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Tue Jul 30, 2013, 11:22 AM Jul 2013

Today's news from Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Obama ‘Not a Fighter’ [View all]

Obama ‘Not a Fighter’: In a series of speeches on the economy, President Barack Obama so far has not laid out fresh plans, The Associated Press reported. Sen. Bernie Sanders said Obama needed to, but did not, outline bold new legislation to create jobs through a major program to fix highways, shore up bridges, overhaul airports and seaports and rebuild railways. Sanders said the president should have gotten tough and told Republicans that “if they are not prepared to go forward they are going to pay a political price” but “he's not a fighter and the Republicans have gotten that clue.”

Obama ‘Not a Fighter’: Obama's program for boosting the middle class, which he is laying out in a series of speeches, faces long odds in a Congress that showed little interest when he proposed similar ideas earlier this year. Some Democrats are looking for Obama to become more assertive. “If you're asking me if I am optimistic that he's going to come down here and fight and give the Republicans an offer they can't refuse—no. The president is not a fighter,” Sen. Sanders, an independent who generally votes with the Democratic majority, told The Wall Street Journal.

The Fed: Sen. Sanders urged the president to nominate a new Fed chairman who would be an advocate for the middle class, AP reported. Sanders suggested Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz or former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich. Sanders said the Fed needs to address unemployment with the same urgency it showed after the financial crisis in 2008, WCAX-TV reported. “Among the many reasons the country would be better off if Bernie Sanders was president is that the man just refuses to deal in silliness. He wants the country to have a serious debate” about the Federal Reserve mandate to promote full employment, Jonathan Tasini blogged.

more at link

I agree ...this POTUS is a corporate wuss ...capitulating to repukes from the beginning. I can't believe I voted for this guy ...but then what was my alternative. Clinton or McInsain would have added a war with Iran to the MIC agenda. Hey mr POTUS wheres that transparency and jobs thingy? Huh? Where's that fucking war on drugs thing going now? Huh? So call me a Zombie Dem voter ...only because the other choice is even more insane. When will we get a POTUS who is really for us little people?

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Where are the jobs?! Is that you, John Boehner? JaneyVee Jul 2013 #1
Favorite group: Barack Obama, ...yea that figures. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #3
Do you have a problem with DU'ers liking Democrats? tridim Jul 2013 #6
Nice transparency ya got going on there. Please elaborate. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #12
Do you have a problem with DU'ers liking Democrats? tridim Jul 2013 #15
Start your own op. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #18
Do you have a problem with DU'ers liking Democrats? tridim Jul 2013 #20
All of them? L0oniX Jul 2013 #24
Do you have a problem with DU'ers like JaneyVee liking Democrats? tridim Jul 2013 #38
I have a problem with children who stamp their feet Android3.14 Jul 2013 #50
LMFAO L0oniX Jul 2013 #52
I'll take that as a yes. nt tridim Jul 2013 #59
I glad you got the answer you wanted. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #73
That's fantastic. tridim Jul 2013 #62
Bait is good for fishing. Thanks for playing. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #72
Why are you being so childish tridim? Ned_Devine Jul 2013 #113
Obvious witch hunt. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #140
The BOG is a fan club. Marr Jul 2013 #25
Thanks to the powers that be ...this is GD. L0oniX Jul 2013 #28
And if you post the slightest blasphemy there, they ban you from posting again. Fuddnik Jul 2013 #112
Blasphemy? Puglover Jul 2013 #124
CORRECT Skittles Jul 2013 #121
I have a problem with DUers NOT liking Democrats. sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #102
I been trying to find the "like" link MyNameGoesHere Jul 2013 #156
Personally I think it depends on why they like the Democrats. D23MIURG23 Jul 2013 #91
/\ Like /\ nt Vanje Jul 2013 #148
Big problem if they are wimps with no balls! pocoloco Jul 2013 #201
Yes they do and it's amazing how up front they are about it treestar Jul 2013 #63
I like Democratic Presidents who choose to appoint Democrats to top level Administrative positions AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #163
^^^^^^^^^^^^ this ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ L0oniX Jul 2013 #204
I like Democrats that favor the lower classes, how about you? rhett o rick Jul 2013 #172
+1 L0oniX Jul 2013 #206
+2 AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #207
This isn't about "liking" anybody. MNBrewer Jul 2013 #186
Some people are confusing Facebook with DU. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #216
That's my favorite group? Don't think I've ever posted once in there. JaneyVee Jul 2013 #11
You really think I want to chat with someone who implies that wanting jobs is Boehnerish? L0oniX Jul 2013 #16
Boehner is the one voting down jobs bills, infrastructure bills, raising wages, etc. JaneyVee Jul 2013 #19
They way you worded it... L0oniX Jul 2013 #26
That was the republican mantra, even as they voted down every single jobs bill, JaneyVee Jul 2013 #37
The way I read it, she was insinuating that you actually were the Boner, posting under HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #176
Boehner is obviously worse than Obama since he never signed any job-creating "free trade" agreements AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #51
Yer a bad boy! L0oniX Jul 2013 #54
Would you rather live in John Boehner's vision for America, or Barack Obama's? JaneyVee Jul 2013 #57
Obama's obviously. He's proven that he can let war criminals go free, give money to banksters, sign AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #69
Riiiiight, check Boehner's voting record. JaneyVee Jul 2013 #77
Let me know when he lets war criminals go free. AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #81
Off topic. We're talking about jobs bills. Let me know when John Boehner JaneyVee Jul 2013 #85
It's all the Republicans' fault. AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #87
This message was self-deleted by its author L0oniX Jul 2013 #142
Yea ...I like that. Democrats do no wrong. Too many here act like that is the case. L0oniX Jul 2013 #143
Obama calls for raising taxes on the rich, and cutting corporate subsidies. Vanje Jul 2013 #152
". . .before he even got to the negotiations. . ." Stargleamer Jul 2013 #185
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Jul 2013 #94
well put. nt navarth Jul 2013 #116
+1 Bravo....n/t louslobbs Jul 2013 #127
Exactly. nt Vanje Jul 2013 #154
+1 L0oniX Jul 2013 #164
Interesting Andy823 Jul 2013 #168
This message was self-deleted by its author mother earth Jul 2013 #200
Thanks for the reply Andy823 Jul 2013 #208
Oh bullshit! You want praise for the POTUS you can get that in your BOG where there is no criticism. L0oniX Aug 2013 #223
So freaking true!!! Janecita Jul 2013 #194
The difference is not as vast as I'd like to see it. Vanje Jul 2013 #149
The differences do not seem to be that great. Vanje Jul 2013 #150
Sen Sander's, Rep Grayson's, Sen Wyden's, Sen Warren's, or anyone that's looking out for the people rhett o rick Jul 2013 #209
No, your posting history is tracked... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2013 #100
Well in this case, awoke in 2003.. I can tell you that I'm a host in the Barack Obama Group Cha Jul 2013 #109
I think it comes down to differences... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2013 #119
Why dont you post in threads that actually discuss, oh I dont know, actual issues. rhett o rick Jul 2013 #173
Why don't you quit worrying about me.. and worry about your Cha Jul 2013 #175
And I am getting sick of those here that are only here to disrupt. rhett o rick Jul 2013 #192
Bugger off. Cha Jul 2013 #193
My mouth is hanging open at this whole fucked up thread. Number23 Jul 2013 #198
LOL, I think you need to double check that Bradical79 Jul 2013 #88
I had to look at my profile to see what my favorite group was.. Peacetrain Jul 2013 #110
1 post to BoG in the last 90 days, 1 post Progressive dog Jul 2013 #136
Yes... Only John Boehner would ever say anything about jobs. cthulu2016 Jul 2013 #21
Seriously? You're comparing Bernie Sanders with John Boehner? cali Jul 2013 #29
Wha? The bottom paragraph is the op's comments, not Bernie's. JaneyVee Jul 2013 #35
bzzzt. then make it clear you're referring to the OP- which YOU don't remotely do cali Jul 2013 #36
That's John BONER to you! n/t RoccoR5955 Jul 2013 #134
Bernie needs to sit down with Barack to determine the agenda Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #182
K&R For that Stasiauthoritarianquislingfascist that pisses off the authoritarians so much. Egalitarian Thug Jul 2013 #2
lol..... go sanders n/t Ichingcarpenter Jul 2013 #5
Who is the "Stasiauthoritarianquislingfascist"? bunnies Jul 2013 #7
Bernie. It's sarcastic humor. nt Zorra Jul 2013 #30
Thanks. bunnies Jul 2013 #41
Another thread put up this morning by one of our most comical authoritarians. Egalitarian Thug Jul 2013 #48
There will never be a POTUS TBF Jul 2013 #4
Capitalism needs to be tempered or balanced with some socialism. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #8
Capitalists use plenty of socialism...for themselves leftstreet Jul 2013 #46
"balanced" n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #79
We've already had a couple Presidents last century (FDR and Truman) who were for HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #181
I don't think we have too much of a choice nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #9
The Republicans in the House have to go Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #177
And my newly elected democrat nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #178
Who is the idiot? Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #179
Scott peters nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #180
He needs to be spoken to Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #183
Both left and right don't like him much nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #184
Hope that he gets voted out Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #187
Why I m voting my conscience nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #191
The series of speeches ProSense Jul 2013 #10
Your concern for transaprancy and lower/middle class jobs is noted. L0oniX Jul 2013 #23
"...and Obama did not win the election " ProSense Jul 2013 #31
So you "fought" to elect someone who is not a "fighter"? Yes I did. L0oniX Jul 2013 #40
You are right Andy823 Jul 2013 #171
yes, to YOU, it's all about Obama- how popular he is and how he won re-election. cali Jul 2013 #33
Yes, I support the President who some say did nothing to "win the election" ProSense Jul 2013 #39
You are right ...he got elected without the little people voting for him. Fighter indeed. L0oniX Jul 2013 #42
So he was picking his nose the entire campaign, not fighting? n/t ProSense Jul 2013 #60
Fighting for votes is common to all politicians so nothing exceptional here. L0oniX Jul 2013 #68
Fighting ProSense Jul 2013 #76
"can't blame it "all" on the President" Well then at least he can take the blame for something. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #78
Yes, not conceding more ground to gut food stamps after the Senate cuts. n/t ProSense Jul 2013 #80
"Fighting for votes" versus fighting for principles BlueStreak Jul 2013 #107
Dean? Warren? Grayson? Sanders? dreamnightwind Jul 2013 #137
This isn't a war, this is politics, there are enforceable rules. Progressive dog Jul 2013 #138
We was better than the other guy. But not a great liberal. Gullible as hell about the GOP. n-t Logical Jul 2013 #158
One of the biggest ProSense Jul 2013 #159
Your standards must be low. Most expected much much more! n-t Logical Jul 2013 #160
Obama is the FUCKING PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. tridim Jul 2013 #55
Please make an effort to understand that Obama is not God. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #64
He's the President of the United States, not a king, not a god, not a Republican. tridim Jul 2013 #65
Lots of caps makes an impression. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #71
He won the re-election because the requisite number of voters chose him treestar Jul 2013 #66
No argument here ... GeorgeGist Jul 2013 #199
Joseph Stiglitz G_j Jul 2013 #13
Bernie is wrong mick063 Jul 2013 #14
Indeed. Why would Obama be a fighter when cprise Jul 2013 #145
too bad Sanders voted for ATRA as well hfojvt Jul 2013 #17
So you've sunk to the level of throwing Sen Sanders under the bus. For what? Do you rhett o rick Jul 2013 #174
What bus? hfojvt Jul 2013 #197
I am not sure what your point is here but I have seen Sen Sanders speak out for the people many rhett o rick Jul 2013 #203
Yes … 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2013 #221
Whoever replied, I have you on ignore. Have a good day. nm rhett o rick Jul 2013 #222
LOL! This was a newsflash in 2009! WinkyDink Jul 2013 #22
Please say poor and working poor. ananda Jul 2013 #27
Indeed. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #32
Bernie doesn't fight hard enough. frazzled Jul 2013 #34
horseshit. In the Senate, Bernie is doing much the same as he did in the House cali Jul 2013 #43
+1 tblue Jul 2013 #99
+1 JoePhilly Jul 2013 #45
Fighting only for what you think you can get is exactly what got us where we are today. rhett o rick Jul 2013 #210
he sure can pontificate and sound all "presidenty" and stuff. datasuspect Jul 2013 #44
Can anyone really compete with Obama sounding all "presidenty" and stuff? n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #49
a statesman would put obama to shame. datasuspect Jul 2013 #53
Indeed. Honey Boo Boo is the future. L0oniX Jul 2013 #56
president camacho is our future datasuspect Jul 2013 #58
After Palin it sure seems that way. tblue Jul 2013 #101
Post removed Post removed Jul 2013 #47
How is that going to get Republicans to vote for something? treestar Jul 2013 #61
Sanders is THE best person on the Hill, bar none. MrSlayer Jul 2013 #67
What has Bernie fought for? Anything? What has he gained? Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2013 #83
You're going to blame him for the corporate assholes in the Senate? MrSlayer Jul 2013 #125
Why not? Obama is being blamed for Republicans in the Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2013 #126
Because it doesn't need to be said about Republicans. MrSlayer Jul 2013 #130
Does everyone really know what the Republicans are doing? Reading the comments from a lot Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2013 #165
If Bernis is so awesome, he should be able to single-handedly effect change. bluestate10 Jul 2013 #167
Amen! tblue Jul 2013 #98
+1 You can't vote Goldman Sachs out of office. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #146
Obama is a fighter...for the corporate elite. Broward Jul 2013 #70
+1000 forestpath Jul 2013 #128
I love Bernie. I sometimes see him walking on Capitol Hill Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2013 #74
+1 SunSeeker Jul 2013 #106
yeah, I don't need Bernie to tell me anything about the President.. Cha Jul 2013 #114
I'd like to hear Sanders call the Republicans 'fascists,' which is what they and their supporters HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #188
Wow...breaking news. The Link Jul 2013 #75
I respect Bernie Sanders. But even if Bernie were president think Jul 2013 #82
Maybe. But he would fight to the bitter end tblue Jul 2013 #104
Fighting to the bitter end is what it is going to take. think Jul 2013 #108
Obama is a Centrist politician safeguarding the establishment. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #84
^^^^this^^^^ L0oniX Jul 2013 #141
The President No Longer Fights For Me And Probably Most Of Us cantbeserious Jul 2013 #86
I realized that when he put the chained cpi shit on the table. 3rd rail death! L0oniX Jul 2013 #147
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau gets busy ProSense Jul 2013 #89
Cult of Personality: I smelled trouble in 2008 when Obama said Clean Coal and More Nukes ErikJ Jul 2013 #90
Yea the "clean coal" crap wasn't enough to stop me from voting for him but what a load of shit. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #96
We didn't have a lot of choices in '08 FiveGoodMen Jul 2013 #97
Even fewer in 2016, it seems. BlueStreak Jul 2013 #111
We got what the corporate media wanted to give us. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #120
I know. FiveGoodMen Jul 2013 #122
Props to you, Cassandra! I too was uneasy with Obama's declared aim to escalate HardTimes99 Jul 2013 #190
Not true! He's just waiting for his second term to take the gloves off! Arctic Dave Jul 2013 #92
Bernie Sanders: Obama Takes Oath for 2nd Term ProSense Jul 2013 #93
What! Obama gave a speech! Arctic Dave Jul 2013 #105
"he's only had 1652 days!" n/t MisterP Jul 2013 #123
Obama not a fighter?? Vietnameravet Jul 2013 #95
More like the Washington Generals. Fuddnik Jul 2013 #117
KandR "Corporate wuss" -- great description. MotherPetrie Jul 2013 #103
Bernie is doing Brooklyn ego here: flamingdem Jul 2013 #115
yeah, Bernie says when he supports the President as opposed to those Cha Jul 2013 #144
lol well you might want to ask the Clintons, the McCains, and the Romneys about that. grantcart Jul 2013 #118
Bernie is missing the whole point - Obama doesn't CARE about the middle class. forestpath Jul 2013 #129
Like we needed anyone 2 tell us "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility Catherina Jul 2013 #131
That's news??? cui bono Jul 2013 #132
Blasphemy! JoeyT Jul 2013 #133
Bernie stop whining you're sounding like Rand Paulie BrainMann1 Jul 2013 #135
be a good german? upi402 Jul 2013 #153
Senator Sanders, you should have used harsher terms. Enthusiast Jul 2013 #139
Bernie is polite upi402 Jul 2013 #151
The whole leadership is to blame 4dsc Jul 2013 #155
Ain't that the truth. truebluegreen Jul 2013 #157
Bernie supports basing the F-35 in South Burlington, VT/ he's not a fighter either vt_native Jul 2013 #161
I call bullshit on Bernie Sanders and his echoes on DU rury Jul 2013 #162
Many here on DU want a dictator. Or they don't fucking understand the Constitution bluestate10 Jul 2013 #169
. LWolf Jul 2013 #205
Bernis is in Congress, that is where the votes are. Why doesn't he convince republicans bluestate10 Jul 2013 #166
Since when has that worked? bobduca Jul 2013 #170
he may be Lone Ranger Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2013 #189
k&r avaistheone1 Jul 2013 #195
I disagree. He has been an aggressive fighter woo me with science Jul 2013 #196
We had a choice between a radical Wall Street teabagger INdemo Jul 2013 #202
A stagnant quagmire nolabels Jul 2013 #214
My thinking was that President Obama INdemo Jul 2013 #217
Many here were depicting a game of multidimensional chess nolabels Jul 2013 #218
Obsessive worshipper desperation. n/t L0oniX Jul 2013 #219
The Presidency has become a figurehead position. rhett o rick Jul 2013 #211
Yea ...that is definitely suspect. (You can't vote Goldman Sachs out of office - repeat daily) L0oniX Jul 2013 #212
All the major players seem to transcend the change of presidents. rhett o rick Jul 2013 #213
I agree with Bernie. DLevine Jul 2013 #215
Honorable Senator Sanders … 1StrongBlackMan Jul 2013 #220
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