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Post removed [View all] Post removed Jun 2013 OP
"There is no doubt that Barack Obama is a CORPORATIST not a Democrat." ProSense Jun 2013 #1
I'm glad you find it funny TakeALeftTurn Jun 2013 #3
You know what I find "funny" ProSense Jun 2013 #4
What's it like working for Goldman Sachs & JP Morgan? TakeALeftTurn Jun 2013 #5
LOL! ProSense Jun 2013 #6
I'm the one that is in favor of giving Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein 30 years hard labor each TakeALeftTurn Jun 2013 #9
And that still doesn't make this ridiculous claim valid, nor ProSense Jun 2013 #12
. Fuddnik Jun 2013 #17
"hyping Daily Paul talking points" 99th_Monkey Jun 2013 #20
I noticed that the commenter didn't address your points. The use of lame distraction tactics is. In Truth We Trust Jun 2013 #11
Ah, but PS posted a link... awoke_in_2003 Jun 2013 #18
She's laughing at you because... RevStPatrick Jun 2013 #16
Many of the things listed would require the support of Congress. Not going to happen. xtraxritical Jun 2013 #22
K&R MotherPetrie Jun 2013 #2
K & R !!! WillyT Jun 2013 #7
Yet he'll use wire taps to go after Legal Medical Marijuana FreakinDJ Jun 2013 #8
Historians will note that his betrayal on Medical Marijuana was the first sign... Poll_Blind Jun 2013 #13
Truth SamKnause Jun 2013 #10
Rec'd. It is what it is. n/t Catherina Jun 2013 #14
That's a pretty damning indictment. leveymg Jun 2013 #15
Many things on the list would require a cooperative Congress. xtraxritical Jun 2013 #23
I agree. We seemed to have one in the first year, but largely wasted the opportunity. leveymg Jun 2013 #29
Not my biggest worry. Rooting for the Dems Jun 2013 #19
Sure. Considering the alternative, I voted for him twice too. truebluegreen Jun 2013 #24
I think you mean "getting us out of Afghanistan" we're supposedly "out" of Iraq already xtraxritical Jun 2013 #25
Welcome to DU. DU is a wide tent, has people from across the spectrum. uppityperson Jun 2013 #30
Welcome to DU. Bottom line - he's what we got. leveymg Jun 2013 #31
I long for the day we get to vote for a true progressive. lark Jun 2013 #21
The Progressive Caucus would be the place to look for Progressives. xtraxritical Jun 2013 #26
Yep, I support them. lark Jun 2013 #28
Sounds pretty progressive jsr Jun 2013 #27
False: Retains the Federal subsidies to the oil business, despite big oil having already ..." ProSense Jun 2013 #32
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