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woo me with science

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204. Yes, and it will continue to get worse
Sat Jul 6, 2013, 11:58 PM
Jul 2013

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until this board looks like Corporate Defense Underground. A pattern is evident.

We are not talking last-century MSM propaganda on TV and radio. We are talking highly targeted and interactive propaganda across the internet, such that people who believe they are merely having political discussions with others online are immediately and relentlessly countered with corporate talking points and social manipulation/mocking/bullying when they challenge the corporate party line. There is a great deal of theater going on to create the illusion that Americans support what is being done to us and have contempt for those who don't.

DU has a history and an identity that is well-known to those of us who have been here since near its beginning. The flavor of its membership was generally steady during the early years. What is happening to it now is, quite frankly, not natural. It is particularly not natural on a liberal board, given the political climate and the general distrust across the country of our government.

The number of corporatism-celebrating personas, and the ratio of them to traditional Democrats on DU, is constantly, gradually, and unnaturally increasing. The number of expected recs for a post blatantly supporting antidemocratic, anti-Constitutional, corporate (often Bush II) policies used to be in the single digits. It is gradually increasing in a way too steady to be accidental, to the point that such posts now routinely garner 50+ recs. The influx of low-count posters coming in spouting the corporate line is constant and unrealistic.

And this marked change in the quality of the participation on the board is not unique to DU. This is happening all over the internet, on all the major political boards. The corporate forces that have taken control of our government have very deep pockets. Also keep in mind that the primary goal of any state turning to authoritarianism is to manage public opinion and public response so as to reduce the likelihood of pushback and revolt. Millions of us are being pushed into poverty, and our Constitutional protections are being stripped. Of course great attention and money will be poured into managing public opinion and creating the illusion that the people support what is being done to them.

One of the great unresearched and untold stories in the media right now, I am convinced, is the growth of the new Propaganda State alongside the Surveillance State. Governments and their corporate appendages use propaganda, and the more authoritarian and corporate governments become, the more they will rely on such "advertising" and stealth manipulation of public opinion. The level of cash and technology available now makes today's propaganda unlike any we have seen in the the past in terms of its relentlessness and interactivity.

What the hell, DU? [View all] NuclearDem Jul 2013 OP
Thaaaaank you very much. sibelian Jul 2013 #1
I guess there's just no hope with reaching some people. NuclearDem Jul 2013 #3
I doubt any of them WOULD openly call themselves liberals. sibelian Jul 2013 #25
One of them even bragged to me in a post about being A Simple Game Jul 2013 #88
We're justy s-o-o-o inflexible that way. sulphurdunn Jul 2013 #163
there are some bots you just can't reach.... think Jul 2013 #29
Part of the problem is that the word "liberal" is often used interchangeably with merrily Jul 2013 #74
Be carefrul of how you express yourself Plucketeer Jul 2013 #200
No fucking way hootinholler Jul 2013 #259
Yep: Some think it repression when 'the other' does it, 'defending freedom' when one does it. panzerfaust Jul 2013 #84
What hapened? Congnitive dissonance. Are we pro-Obama or Pro-Civil Liberties BlueStreak Jul 2013 #157
Couldn't agreed more. AmBlue Jul 2013 #188
Yeah, things ain't what they use to be here. southerncrone Jul 2013 #2
I don't see it. Crow73 Jul 2013 #118
Not mad. southerncrone Jul 2013 #202
Thank you so much newfie11 Jul 2013 #4
Its changed a lot warrant46 Jul 2013 #30
if you criticize the government the terrorist have already won Douglas Carpenter Jul 2013 #5
And the right wing, too! AND the libertarians. sibelian Jul 2013 #6
Also, Mitt Romney is going to win. Somehow. NuclearDem Jul 2013 #9
Where's the sarcasm tag. You just forced me to exercise idependant thought... TheMadMonk Jul 2013 #11
Who wins if the government..... DeSwiss Jul 2013 #16
Wow....that is some black or white thinking right there.... dixiegrrrrl Jul 2013 #41
OMG LMFAO L0oniX Jul 2013 #176
The McCarthyism is what really gets me. Jim Lane Jul 2013 #7
Got a link to a DUer saying illegal surveillance isn't problematic? SunSeeker Jul 2013 #15
Neither are they saying it's more important than the issue of Mr. Snowden. :-/ n/t DeSwiss Jul 2013 #17
There have been plenty but not going to bother pointing them out to you rhett o rick Jul 2013 #90
They're special alright. DeSwiss Jul 2013 #161
There's been plenty. Try this: muriel_volestrangler Jul 2013 #21
He was the first person i thought of when I saw LuvNewcastle Jul 2013 #23
It was a whole different world of surveillance under the dick and w madokie Jul 2013 #31
I agree. Sad that the OP comes out of "lurking" just to smear fellow DUers. nt SunSeeker Jul 2013 #58
it's far kinder and gentler under obama.. frylock Jul 2013 #86
"kinder and gentler under obama" ? NM_Birder Jul 2013 #147
I suspect poster is being a little dry. nt sibelian Jul 2013 #220
So you claim that James Clapper changed the surveillance programs when Obama became president? rhett o rick Jul 2013 #169
That post says no such thing. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #53
There is no difference in wiretapping w/o a warrant and wiretapping with a FISA kangaroo warrant. nm rhett o rick Jul 2013 #167
You're changing the subject. I asked the poster for a link to back up his assertions. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #194
Right. Got "a link" to someone smearing Snowden AND acknowledging his point? DirkGently Jul 2013 #49
I see. You have nothing. nt SunSeeker Jul 2013 #56
Well, I kind of put the lie to your post, there. DirkGently Jul 2013 #57
What lie? You did not dispute it at all. nt SunSeeker Jul 2013 #59
You made an easily demolished specious argument. DirkGently Jul 2013 #65
Not true. I asked for a link to back up the poster's assertion. Which no one has done. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #68
Gibberish. No one said you smeared DUers. DirkGently Jul 2013 #72
Since when is asking for a link to back up an assertion "specious"? SunSeeker Jul 2013 #87
Try doing a search on 'your phone records don't belong to you'. sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #235
I see you have nothing either. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #237
+1000 LuvNewcastle Jul 2013 #70
Thanks, Dirk, I'll adopt your answer to the question SunSeeker posed to me. Jim Lane Jul 2013 #69
It is not an "answer." I asked for a link that says what you claim DUers are saying. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #239
It IS an answer if you take the trouble to read what I actually wrote. Jim Lane Jul 2013 #244
I did read your response. There was no link to back up your smear of DUers. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #246
You complain about DUers attacking DUers -- which is what you're doing. Jim Lane Jul 2013 #250
LOL. So pointing out that you're attacking DUers is "attacking" you?! SunSeeker Jul 2013 #252
Nicely Done, Dirk. bvar22 Jul 2013 #122
Here you go. Union Scribe Jul 2013 #255
That poster does not say he supports illegal surveillance. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #256
The McCarthyism on display is why I have so many hidden posts. backscatter712 Jul 2013 #135
There's a very simple test you can use: 7962 Jul 2013 #8
Exactly. n/t mattclearing Jul 2013 #12
Exactly! Maat Jul 2013 #26
It is PRECISELY that easy. As a Catholic and a Democrat, I support principles, not fallible men. WinkyDink Jul 2013 #37
Yup. nt Nay Jul 2013 #120
Yep. +1 GoneFishin Jul 2013 #130
Very shallow response. IMO Vietnameravet Jul 2013 #150
What DID they say when bu$h was president, should be the question. SammyWinstonJack Jul 2013 #228
Spot On! micraphone Jul 2013 #10
You and I are on the same page it seems... silvershadow Jul 2013 #13
K&R. Thanks. JDPriestly Jul 2013 #14
It's disgusting whatchamacallit Jul 2013 #18
I just don't read posts by certain people. LuvNewcastle Jul 2013 #19
You still have a few good soldiers (nt) MichaelMcGuire Jul 2013 #20
Well said. My feelings exactly. nt DLevine Jul 2013 #22
Thank You - Well Said cantbeserious Jul 2013 #24
Shocking how some will justify ANYTHING because of the 'D'. eom SaveOurDemocracy Jul 2013 #27
it's not the 'D' - it's the 'O' Skittles Jul 2013 #108
Actually, I think it's a K... backscatter712 Jul 2013 #110
I know there are plenty of trolls Skittles Jul 2013 #112
I'm sure there's money in it marions ghost Jul 2013 #184
That too: SaveOurDemocracy Jul 2013 #149
Skinner won't police his site. That's the problem. backscatter712 Jul 2013 #28
How is the jury system gamed? Honest question. Demit Jul 2013 #35
Maybe not gamed, but it is ineffective... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2013 #92
My bet is that the 50-centers or trolls have dummy accounts set up just to do jury-duties. backscatter712 Jul 2013 #98
You're talking about the Paulbots. baldguy Jul 2013 #171
no doubt... nebenaube Jul 2013 #158
Indeed. If 4 people just don't like you your post gets hidden. Doesn't matter if rules were broken. L0oniX Jul 2013 #179
Yep... awoke_in_2003 Jul 2013 #210
It's not. Posteritatis Jul 2013 #151
There is a fungus among us, that's for sure. nt silvershadow Jul 2013 #102
a black mold - poisoning discussion here! n/t backscatter712 Jul 2013 #109
How do you know whether someone is a paid shill or not? Jamaal510 Jul 2013 #178
Yes, and it will continue to get worse woo me with science Jul 2013 #204
PLUS A BRAZILLION! Enthusiast Jul 2013 #207
+1,000,000 nt LWolf Jul 2013 #245
If anyone ever wonders why I love you so much, this post is why n/t Catherina Jul 2013 #267
Exactly. The definition is called "Manufacturing Consent".. 2banon Dec 2013 #268
In fairness to the admins, the paid shills are very good at not crossing the line. Zorra Jul 2013 #232
One is only as liberal as their most conservative investment. raouldukelives Jul 2013 #32
what a damn great op. spot on. stick around, would you? cali Jul 2013 #33
What happened to DU? Follow the money, honey! Divernan Jul 2013 #34
Exactly! AnotherMcIntosh Jul 2013 #54
The long and short of it PATRICK Jul 2013 #36
fanboi's KG Jul 2013 #38
If you're a left-leaning, 4th Amendment loving, anti-corporate, anti-establishment libertarian baldguy Jul 2013 #39
speak of the devil usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #44
Bwahaha! And that guy doesn't even realize truedelphi Jul 2013 #142
LMAO L0oniX Jul 2013 #181
Pffft! Enthusiast Jul 2013 #208
that's ironic grasswire Jul 2013 #52
Irony has a built in blindness. L0oniX Jul 2013 #182
DU is infected with trolls. ananda Jul 2013 #40
This message was self-deleted by its author Violet_Crumble Jul 2013 #42
K&R!! felix_numinous Jul 2013 #43
Obama is the one calling for power to be scaled back. Vote a different Congress in 2014 JaneyVee Jul 2013 #45
If Obama wants to scale back on power Maedhros Jul 2013 #82
Posters like her should be called "Catapulters" rusty fender Jul 2013 #111
I know. They definitely receive the same scripts. Maedhros Jul 2013 #124
I don't care what he "calls for", as per his camaign rhetoric. Divernan Jul 2013 #91
What he "says" and What he "DOES"........ bvar22 Jul 2013 #104
Heckuva job, Clapper. Nanjing to Seoul Jul 2013 #117
LOL.... EXACTLY!!!! bvar22 Jul 2013 #123
Then his rogue justice dept. needs to be leashed, they are going for a cover-up Dragonfli Jul 2013 #105
Aw, geeze. SammyWinstonJack Jul 2013 #229
Welcome back usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #46
knr forestpath Jul 2013 #47
Its the BAB, bub! Stinky The Clown Jul 2013 #48
+ 1000 MissDeeds Jul 2013 #146
Why do pro corporatism and Obama lurve go hand in hand? Oh wait... BrotherIvan Jul 2013 #50
Wellstone: Stand up. Keep fighting. grasswire Jul 2013 #51
Hear, hear. AmBlue Jul 2013 #55
yep marions ghost Jul 2013 #185
Welcome back Savannahmann Jul 2013 #60
We're being trained to be obedient. Gregorian Jul 2013 #61
agreed n/t RainDog Jul 2013 #62
Welcome back.. nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #63
nadinbrzezinski nineteen50 Jul 2013 #173
When do we get to have our own church? L0oniX Jul 2013 #183
You want to try herding this group of cats nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #186
I don't believe they're trolls or paid shills Ratty Jul 2013 #64
+1. n/t NRaleighLiberal Jul 2013 #95
Having to look--really look--at the implications marions ghost Jul 2013 #116
HUGE K & R !!! - Thank You !!! WillyT Jul 2013 #66
No ProSense Jul 2013 #67
Self parody is the Best parody, so thanks for your entry! Bluenorthwest Jul 2013 #77
I don't take you seriously. n/t ProSense Jul 2013 #81
You can't say "supercillious" without "super silly". Kurovski Jul 2013 #162
Prosense: "Spying on Americans was, is and will still be illegal." woo me with science Jul 2013 #97
Ouch. The mark THAT leaves is indelible. bvar22 Jul 2013 #119
I guess that's why woo me with science Jul 2013 #121
She has backed herself into a corner where she has to deny that any massive domestic surveillance Warren Stupidity Jul 2013 #127
You've been duped. n/t ProSense Jul 2013 #199
Well I agree you could have been lying. Warren Stupidity Jul 2013 #226
I guess being disingenuous is cool. ProSense Jul 2013 #231
"duped"..."disingenuous" bvar22 Jul 2013 #240
Love it! Pro Sense outed as opposed to Obama's spying on citizens! Divernan Jul 2013 #137
Can't quit ProSense Jul 2013 #198
So then you DISAGREE with the current surveillance of Americans? That's good to know sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #241
Nice find! a2liberal Jul 2013 #203
PLUS ONE! nt Enthusiast Jul 2013 #211
... Enthusiast Jul 2013 #212
opps. SammyWinstonJack Jul 2013 #230
The Straw Man is Snowden LiberalLovinLug Jul 2013 #125
Right!Despite"Years of challenges to NSA"it keeps growing like a malignant cancer Divernan Jul 2013 #141
Mahalo ProSense for your post replying so well to this disingenuous, Cha Jul 2013 #189
Amazing, isn't it? n/t ProSense Jul 2013 #201
Irony up the wazoo in this post. nt Mojorabbit Jan 2014 #269
Meta treestar Jul 2013 #71
Let me guess. When you last followed DU closely, Bush was in office. merrily Jul 2013 #73
K & f'ing R N_E_1 for Tennis Jul 2013 #75
K&R MotherPetrie Jul 2013 #76
Agreed. nt Zorra Jul 2013 #78
Well said! BlueJac Jul 2013 #79
Hear Hear snagglepuss Jul 2013 #80
Liberals still are in favor of rights Doctor_J Jul 2013 #83
"...the surrender to the powerful simply because they have a (D)... RevStPatrick Jul 2013 #85
This is the voice of the DU I joined in 2005 Not Sure Jul 2013 #89
Hear, hear. n/t Alkene Jul 2013 #144
Personally I think we need a new progressive DU. go west young man Jul 2013 #93
Perfectly stated - thanks for putting down what I've been feeling for weeks. K and R. NRaleighLiberal Jul 2013 #94
you have to use the ignore feature.. xiamiam Jul 2013 #96
Patience, He'll Be Gone otohara Jul 2013 #99
What's happened to DU? woo me with science Jul 2013 #100
Beautifully put, woo me with science: Z_I_Peevey Jul 2013 #153
Recovering Republicans Warpy Jul 2013 #101
+1000000 a2liberal Jul 2013 #103
Thank you. I fully agree. richmwill Jul 2013 #106
THANK YOU Skittles Jul 2013 #107
I responded to this post earlier this morning zeeland Jul 2013 #113
Poster "Violet Crumble" posted that the thread was locked. Divernan Jul 2013 #132
What a shitty thing to do. zeeland Jul 2013 #139
It was exactly what Scarletwoman said... Violet_Crumble Jul 2013 #197
No problem. It's just the way the timing worked out. zeeland Jul 2013 #215
She is a host of GD. What probably happened was that some hosts had voted to lock this, scarletwoman Jul 2013 #174
What kind of bullshit is this. You want group think, then du isn't for you still_one Jul 2013 #114
it's not group think Skittles Jul 2013 #138
A big ol K + R! BobbyBoring Jul 2013 #115
Proud DURec! bvar22 Jul 2013 #126
Checks & Balances are what They've deleted .... orpupilofnature57 Jul 2013 #128
most who joined them were paid to do so and are only here for the check yurbud Jul 2013 #129
I also suspect multiple avatars for some individuals, since you mentioned GoneFishin Jul 2013 #131
When the Snowden story broke, they came out with entire sock drawers! n/t backscatter712 Jul 2013 #134
the easy way to tell their real numbers or close to it is post a poll yurbud Jul 2013 #136
There is a system in place, though. Expect the numbers to rise. woo me with science Jul 2013 #159
The ability to tell nineteen50 Jul 2013 #133
Well put-together OP. Kurovski Jul 2013 #140
K & R ctsnowman Jul 2013 #143
Hitler had his followers, too. blkmusclmachine Jul 2013 #145
Huge K&R MissDeeds Jul 2013 #148
They're republicans playing a democrat on a message board Corruption Inc Jul 2013 #152
Gives me a better understanding of how we got here Herlong Jul 2013 #154
What a great post. NorthCarolina Jul 2013 #155
You might be on to something. Actually, you have hit the proverbial nail on the head. indepat Jul 2013 #156
Hear, hear,. very well said. Nothing can be good without criticism. Civilization2 Jul 2013 #160
Trolls, right wingers sulphurdunn Jul 2013 #164
You're kidding, Right? farmbo Jul 2013 #165
He's not kidding, even though no one can back up his assertions about DUers with any links. SunSeeker Jul 2013 #253
the worst part of it all is, THEY FEEL THE SAME MisterP Jul 2013 #166
I'm Also One Who Left Here & Just Recently ChiciB1 Jul 2013 #168
kr Norrin Radd Jul 2013 #170
I have coined a new term for some of my "Democratic" friends. airplaneman Jul 2013 #172
If Snowden was an unabashed liberal -- and a Republican was in the White House - would you support Douglas Carpenter Jul 2013 #180
I think I would reserve judgment based on what this guy actually did bring to light. airplaneman Jul 2013 #214
My country right or wrong” is a thing that no patriot would think of saying... L0oniX Jul 2013 #175
Welcome back. LWolf Jul 2013 #177
Just wanted to point out that Glenn Greenwald is *NOT* a libertarian... pacalo Jul 2013 #187
Thanks Pacalo, Greenwald has always supported SS and other Liberal policies. For a sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #216
This message was self-deleted by its author pacalo Jul 2013 #217
I pointed that out because I've seen that labeling a number of times & it's factually wrong. pacalo Jul 2013 #218
Welcome back, we need you. Curmudgeoness Jul 2013 #190
Very well done. gateley Jul 2013 #191
Sorry a bit of common sense and pragmatism doesnt fit your version of a progressive/liberal. DCBob Jul 2013 #192
"Common sense" and "pragmatism" sibelian Jul 2013 #221
My point is many of you are completey out of touch with reality. DCBob Jul 2013 #222
Another meaningless aphorism. sibelian Jul 2013 #223
I guess for some "reality" is an elusive concept. DCBob Jul 2013 #225
So it would appear. sibelian Jul 2013 #227
Is that you, Chuckles? LWolf Jul 2013 #248
Excellent. woo me with science Jul 2013 #263
You can still be a progressive brush Jul 2013 #193
Absolutely! Lonr Jul 2013 #195
I proudly give you your 300th rec AAO Jul 2013 #196
Kick. (nt) Kurovski Jul 2013 #205
This message was self-deleted by its author ohheckyeah Jul 2013 #206
Kicked and recommended. Uncle Joe Jul 2013 #209
There is no longer a represented left wing in this country Vanje Jul 2013 #213
Some excellent points in your reply pecwae Jul 2013 #219
Maybe that's the goal? n/t sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #233
If that's so pecwae Jul 2013 #234
Well, there's no logic to defending Bush policies on a Democratic forum other sabrina 1 Jul 2013 #236
same goal as Sen. Cranston had in '78 and the DLC had in '88: to move the party MisterP Jul 2013 #238
How hopeless pecwae Jul 2013 #243
not really: it just needs organization and willingness to *fight* for goals and principles MisterP Jul 2013 #247
I hate to gum up this pecwae Jul 2013 #258
alas, this is all stuff I've learned over the decade--maybe I'll make a nice, magisterial OP 1 day MisterP Jul 2013 #264
Yes. nt LWolf Jul 2013 #249
Oh yeah! SammyWinstonJack Jul 2013 #224
Another thing you might be noticing nolabels Jul 2013 #242
Props! JackRiddler Jul 2013 #251
here!! here!! Douglas Carpenter Jul 2013 #254
341 recs. You are not alone. There are a lot of us who feel this way. liberal_at_heart Jul 2013 #257
k & r whttevrr Jul 2013 #260
Your memory is selective. Orsino Jul 2013 #261
kick Zorra Jul 2013 #262
DURec leftstreet Jul 2013 #265
Rec'd before but now it's time for a kick n/t Catherina Jul 2013 #266
K&R for the very sad, hard truth. nt DLevine Jan 2014 #270
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