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He looks like the office dink trying to act like a tough guy! MADem Feb 2012 #1
He looks unwell in the photo Mojorabbit Feb 2012 #4
Maybe he's taking advice from Jack Daniels and Jim Beam? nt MADem Feb 2012 #5
Mitty Mouse! CAPHAVOC Feb 2012 #9
If any comment I have seen this week deserves a DUzy, that's it!!! MADem Feb 2012 #12
He oozes something aint_no_life_nowhere Feb 2012 #2
From the color in hsi cheeks, I'd guess he's oozing bourbon Scootaloo Feb 2012 #3
"TIED DOWN, BUT STILL MOVING FORWARD!" trusty elf Feb 2012 #6
Ha! Thanks nt alphafemale Feb 2012 #11
WHERE did you get that and can I steal it nt MADem Feb 2012 #13
I made it myself. trusty elf Feb 2012 #14
That is, bar none, one of the very best, most fascinating, WONDERFUL works of art I have ever seen MADem Feb 2012 #15
You're very kind, thanks. trusty elf Feb 2012 #18
You are a FRIGGING GENIUS!!!! Where have you BEEN all these years!!! MADem Feb 2012 #19
Aw, shucks, thanks again! trusty elf Feb 2012 #22
I feel like I've stumbled into a wonderful, marvellous Museum of Political Art!!!! MADem Feb 2012 #24
Lordy lu, I'd forgotten about the GWB flags hifiguy Feb 2012 #23
OMG ROFLMAO BumRushDaShow Feb 2012 #25
"Cereal Lier!" trusty elf Feb 2012 #7
I forgot to mention, in praising your other work MADem Feb 2012 #20
Banner headline R.Blue Feb 2012 #8
Drudge is a serious Romneyative DCBob Feb 2012 #10
Mittens aide said "we have Drudge in our pockets" Ian62 Feb 2012 #16
Dude, I could so beat you in an arm-wrestling contest. HopeHoops Feb 2012 #17
They are leaving out that that pose was just the middle of a stretch followed by a yawn. Erose999 Feb 2012 #21
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