lie:


In a sign that Obama believes he has the legal authority, independently of Congress, to launch a strike, Carney said that allowing the chemical weapons attack to go unanswered would be a "threat to the United States".



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"But we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud" now do we tk2kewl Aug 2013 #1
Known unknowns,. . we know where the WMDs are? Civilization2 Aug 2013 #17
The US's proposed response is a threat to the US Dash87 Aug 2013 #2
It's legal if the President does it n2doc Aug 2013 #3
yeah heaven05 Aug 2013 #66
Video of the question to Carney... PoliticAverse Aug 2013 #4
Is he a Republican? AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2013 #15
I feel like I have passed through a timewarp. R. Daneel Olivaw Aug 2013 #106
sickening G_j Aug 2013 #19
How does Carney sleep at night? blackspade Aug 2013 #100
The biggest threat to the security of the United States is our defense budget. Scuba Aug 2013 #5
+1000 JDPriestly Aug 2013 #30
Agree. nm rhett o rick Aug 2013 #75
Carney's "reasoning" is lame bullshit, an insult to all Americans. Faryn Balyncd Aug 2013 #6
yeah, just watched the posted clip cali Aug 2013 #7
+100 840high Aug 2013 #9
+1 leftstreet Aug 2013 #28
"threat to the United States" is a broad and ambiguous concept, and some people, Zorra Aug 2013 #8
"threat to the United States" means oil is involved somehow. RC Aug 2013 #22
+++++++++++ librechik Aug 2013 #29
I'd have more respect for the Administration if it would admit to this truth. Laelth Aug 2013 #35
Or a belief that persons such as Kim Jong Un are taking note of what we do jberryhill Aug 2013 #56
+1000 NealK Aug 2013 #101
Condaliza Carney Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #10
What a pile of BS. truebluegreen Aug 2013 #11
This message was self-deleted by its author cali Aug 2013 #14
And CO2 is a threat to the world and the US, so next we'll bomb China? Yo_Mama Aug 2013 #12
Not likely since combatting CO2 emissions would pose an even greater threat NorthCarolina Aug 2013 #25
Yeeeeeeeesss Yo_Mama Aug 2013 #51
CO2 is a far greater threat at that. obxhead Aug 2013 #72
True, true. n/t Yo_Mama Aug 2013 #74
Same shit, different day Demeter Aug 2013 #13
+100 nt Mojorabbit Aug 2013 #70
Same playbook bush used. Arctic Dave Aug 2013 #16
Different boss, same playbook. avaistheone1 Aug 2013 #18
Blatant dishonesty and attempting to minimize the gulf between candidate Obama and President Obama's suffragette Aug 2013 #20
That is so true. Eg, I remember a reporter asking Obama what he thought about Humanitarian sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #27
I guess, like Bill Hicks so cleverly guessed those many years before, truedelphi Aug 2013 #76
I'm beginning to think that may be the case. Nothing else explains the complete flip flops sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #83
I can think of another explanation BrotherIvan Aug 2013 #85
I guess we should be used to it by now. suffragette Aug 2013 #98
Honestly at this point I'm surprised they tell us anything at all - TBF Aug 2013 #21
My reaction, as well. flpoljunkie Aug 2013 #23
Well then, we need to bomb Japan, too JayhawkSD Aug 2013 #24
We need to bomb the Pacific Ocean tblue Aug 2013 #50
Obscene lies. woo me with science Aug 2013 #26
We our out of our minds exboyfil Aug 2013 #31
What can you do when they lie to you? LuvNewcastle Aug 2013 #73
It should be possible to hold a Recall Election for President Flying Squirrel Aug 2013 #78
You had to go to the Guardian to find out about a press conference? But... TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #32
no. notifying Congress is NOT enough. cali Aug 2013 #33
Congress seems to think it has... TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #34
Senator Corker's opinion on the subject is not determinative. Laelth Aug 2013 #38
shame on you. Bob Corker is ONE senator cali Aug 2013 #39
And even Corker in the article didn't say that Obama has complied with the War Powers Act. n/t totodeinhere Aug 2013 #47
... TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #58
I stand corrected on that specific point but the rest of my argument remians valid. totodeinhere Aug 2013 #62
Corker is the top Republican on the Foreign Relations Committee... TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #60
I would also add that Representative Kucinich thinks differently on this subject. Laelth Aug 2013 #40
I don't like Corker much, either, but Kucinich has no say in this whatever. TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #59
Kucinich earned the right to 'have a say' in these matters by the fact that he was RIGHT sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #68
I would like to offer up for disection the following idea... Volaris Aug 2013 #84
There in nothing in the article you linked to that indicates that totodeinhere Aug 2013 #44
Well... TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #57
Baseless? Project much tb? bobduca Aug 2013 #48
He's the top republican on one committee that will have a say... TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #55
Still hasn't happened then, has it? Or is verb tense a foreign concept to you? bobduca Aug 2013 #71
Since when does the President 'notify' Congress before making a decision about sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #41
Read the War Powers Act TreasonousBastard Aug 2013 #53
It's called the "War Powers Act" jberryhill Aug 2013 #54
I'm familiar with the War Powers Act. I haven't seen anything there that doesn't require sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #63
"maybe it is time to repeal or modify it" jberryhill Aug 2013 #67
Nope. What I want is to read the same daily classified intelligence briefings underthematrix Aug 2013 #95
Are you a member of Congress? I don't recall seeing anyone OTHER THAN sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #107
Without the UN it will be an illegal war. morningfog Aug 2013 #108
"threat to the United States"??? Syria has ICBMs with chemical warheads? arcane1 Aug 2013 #36
Syria is where Saddam hid the WMDs!!1!!11 deutsey Aug 2013 #37
I no shit saw someone say that on Twitter. nt Union Scribe Aug 2013 #92
Yup, that so-called "threat to the United States" is no more a real threat totodeinhere Aug 2013 #49
Same shit, different President Ocelot Aug 2013 #42
+1 forestpath Aug 2013 #69
Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2013 #43
Of course they have to go to war. christx30 Aug 2013 #45
It's the Qaedas! AgingAmerican Aug 2013 #46
Shrub must be one excited war criminal today. democrank Aug 2013 #52
Deja vu. Puzzledtraveller Aug 2013 #61
Moveon should run an ad about this. David__77 Aug 2013 #64
Oh you know and I know what Moveon's ad would say: truedelphi Aug 2013 #79
The REAL "threat to the United States" IS COMING FROM WITHIN, not from some other country. N/T L0oniX Aug 2013 #65
I used to say that during the Bush era. Phlem Aug 2013 #81
All I've done this morning is cry. sandpan Aug 2013 #77
oh he's been awake the whole time, unfortunately. Phlem Aug 2013 #80
Welcome to DU sandpan!!!! summer-hazz Aug 2013 #93
Have to tip my hat to the Oregon Democrats Maedhros Aug 2013 #82
Spreading freedom to the darkest corners of the world jsr Aug 2013 #86
Yep, that's pretty weasely if not downright scummy. nt Bonobo Aug 2013 #87
Nice catch. These people are disgusting. grahamhgreen Aug 2013 #88
Bombs and missiles are invariably followed ... Buenaventura Aug 2013 #89
waiting for the spinners to show up and tell us how this is really different Doctor_J Aug 2013 #90
My thoughts exactly Doctor_J! summer-hazz Aug 2013 #96
Someone wise should tell Carney that blowing up the price of gas Amonester Aug 2013 #91
This administration is the grift that keeps on giving. Pure Bush-era legal circumlocution. nt Poll_Blind Aug 2013 #94
But there's MONEY to be made in blowing up Syria, dammit! blkmusclmachine Aug 2013 #97
Attacking Syria is just a bad idea. blackspade Aug 2013 #99
Deja vu all over again. Bush et al and Iraq. Funny how history repeats itself...nt Clear Blue Sky Aug 2013 #102
You do whatever you want, O. Anybody that can go from a community organizer to senator to toby jo Aug 2013 #103
K&R NealK Aug 2013 #104
I just don't understand.. Flora Aug 2013 #105
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