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Tue Jul 23, 2013, 05:58 PM Jul 2013

Are You Monogamish? [View all]

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Monogamish - Couples who are mostly monogamous and who are perceived to be monogamous but who aren't 100% monogamous. Such couples have an expressed understanding that allows for some amount of sexual contact outside the relationship.

Obviously, I don't expect too many people to vote in this poll but since more Anthony Weiner texts have popped up (excuse the pun), and since we don't really know what type of relationship he and his wife have agreed to, I thought people should know that not every relationship works the same.

7 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes. My relationship with my partner is guided only by our agreements with each other and is not completely monogamous.
3 (43%)
No. My partner and I have never and will never want or need more than each other.
4 (57%)
Huh? It\\\'s none of your G** DAMNED Business whether I\\\'m monogomish or not!
0 (0%)
Hey! You forgot about the polyamorous! We exist, you know!
0 (0%)
Excuse me. I\\\'m asexual and would like to be heard as well!
0 (0%)
I\\\'m not going to fit into any catagory you\\\'ve got but I\\\'m here, I\\\'m different. Get Used To It!
0 (0%)
All of the above. Don\'t ask, it\'s complicated.
0 (0%)
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Are You Monogamish? [View all] last1standing Jul 2013 OP
LOL! I figured this would sink. last1standing Jul 2013 #1
I'm always up for righteous indignation sarisataka Jul 2013 #2
NO! YOU MUST DO AS I WANT, WHEN I WANT YOU TO DO IT! last1standing Jul 2013 #4
lol at the smilie reference, but your right about the thinking that anything different loli phabay Jul 2013 #5
It does show that we liberals aren't necessarily as progressive as we think. last1standing Jul 2013 #10
there is also a jealousy thing going as well, its like there must be sometjing wrong with me loli phabay Jul 2013 #15
good poll, be interesting to see the results if everybody would participate loli phabay Jul 2013 #3
Thanks. I can't imagine too many will answer the poll, though. last1standing Jul 2013 #9
I'm single... Agschmid Jul 2013 #6
question, if you where not single would you prefer monogamy or not loli phabay Jul 2013 #7
I'm a one man kind of man... Agschmid Jul 2013 #8
If I could ask, what do you think of Anthony Weiner? last1standing Jul 2013 #11
I think at this point... Agschmid Jul 2013 #13
From what I've read, married men who cheat are the worst carriers. last1standing Jul 2013 #16
But how many married men... Agschmid Jul 2013 #18
Many married men (and women) cheat with both sexes. last1standing Jul 2013 #21
Monogamish - good word Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2013 #12
I spelled it wrong but yes I like it. Agschmid Jul 2013 #14
yes, it is a most excellent word. Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2013 #17
Dan Savage gets the credit for coining it. last1standing Jul 2013 #19
thanks for the link Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2013 #22
This poll lacks a "polyamorous" option LadyHawkAZ Jul 2013 #20
You're absolutely right! last1standing Jul 2013 #23
Thanks! Fixed my vote! LadyHawkAZ Jul 2013 #24
I hate the term, but my husband and I are "swingers" Heddi Jul 2013 #25
I think you've described the monogamish perspective very well. last1standing Jul 2013 #26
you missed the option of sexually ravenous on your poll if your taking requests loli phabay Jul 2013 #28
Lol! I think that fits under the 'non-catagory' catagory. last1standing Jul 2013 #29
lol im not so sure i want to be in with the uncool kids. ;) loli phabay Jul 2013 #30
The sexually ravenous are never un-cool! last1standing Jul 2013 #31
yeah but now im in the group who only have sex dressed as klingons loli phabay Jul 2013 #34
I can't get it up without my Dr. Who scarf. last1standing Jul 2013 #40
oh crap now im conflicted dr who sex hot klingon sex not loli phabay Jul 2013 #42
It's all hot if you're doing it right. last1standing Jul 2013 #44
i agree this was a very cool reply, thats the thing with people who dont get it loli phabay Jul 2013 #32
Probably a bit of all of the above along with other factors. last1standing Jul 2013 #33
that's just it...we're happy, and it works for us Heddi Jul 2013 #35
pm sent, its okay its not an offer. lol loli phabay Jul 2013 #37
I think it's a conversation that people should have Heddi Jul 2013 #38
I'm Bi as well. last1standing Jul 2013 #43
The question I have grown rather bored with is the 'so what, do you toss a coin in the morning?" Heddi Jul 2013 #51
It's amazing how many 'non-judgmental' people have problems with us. last1standing Jul 2013 #52
great description and good for you loli phabay Jul 2013 #27
Thanks Heddi Jul 2013 #36
Given the amount of cheating going on... Yavin4 Jul 2013 #39
The statistics are somewhat grim for the monogamous lifestyle choice, aren't they? last1standing Jul 2013 #47
HOLY SHIT!! Mitt Romney joined DU and voted for polygomous!! madinmaryland Jul 2013 #41
Actually, a very cool, honest DUer voted polygamous. last1standing Jul 2013 #45
still lacking sexually ravenous imho loli phabay Jul 2013 #46
Maybe that should be listed as "All of the above." last1standing Jul 2013 #48
bingo now you get it loli phabay Jul 2013 #49
lol! You got it. last1standing Jul 2013 #50
"polyamorous" LadyHawkAZ Jul 2013 #53
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