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Tue Aug 27, 2013, 01:21 PM Aug 2013

Straight up or down: Do you support U.S. strikes against Assad's forces in Syria? [View all]

119 votes, 2 passes | Time left: Unlimited
11 (9%)
108 (91%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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No, but with the caveat that quinnox Aug 2013 #1
Don't get your hopes up. joshcryer Aug 2013 #45
Nope. A pox on the whole lot of them. kestrel91316 Aug 2013 #2
Both. Wait Wut Aug 2013 #3
Ack. There is the very real probability that strikes will make things worse cali Aug 2013 #4
Exactly. Wait Wut Aug 2013 #13
No repercussions for chemical weapons will surely improve the Syrian's lot jeff47 Aug 2013 #19
yeah, Syria exists in a vacuum. Not. cali Aug 2013 #35
The British PM just now was forced to acknowledge that that evidence of sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #83
No. You have to actually read the reports jeff47 Aug 2013 #96
But cali - Iraq is so peaceful now! ConcernedCanuk Aug 2013 #59
You forgot Libya! cali Aug 2013 #60
How is killing Syrian civilians lark Aug 2013 #84
Oh Hell No. I want to eliminate the Pentagon and CIA NSA DHS, worthless wastes of money. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #5
Life was better in the middle of the depression Progressive dog Aug 2013 #16
My entire life we have been in a state of war. My entire life. I'm 61 years old. Warren Stupidity Aug 2013 #18
Thank you. NYC_SKP Aug 2013 #22
yep - well said ConcernedCanuk Aug 2013 #57
I don't get what you are saying Progressive dog Aug 2013 #65
So your point is that without perpetual war we would be in permanent economic depression? Warren Stupidity Aug 2013 #68
I'm pretty sure we weren't involved in any shooting conflicts under Carter HoneychildMooseMoss Aug 2013 #73
I view our history a bit differently than some of you. Warren Stupidity Aug 2013 #78
One distinction I'd make in that list is that some of those were evacuation of embassies davidpdx Aug 2013 #89
You are missing the larger picture. Warren Stupidity Aug 2013 #92
Still my point stands that the evacuation of embassies is not combat davidpdx Aug 2013 #93
Except for during the Carter administration. n/t Mr.Bill Aug 2013 #77
You have to remember that we actually avebury Aug 2013 #48
We had an obsolete industrial base Progressive dog Aug 2013 #64
Rread History free0352 Aug 2013 #85
We should have learned before... sarisataka Aug 2013 #6
i wish you had a "not at this present time" option dionysus Aug 2013 #7
I think that would be a no. cali Aug 2013 #9
ok then. dionysus Aug 2013 #10
Not much. Here is what I might support a tad more... cthulu2016 Aug 2013 #8
I am no expert, but based on common sense concerns I would like to know what chemical agent experts Dragonfli Aug 2013 #71
I've yet to here a viable argument from the government that such strikes Johonny Aug 2013 #11
No! Until proven otherwise, MelungeonWoman Aug 2013 #12
+1 Javaman Aug 2013 #14
Based on what I know currently, oppose. nt geek tragedy Aug 2013 #15
I believe we need to be pushing for an on-the-ground armed multinational peacekeeping force. Chan790 Aug 2013 #17
That is a bad idea jeff47 Aug 2013 #20
This message was self-deleted by its author Riftaxe Aug 2013 #75
The Mideast map is about to be redrawn. roamer65 Aug 2013 #21
Most political analysts are predicting strikes on hard targets not Assad's forces. KittyWampus Aug 2013 #23
whatever. I know your're gung ho cali Aug 2013 #29
You are wrong. So let it be noted, you don't bother to read what people post. KittyWampus Aug 2013 #32
Is it your innate moral superiority which entitles you to speak to others like that? jberryhill Aug 2013 #53
No, it's the history of the poster that makes the point obvious. U4ikLefty Aug 2013 #55
The people of DU have spoken. KamaAina Aug 2013 #24
No! Harmony Blue Aug 2013 #25
No, but not for the reasons you think meow2u3 Aug 2013 #26
NO Chisox08 Aug 2013 #27
Yes, with the caveat that Hayabusa Aug 2013 #28
this pretty much mirrors the opinion of the general public cali Aug 2013 #30
Interesting Flying Squirrel Aug 2013 #41
No alcibiades_mystery Aug 2013 #31
"Probably not". Donald Ian Rankin Aug 2013 #33
Let's talk about war crimes, Lionel Mandrake Aug 2013 #34
No. H2O Man Aug 2013 #36
At this time... kentuck Aug 2013 #37
Not only no, but hell no. Autumn Aug 2013 #38
Hell no. woo me with science Aug 2013 #39
No (nt) bigwillq Aug 2013 #40
kick cali Aug 2013 #42
Nice poll debunking the DUers are warmongers outrage. joshcryer Aug 2013 #43
thought it would be interesting to see the numbers n/t cali Aug 2013 #44
I always appreciate a nice clean poll. joshcryer Aug 2013 #46
another vote for HELL FUCKING NO nt steve2470 Aug 2013 #47
Right now, based on what I KNOW (not think or suppose), the answer is no. 11 Bravo Aug 2013 #49
No straight up or down on this issue... Jeff In Milwaukee Aug 2013 #50
Not just no, but HELL NO!!!! gopiscrap Aug 2013 #51
No BuelahWitch Aug 2013 #52
No! Harmony Blue Aug 2013 #54
NO! Dawson Leery Aug 2013 #56
is there a "HELL NO!" option? AsahinaKimi Aug 2013 #58
Topple Assad erpowers Aug 2013 #61
Let the locals do it then - USA has enough troubles right at home. ConcernedCanuk Aug 2013 #62
It Seems They Cannot erpowers Aug 2013 #79
Yeah - ur right - USA sure did Iraq a favor by removing Saddam ConcernedCanuk Aug 2013 #82
Wonderful. Then we get islamists with "Christians to Beirut; Alawites to the grave" eridani Aug 2013 #91
Does Not Have To Be That Way erpowers Aug 2013 #95
Yes. Because far more people will be killed with US military intervention eridani Aug 2013 #97
93% say no Cali_Democrat Aug 2013 #63
NO! R. Daneel Olivaw Aug 2013 #66
As I post this, no. Throd Aug 2013 #67
Nope. Stay out. jsr Aug 2013 #69
Straight Up and Down - I love that song! REP Aug 2013 #70
Let the global community deal with global problems. What hubris to assume so much self importance Coyotl Aug 2013 #72
Hell No. Riftaxe Aug 2013 #74
No no no! David__77 Aug 2013 #76
Kick. Won't get fooled again. grahamhgreen Aug 2013 #80
No! myrna minx Aug 2013 #81
After 50 years of it I am sick of watching america pretend to fix the world CBGLuthier Aug 2013 #86
Bet I could name all the "yes" votes. /nt Marr Aug 2013 #87
Wow, DU is definitely reflecting the Mainstream only 9% of the American sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #88
No, I think the situation is too complex davidpdx Aug 2013 #90
I am 100% against military strikes on Syria at this time. Iggo Aug 2013 #94
undecided, leaning now toward yes. nt arely staircase Aug 2013 #98
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