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76. OMG, it just dawned on me (sarcasm to lighten up the mood)-
Sat Jul 6, 2013, 05:22 AM
Jul 2013

SECRET AGENT MAN, the tv show (in the UK it was known as Danger Man was a spy.

Secret Agent Man.

I never knew that Drake was a spy.

(And Drake of course was #6 in the Prisoner, same character, same Actor (Patrick McGoohan, though for ownership sake
I think Pat always had denied they were connected (contractual reasons)

But after all #6 was actually #1 (see last episode).
(what do you want...INFORMATION)
I am not a number, I am a freeman.

But I never knew #6 was a spy.

Neither was Maxwell Smart.
Neither did I know Ian Fleming had written James Bond as a SPY.

I gotta dig out the old VHS tapes and see.
that would be telling.

this is

be seeing you.

(I always loved these guys-
but I never knew either one of them was (AGHAST a spy)

btw, I miss WIlliam Gaines, been 21 years now, just last month.

The Government is refusing to release the docs authorizing the surveillance. dkf Jul 2013 #1
This usually causes a confrontation giftedgirl77 Jul 2013 #8
Ding ding ding! +1 VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #2
this has puzzled me too grasswire Jul 2013 #3
Pretty sure we don't mention that other site's name here (nt) Recursion Jul 2013 #127
It's become an international incident LittleBlue Jul 2013 #4
Oh my God!! "Snowden is the Kardashian of international politics now" Number23 Jul 2013 #68
Nailed it...nt SidDithers Jul 2013 #137
Russ Tice claims that the NSA wiretapped Obama, Supreme court justices, leaders of think Jul 2013 #5
Where is the proof though? Talk is cheap and these guys know that.. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #7
Russ Tice blew the lid off the Bush administration illegal spying and that's your response? think Jul 2013 #12
Yes it is....but my talk isn't writing accusation checks that my ass cannot cover! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #13
So you are basically calling Tice a liar? think Jul 2013 #17
I am saying to anyone making these strong accusations... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #18
In other words yes, you think he is lying. thank you. think Jul 2013 #19
So I am supposed to just take his word for it? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #20
You immediately dimiss a whistle blower who went through hell to expose Bush think Jul 2013 #21
So to you the ends justify the means? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #31
You're either disingenuous, or you're devoid of logic DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #36
No requiring proof...IS logic! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #39
Ok DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #49
I haven't hitched my wagon to anybody....I don't even own a wagon as a matter of fact. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #53
There was the thing about his salary...$120k vs $200k. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #60
It's called credibility. Tice has it. The government does not. Th1onein Jul 2013 #65
No....credibility is not the heaviest weighted in a court room....physical evidence is. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #67
We are not in a courtroom, and even if we were...... Th1onein Jul 2013 #96
No he did not..... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #97
Why does it have to be either or? siligut Jul 2013 #121
Tice would love to testify AGAIN.... think Jul 2013 #51
I am not conveniently overlooking anything... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #77
Call it what you like. "Put or shut up" is an insult plain and simple. think Jul 2013 #78
Did he have physical evidence of it? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #79
Demand evidence from a gagged whistle blower before any investigation think Jul 2013 #82
Everyone KNOWS the capability exists....thats not news. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #85
ah the old "everybody already knew this" canard bobduca Jul 2013 #86
No that is NOT what I just said... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #90
Yes, and patently dismiss the possiblity because Tice is what? I conspiracy nut? think Jul 2013 #88
Not burying my head in any sand... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #91
So now we've switched from needing proof to even if it's true it is futile to resist spying? think Jul 2013 #92
No I haven't said that at all... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #94
Permanent log retention is a policy... it can be reversed. bobduca Jul 2013 #93
No because that data is valuable to them....the sell it to each other! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #98
Your rage aside, you don't have any evidence to support your beliefs DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #99
Oh Now I am "raging" VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #100
Your sunny demeanor aside, you don't have any proof to support your beliefs. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #102
You would I guess that doesn't surprise me at all... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #103
Your HTML degree confers knowledge to you about when the NSA is lying? DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #106
hahahahaha "HTML Degree" VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #107
Front-end web design? Yes, I do acknowledge that it exists. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #108
hahahahaha Still laughing... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #109
You sure didn't indicate you were on the DBA end of the equation. DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #113
SQL is near Universal. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #115
Three quarters of this page Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #134
What would qualify as proof in this instance? Waiting For Everyman Jul 2013 #72
You can't prove a negative.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #80
Simple answer is that the heavy-handed fail attempt two days ago morningfog Jul 2013 #6
the 'downing' of Morales' plane? wtf. Whisp Jul 2013 #10
It was forced to land. It was downed. morningfog Jul 2013 #15
next logical step in this irrational primal scream. the plane was downed Pretzel_Warrior Jul 2013 #25
Good one. n/t Tx4obama Jul 2013 #37
Do you really think that Snowden getting Asylum in any country in South America worries the CIA? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #11
What do you think the CIA will do to him? morningfog Jul 2013 #14
Capture him if he throws himself to the floor as soon as they burst into the door to get him. VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #16
And if he doesn't? morningfog Jul 2013 #24
He cannot be that stupid.....He knows they are coming! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #27
I think you are suggesting that he could be killed by the CIA? morningfog Jul 2013 #29
It's up to Snowden.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #30
The good guys bobduca Jul 2013 #95
It does make it easier. Much easier. Major Hogwash Jul 2013 #34
And the more he leaks about international spying, the farther he will cross the line pnwmom Jul 2013 #66
Great point. Until I read this I was thinking the USA wouldn't bother with a hit flamingdem Jul 2013 #71
We seem to have established a precedent for killing our own. nt Romulus Quirinus Jul 2013 #135
He has managed not to cross that line yet. nt Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #131
Well we could be discussing Orly Taitz instead. Lasher Jul 2013 #9
Damn you! winter is coming Jul 2013 #45
Ha ha ha, I guess that was brutal of me. Lasher Jul 2013 #116
TheFUCK we can't have it both ways... cherokeeprogressive Jul 2013 #22
Because it implies there is still hope for a better world usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #23
there IS no privacy....there NEVER will be with an Internet! Period...people need to get that into VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #28
So say the authoritarian's then why does every site have a privacy policy? usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #32
those laws were written before this new fangled invention called the Internet... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #33
Bullshit usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #35
No NOT Bullshit....sorry....but the Internet SAVES EVERYTHING! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #38
In fact....I just googled your handle.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #41
What's my email address? usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #47
No its not....I am trying to prove to you that the Internet saves everything! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #50
BULLSHIT usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #52
Please stop denying the obvious....how do you think Google works? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #54
There is a BIG difference between PUBLIC and PRIVATE information usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #56
Not on the Internet there is not! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #58
I refuse to discuss with an ignorant person who pretends to know what he does not usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #61
the basics of search engines for you.... VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #63
No sense of civics or technology DisgustipatedinCA Jul 2013 #40
Oh really? How does Google work? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #55
It ONLY indexes PUBLIC information usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #59
the Internet indexes EVERYTHING! VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #101
whats my phone number? usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #104
YOU think that is private? VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #105
You don't have it do you? Therefore it's ipso-facto PRIVATE, non-PUBLIC, Personal Information NPPI usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #110
IPSO FACTO.....using the right tools I COULD VanillaRhapsody Jul 2013 #111
and you would go to jail usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #112
You are resorting to that already? treestar Jul 2013 #119
What, Facts? usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #123
Well, actually, there is. sibelian Jul 2013 #69
And here is a google link that shows how easy it is usGovOwesUs3Trillion Jul 2013 #89
delete. KittyWampus Jul 2013 #26
If you haven't figured this out by now, trying to explain it to you would be Zorra Jul 2013 #42
It's about our Surveillance/Police State, that wants to crush him MNBrewer Jul 2013 #43
I started a thread about how we should start rectifying this by repealing the Patriot Act arely staircase Jul 2013 #44
Well, as a dyed in the wool "it's not about snowden" type sibelian Jul 2013 #70
Ratfucking doesn't focus on solutions...it creates discontent so voter turnout is lower. msanthrope Jul 2013 #87
Or try discussing the FISA treestar Jul 2013 #120
This is a Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #132
No yours is treestar Jul 2013 #136
Look upthread. nt Mojorabbit Jul 2013 #138
there are a number of parts to the whole thing now... allin99 Jul 2013 #46
Because different people have different viewpoints. ZombieHorde Jul 2013 #48
Because for all the assertions that CakeGrrl Jul 2013 #57
They are tied together. Cleita Jul 2013 #62
Just in case you were serious, if they wanted to kill him apples and oranges Jul 2013 #124
Your post that they can kill at will easily is really disturbing. Cleita Jul 2013 #125
You're just now noticing that the USA has the most powerful military and intelligence apples and oranges Jul 2013 #128
Why do so many: straddle the fence, or believe Zimmerman shoud be given the benefit of the doubt; TheMadMonk Jul 2013 #64
Its because what he brought into focus is undefendable. MichaelMcGuire Jul 2013 #73
Dunno. Who's posting them? sibelian Jul 2013 #74
Most of those threads were by the Snowden haters. Waiting For Everyman Jul 2013 #75
OMG, it just dawned on me (sarcasm to lighten up the mood)- graham4anything Jul 2013 #76
I love spy vs. spy!! Grew up on Mad Magazine and they were faves flamingdem Jul 2013 #117
There aren't, hon. but good on you for making that up cali Jul 2013 #81
120+... sibelian Jul 2013 #84
The PRO-SNOWDEN faction meets and decides headlines bobduca Jul 2013 #83
I have not seen them nadinbrzezinski Jul 2013 #114
Ding ding winner! treestar Jul 2013 #118
Snowden's become a symbol of resistance to the authoritarian surveillance state. I say roll with it. backscatter712 Jul 2013 #122
Well a&o... 99Forever Jul 2013 #126
That's so juvenile apples and oranges Jul 2013 #129
This NSA case is Snowden's case. longship Jul 2013 #130
He's a seperate issue, but I still care about him as a person. nt Romulus Quirinus Jul 2013 #133
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