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78. I vow that I will NOT tear down any candidate that runs against Hillary.
Sat Jun 29, 2013, 04:58 PM
Jun 2013

Why give fodder for the republican party of JebBush/Rand Paul?

Let's tear down Bush and Paul and Rubio and Christie and all the others.

If some here like someone other than Hillary, instead of saying anti-Hillary stuff, just say positive whoever stuff.

Remember, in 1988, the great Mike Dukakis in the debate got hurt by the Bernie Shaw question,
yet it was A DEMOCRATIC CHALLENGER that brought the situation up, later used by Rove.

Positive your choices, let's not tear others down

Remember, SCOTUS depends on a democratic president winning in 2017.

That is going to be the term that the big switch on the court can happen.

So, I vow not to tear others down, and just say the positives about Hillary.

It would be nice to all do the same.

Same with all senate/house/governors. Say positives about primary runs but not tear down each other.

well maybe one dsc Jun 2013 #1
George Washington too pscot Jun 2013 #3
And Harrison and Jackson. Less so Garfield, Tyler, and Pierce (nt) Recursion Jun 2013 #18
dog save us all, if that is the case. Whisp Jun 2013 #2
"us" ? DURHAM D Jun 2013 #6
oh, I know what you mean. Whisp Jun 2013 #7
I have no clue what your freedom Fry reference is about. DURHAM D Jun 2013 #9
The rest will be trooping in soon enough. Beacool Jun 2013 #12
I think you have me confused with others with that NAFTA thing. Whisp Jun 2013 #15
Blaming Hillary for NAFTA has been your thing for years. DURHAM D Jun 2013 #17
now I'm sure you have me mixed up with someone else. Whisp Jun 2013 #19
keep dancing DURHAM D Jun 2013 #21
if it's that important to you, I will accept your accusation on NAFTA. Whisp Jun 2013 #23
right. you've never heard of "freedom fries". delrem Jun 2013 #32
And then DonCoquixote Jun 2013 #4
You tell 'em, Nate!!! nt MADem Jun 2013 #5
And Jebby Bush is giving her a medal.......... Historic NY Jun 2013 #8
Oh, that's going to go well around here. Beacool Jun 2013 #10
Yep. DURHAM D Jun 2013 #11
The bitters will be here soon enough. Beacool Jun 2013 #13
Good gods, I hope she's not the nominee. Apophis Jun 2013 #14
If she runs... she is. Not really a question. -eom gcomeau Jun 2013 #22
So it's going to be a Republican vs a Republican-lite for President. Apophis Jun 2013 #24
Don't be a child. gcomeau Jun 2013 #25
Yeah. Hyperbole. Apophis Jun 2013 #28
The eye rolling indicates... gcomeau Jun 2013 #31
exactly: it'll be a republican vs a republican. Simple. delrem Jun 2013 #33
OK, Corporatist Republican vs Corporatist Dem. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #36
Really, not Nixon in 1960? hughee99 Jun 2013 #16
Nixon was the incumbent VP in 1960 tritsofme Jun 2013 #29
As sorry, I need to pay attention. n/t hughee99 Jun 2013 #30
Heh! I was wondering when hillary4anything would chime in!! madinmaryland Jun 2013 #20
If she runs for the Democratic nomination, I will happily campaign against her. David__77 Jun 2013 #26
Are you talking from the perspective of an Obama supporter? stevenleser Jun 2013 #27
I'm not so sure of her loyalty as SoS. Whisp Jun 2013 #35
+1. n/t pnwmom Jun 2013 #57
Detestable??????? Beacool Jun 2013 #34
She did run a bad campaign. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #37
That's a matter of opinion. Beacool Jun 2013 #41
I'm not thrilled with what we ended up with either. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #43
The Clintons never make the same mistake twice. Beacool Jun 2013 #47
well, that's the problem for Hillary right there: what you said: Whisp Jun 2013 #48
Oh, you're so clever......... Beacool Jun 2013 #49
It was Hillary supporters who moved Fla's primary date up, HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #56
No, that's not so. Beacool Jun 2013 #58
Bullshit. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #60
Yeah, whatever. Beacool Jun 2013 #62
my response to some comments above is as always FORWARD,Hillary winning landslide with voters united graham4anything Jun 2013 #38
What are you on that's giving you these hallucinations? hobbit709 Jun 2013 #65
"Hillary is a monster" -Samantha Power, Obama's designate for UN Ambassador Fumesucker Jun 2013 #39
We move ahead by moving forward. 95% of the voters landslide victory.The other 5%, oh well. graham4anything Jun 2013 #40
Yeah, and she had to quit his campaign. Beacool Jun 2013 #50
It was a gaffe, defined as a politician inadvertently telling the truth n/t Fumesucker Jun 2013 #55
Truth???? Beacool Jun 2013 #59
Ugh. 3rd Way warmonger who trumpeted Bush's wars. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #42
Yes she did. Will never forget that. Though closeupready Jun 2013 #61
She won't get my vote, no matter what DU demands I do n/t whatchamacallit Jun 2013 #44
Suit yourself. Beacool Jun 2013 #51
Who cares, it's 2013. marmar Jun 2013 #45
Cory Booker Oct. 2013 senate vs. a Koch brotherbacked ultra conservative graham4anything Jun 2013 #46
Credible BeyondGeography Jun 2013 #52
Same was said in 2007, how did that turn out? LittleBlue Jun 2013 #53
Hopefully we get an actual progressive candidate to run against her. PoliticalPothead Jun 2013 #54
She's not ready. Beacool Jun 2013 #64
your judgement on readiness needs some work Whisp Jun 2013 #68
Your judgment on anything Clinton needs even more work. Beacool Jun 2013 #71
Oh, you want to talk about pardons, do you? Marc Rich. Whisp Jun 2013 #73
Yeah, so? Beacool Jun 2013 #76
Except that this time there won't be another Obama coming out of the woodwork. Beacool Jun 2013 #63
How do you know? LittleBlue Jun 2013 #66
Obama had come out of the woodwork 4 years beforehand via a convention speech that 38 million stevenleser Jun 2013 #67
maybe so that there is no Obama this time around but Whisp Jun 2013 #69
No, she wasn't. Beacool Jun 2013 #70
Benghazi, Schmenghazi... it's the State Dept Sex Assault and Pedophilia scandal Whisp Jun 2013 #72
You bore me............ Beacool Jun 2013 #75
Hopefully majority of the voters would wake up and finally elect someone better than that. idwiyo Jun 2013 #74
I won't vote for her mick063 Jun 2013 #77
I vow that I will NOT tear down any candidate that runs against Hillary. graham4anything Jun 2013 #78
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