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16. Nope. If their days are numbered, it is Graham's Number
Sun Jul 7, 2013, 01:00 PM
Jul 2013

They can do exactly as they please, and will still win 2014 and probably 2016 easily. Their voters may be dwindling but they are party loyal. Democrats are not. It's not even a matter of whether they "think they can get by", they know they can.

Been keeping up with what's happening in Texas, NC, Wisconsin? Get used to that. Barring a miracle, it will be nationwide (again!) shortly.

In answer to the question about dirty tricks, gerrymandering etc truebluegreen Jul 2013 #1
Are they pissing off corporations? KansDem Jul 2013 #2
I Know That Corporations Are People According To SCOTUS But..... global1 Jul 2013 #5
Recent trends show corporations are "advising" employees on how to vote KansDem Jul 2013 #24
I think rethugs are deliberately pissing off major voting blocs meow2u3 Jul 2013 #3
They aren't going anywhere. MrSlayer Jul 2013 #4
Don't You Envision A Revolt In These States By Voters?...... global1 Jul 2013 #7
No, I don't. MrSlayer Jul 2013 #8
All Those Voter Bloc's I Mention In My OP.... global1 Jul 2013 #9
Gerrymandering, voter suppression, turnout. MrSlayer Jul 2013 #23
don't forget people who lost loved ones to gun violence hollysmom Jul 2013 #6
The pigs control PA: US House, Governor, State House and Senate and 1 US Senate seat. AlinPA Jul 2013 #10
This is the current peak of social extremist power. mick063 Jul 2013 #11
Yes but the Democrats are not exactly doing much to grab most of these groups davidn3600 Jul 2013 #12
I always thought their anal retentivenesss would do them in. lpbk2713 Jul 2013 #13
days numbered?--shit in wisconsin they run everything dembotoz Jul 2013 #14
Michigan is gone too. Not a lot of hope for 2014 but will fight fight fight. catbyte Jul 2013 #17
Are you not watching the fight over expanding Health Care? Motown_Johnny Jul 2013 #18
Yes it does seem irrational as a long-term strategy Populist_Prole Jul 2013 #15
Nope. If their days are numbered, it is Graham's Number LadyHawkAZ Jul 2013 #16
Yes, the demographics are undeniable. Motown_Johnny Jul 2013 #19
IT doesn't seem like it miked62916 Jul 2013 #20
last gasp of counter-revolutionaries RainDog Jul 2013 #21
The Grumpy Oldguy Party is on the bus to Palookaville. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #22
bullshit. they're taking over the country, state by state. HiPointDem Jul 2013 #25
Not my state. Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2013 #27
'state by state' HiPointDem Jul 2013 #29
they are taking over the country, state by state. ALEC. open your eyes. HiPointDem Jul 2013 #26
I don't think they're very worried about it. HooptieWagon Jul 2013 #28
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