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Ken Burch

(50,254 posts)
Tue Aug 6, 2013, 09:39 PM Aug 2013

At this point, who's your preferred pres. nominee for '16? [View all]

We seem to be talking about it already anyway...might as well get some sense of the general sentiment 'round here.

63 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Joe Biden(explain, if willing.)
0 (0%)
Hillary Clinton(explain, if willing)
8 (13%)
Elizabeth Warren(explain, if willing)
32 (51%)
8 (13%)
no favorite
15 (24%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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Other....Martin O'Malley Gov. of Maryland. VanillaRhapsody Aug 2013 #1
OK...what're his selling points? Ken Burch Aug 2013 #3
He called the Gov of Virginia "Gov Vaginal Probe" to his face??? VanillaRhapsody Aug 2013 #10
Like the sound of that. n/t. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #13
A link below to his Wikipedia BIO, and a link to his 'On the Issues' page... Tx4obama Aug 2013 #23
I'm with you. MrSlayer Aug 2013 #11
He is! Agschmid Aug 2013 #27
I like him too. femmocrat Aug 2013 #30
I'm on the O'Malley bus too. Chan790 Aug 2013 #54
I also think O'Malley is the next great Democratic candidate. kwassa Aug 2013 #80
Is this Tommy Carcetti? JackRiddler Aug 2013 #81
I could get behind an O'Malley candidacy. roamer65 Aug 2013 #86
agree. Let's step out of the theater and into responsible governing by a liberal. librechik Aug 2013 #115
A ticket with some combination of O'Malley and Warren would be interesting... SMC22307 Aug 2013 #126
I'm kinda hoping for Ted Cruz myself tularetom Aug 2013 #2
I DID mean our nominee...but you make a good point. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #7
What about the birthers? Politicalboi Aug 2013 #34
Senator Warren madokie Aug 2013 #4
IMO, other than financial issues Warren does not have enough knowledge on other matters. Tx4obama Aug 2013 #14
Mindreader! That's exactly how I feel. Auntie Bush Aug 2013 #46
Why should she 'stay in the Senate to learn more things'? Obama had very little experience sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #83
Obama did NOT have 'very little experience' Tx4obama Aug 2013 #92
State Senator is a long, long way from the White House. sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #94
Apparently you don't know anything Obama regarding his work as state senator Tx4obama Aug 2013 #95
Is Howard Dean interested? Ilsa Aug 2013 #5
O'Malley Agschmid Aug 2013 #6
I have always loved the Clintons and will support her 100% if she runs. hrmjustin Aug 2013 #8
Me too! Always loved them both! Auntie Bush Aug 2013 #49
I just hope it all works out for her. hrmjustin Aug 2013 #50
Dennis Kucinich. ZombieHorde Aug 2013 #9
Funny - a Fox 'news' employee. AlinPA Aug 2013 #18
Sad that a FOX News employee is more liberal than the ZombieHorde Aug 2013 #20
I lost respect that I had for him when he became an associate of the Fox 'news" team. AlinPA Aug 2013 #21
That's cool. ZombieHorde Aug 2013 #24
Same concerns here, but his being an associate of Hannity, O'Reilly, Doocy and the rest AlinPA Aug 2013 #26
I care more about a person's political opinions than their coworkers. nt ZombieHorde Aug 2013 #35
I will always respect Kucinich. He was the only one with enough courage to say no to the Iraq War. liberal_at_heart Aug 2013 #45
is that what you tell Steve Leser? burnodo Aug 2013 #71
Is he an employee of Fox? AlinPA Aug 2013 #74
As many times as he appears on Fox burnodo Aug 2013 #82
Is he still telling the truth?? Why would lose respect for someone for using any venue sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #87
I’d say appearing on Fox ‘news’ just gives them help in claiming that they are "fair and balanced" AlinPA Aug 2013 #108
That doesn't mean he agrees with the Faux agenda. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #132
I see your point. In trying to reconcile this, I have thought about the parable that had Jesus AlinPA Aug 2013 #134
Well, it's hard times...guy's gotta pay the rent somehow. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #135
That's good. AlinPA Aug 2013 #136
Papoon, 'cause he's not insane. Bluenorthwest Aug 2013 #12
Sharrod. Pyrzqxgl Aug 2013 #15
I'd prefer him to the thin gruel that's being served up so far. Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #61
Not decided yet but I'd love to see Warren in the running. That most brewens Aug 2013 #16
No favorite. nyquil_man Aug 2013 #17
So the choices are Sentaor CitiBank, Senator Tata, or another one-term Senator with good Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #19
There was also an option for suggesting other candidates. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #28
I certainly like Warren and I love Sanders, but I don't see any way they get through the Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #42
Senator Tata? KamaAina Aug 2013 #119
Clinton famously threw a big gala affair for her new corporate sponsor, Tata Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #120
Oh, thank goodness. KamaAina Aug 2013 #121
Oops. I hadn't even thought of that. Thank you very much for asking and not just assuming the worst. Egalitarian Thug Aug 2013 #122
Too soon to have any opinion now. Alameda Aug 2013 #22
Too soon to pick a favorite maui902 Aug 2013 #25
Bernie Sanders/Alan Grayson PD Turk Aug 2013 #29
+10000. !!! adirondacker Aug 2013 #38
While I would be thrilled LWolf Aug 2013 #69
I don't know PD Turk Aug 2013 #93
I would do a great deal to see that. nt LWolf Aug 2013 #113
Warren, then Clinton, then Biden. Otherwise, President Rubio has it in the bag. nt onehandle Aug 2013 #31
Far too early to chose between Hillary and Warren cthulu2016 Aug 2013 #32
Ron Wyden, Mark Udall... Octafish Aug 2013 #33
Pretty much all healthcare activists are going to oppose Wyden Ken Burch Aug 2013 #62
Is his plan better? Octafish Aug 2013 #70
I'm not so sure LWolf Aug 2013 #68
Not certain if Wyden's the best candidate. I like that he stood up to NSA domestic operators. Octafish Aug 2013 #72
He's a pretty good Senator. LWolf Aug 2013 #73
The one good thing about Wyden running for prez Ken Burch Aug 2013 #129
There's this older neighbor, soounds like he knows what he is talking about. Could'nt be worse. Safetykitten Aug 2013 #36
Other...how about pipi_k Aug 2013 #37
Warren- She is least likely to be bought out, I hope ruffburr Aug 2013 #39
Dennis Kucinich. flvegan Aug 2013 #40
Remember how, LWolf Aug 2013 #67
Remember it? You should check my posting history. flvegan Aug 2013 #84
It's a good sigline. LWolf Aug 2013 #88
Remember the kids that walked across the country for him and for peace? MuseRider Aug 2013 #90
I remember. LWolf Aug 2013 #112
I think the rigid "we CAN'T pick Dennis" mindset was just too strong. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #138
I think you're right. LWolf Aug 2013 #139
Lord Sauron. he has a more moderate platform than any of them. Katashi_itto Aug 2013 #41
I wouldn't say it's more moderate at all. But he certainly looks less extreme than he used to -- herturn2016 Aug 2013 #43
Yes he does lack in the environmental dept. I do like the fact he has the "large Tent" attitude. Katashi_itto Aug 2013 #44
Then again...Anthony Weiner has a REALLY large tent...if ya know what I mean... Ken Burch Aug 2013 #58
Why is this question being asked three years in advance ? jaysunb Aug 2013 #47
they would be, but people are already discussing this question. Ken Burch Aug 2013 #48
Perhaps people are a bit upset about the current situation? pediatricmedic Aug 2013 #52
Sounds like bullshit to me. n/t jaysunb Aug 2013 #59
Yeah, 2014 is a way bigger priority. emulatorloo Aug 2013 #78
Cause It Was In '05...even in '09... KharmaTrain Aug 2013 #107
Utter silliness! longship Aug 2013 #51
Credible opinion? Boom Sound 416 Aug 2013 #64
Sherod Brown. Legitimate track record of being on the right side of the issues, proven ability TheKentuckian Aug 2013 #53
Warren, because I am partial to the name Warren. Warren DeMontague Aug 2013 #55
One of those three did not vote for war against Iraq MannyGoldstein Aug 2013 #56
Simon Cameron said, "An ohheckyeah Aug 2013 #57
Warren because she did not vote for the criminal War in Iraq. sabrina 1 Aug 2013 #60
Interesting to note Biden only has one vote! Agschmid Aug 2013 #63
We need fresh blood. SMC22307 Aug 2013 #125
Other: LWolf Aug 2013 #65
Instead of worrying about a race 3.5 years away tabbycat31 Aug 2013 #66
Hillary if she runs; Brian Schweitzer is she doesn't brooklynite Aug 2013 #75
I'm flying the Liz Warren banner, but Jackpine Radical Aug 2013 #76
Andrew Cuomo sabbat hunter Aug 2013 #77
Elizabeth Warren. What's to explain? I'm a yellowdog Dem. nt Zorra Aug 2013 #79
Warren. I've changed my mind about her 'unelectability'. randome Aug 2013 #85
Howard Dean grasswire Aug 2013 #89
Certainly many better choices than the 'pugs have. roamer65 Aug 2013 #91
It is way too soon to tell about Warren. She's not on all committees that she needs to be on Tx4obama Aug 2013 #96
Its not too early for those of us who have been supporting her for years now. 1-Old-Man Aug 2013 #109
Liz Warren cuz she will clean up wall street and beat the bankers over the head with a broom. limpyhobbler Aug 2013 #97
What makes you think she's going to run? BainsBane Aug 2013 #99
It was in the poll so I just ran with it. limpyhobbler Aug 2013 #100
What makes anyone think Hillary will run either? 4 years at State wore her down to the bone. 1-Old-Man Aug 2013 #110
Did I mention Hillary Clinton? BainsBane Aug 2013 #111
There is no nominee without candidates BainsBane Aug 2013 #98
What about 2014? Maybe a Congress who will work with a Democratic President? Hekate Aug 2013 #101
I am as always for the 99% but would vote for a Warren/Sanders ticket. n/t Fire Walk With Me Aug 2013 #102
I really want to love Warren LittleBlue Aug 2013 #103
I'd like more options. JVS Aug 2013 #104
Russ Feingold LostOne4Ever Aug 2013 #105
too early, not playing. nt Deep13 Aug 2013 #106
Snowden/Greenwald! Capt. Obvious Aug 2013 #114
Nobody ever gives Andrew Cuomo any love... bobclark86 Aug 2013 #116
It's probably because he's been pro-austerity as governor Ken Burch Aug 2013 #118
Gee... Revenues from Wall Street drop like a rock... bobclark86 Aug 2013 #127
He could have at least proposed taxing the rich(instead of letting them totally off the hook) Ken Burch Aug 2013 #130
Joe Biden isn't getting any respect in this poll./nt DemocratSinceBirth Aug 2013 #117
Perhaps you've missed this nadinbrzezinski Aug 2013 #123
I think it's too soon to call, and I'll wait until it gets closer to Butterbean Aug 2013 #124
O'Malley LynnTTT Aug 2013 #128
Howard Dean Brewinblue Aug 2013 #131
Angela Davis. But I don't think she's running. n/t malthaussen Aug 2013 #133
I'd still take John Edwards MNBrewer Aug 2013 #137
Reading these replies... 99Forever Aug 2013 #140
Not sure of his chances, but... bhcodem Aug 2013 #141
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