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61. Here is an analogy so good, it should be it's own original post in a new thread.
Tue Jun 18, 2013, 03:54 AM
Jun 2013

In the original Invasion of the Body Snatcher (not the remake)

all the character played by Kevin McCarthy needed really was to sleep.

There was no conspiracy.
He just needed sleep.
No pods.
No change in people.

Just a good nights rest.

Now, in the remake, the creative team (can there be a creative team on a remake? How creative is it) however
they KNOW what the people felt about the original.

therefore, wink, wink, people go into the remake in a totally different frame of mind.

So, in the remake, of course it was a conspiracy.

It's no different than Gilligan's Island.
OF COURSE the professor could from minute one actually have gotten all of them off the island.
But why would he? He was something of a loner, and now had some really good friends with him, who wouldn't think he was an oddball and would freely talk with him any day of the week.
(and that is what made the Spoof Brady Bunch movie so funny when at the end it was revealed the Professor was actually
Carol Brady's first husband and the father of the three all of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in curls.)

The only reason this issue is seemingly so important in 2013, when the whole world knew about this for specifically years,
but in general decades is-

You all watched the original, and now are going in there with to this, with having seen the original.
The kids think they are onto the greatest thing.

But the parents have already seen the original and there really is NOTHING that can beat the original, and definitely nothing
new here.

Think about it.

(btw, when 9-11 happened, live time, first thought in my mind, as I was watching tv, livetime Channel 7 in NYC a few minutes to 9am
to watch the inane bantering of Regis starting at 9, when they broke in saying the first plane hit,
My first instinct was a small plane
When they live time showed live the 2nd plane, 100% true, my first instinct was this was the script of Bruce Willis's Part Two of Die Hard, the one where at the start, they control the power over the airplanes, and the pilots thought they were in a different place
than they were.
And 9-11 ended up (of all things) playing out like the first Die Hard.
While we looked up, all that was happening was actually happening below.

Or, in Get Smart terms
This is the old make them think it is so bad, that they turn on the President and the party that brought them out of the
deep badness that pervaded and of which, 9-11 was the central focus, solely to bring back the person who made it so bad to begin with trick.

And is it working? You tell me. That would be telling.

(btw, mock this if you want, this entire piece wrote itself. Fifteen minutes ago, I didn't even know I was going to write this,
NOR did I know how it would end. It wrote itself).

(and if you say ???what is this mishmash, well, everything I have to say at 445am in NYC area on 6/18/2013 is clearly in this post.
Back in two hours going to the gym.)

I'm starting to wonder... [View all] Jeff In Milwaukee Jun 2013 OP
I have mixed feelings about what he has done Xyzse Jun 2013 #1
False choices don't make for very good polls. JimDandy Jun 2013 #3
It all depends... Jeff In Milwaukee Jun 2013 #4
Darn, I already guessed. JimDandy Jun 2013 #15
Thing is, he hasn't been completely reliable either. Xyzse Jun 2013 #24
That kind of down the middle response JimDandy Jun 2013 #48
You're probably right Xyzse Jun 2013 #55
Hello xyzse, nice to read you. Hope all is well. graham4anything Jun 2013 #6
Interesting... Xyzse Jun 2013 #21
Yeah, it's interesting. Shakespeare said it best Much Ado about nothing. graham4anything Jun 2013 #25
I just prefer to sit back and watch how things go. Xyzse Jun 2013 #35
I pretty much agree. HappyMe Jun 2013 #13
That is about it Xyzse Jun 2013 #28
There seems to be more speculation HappyMe Jun 2013 #33
That's why I mention that I can't tell what is going on. Xyzse Jun 2013 #37
That's just it. HappyMe Jun 2013 #38
That's why I call him Attention Grabber Xyzse Jun 2013 #39
Yup. While everyone is HappyMe Jun 2013 #43
Yes, I heard of those Xyzse Jun 2013 #46
And yet, here you are. JimDandy Jun 2013 #52
I'm mostly here because of the HappyMe Jun 2013 #53
This all reminds me of something we once discussed, long ago, in a galaxy far far away(from here) graham4anything Jun 2013 #40
Likewise Xyzse Jun 2013 #42
I have to agree. Not all of his facts have stood up to scrutiny, but who knows what else he MADem Jun 2013 #51
I don't know... I just feel like he's prolonging his exposure Xyzse Jun 2013 #57
We got us a push pollster here! JimDandy Jun 2013 #2
puhleeze marions ghost Jun 2013 #7
Push polls are useless and disingenuous JimDandy Jun 2013 #12
Polls on DU are useless marions ghost Jun 2013 #36
It's not the polls I take seriously JimDandy Jun 2013 #49
Then you might as well object to all of DU marions ghost Jun 2013 #50
Maybe he is a masochist for torture. ErikJ Jun 2013 #5
There is no evidence he was an attention whore previously. HooptieWagon Jun 2013 #8
Exactly, to everthing! JimDandy Jun 2013 #20
I chose "patriot" just to piss-off the defenders of the snooping. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #9
What did he reveal? When there is something no one knew, let me know.(let alone something illegal) graham4anything Jun 2013 #27
Well, there must be something there to cause Obama, et al, to be issuing CYA statements. Tierra_y_Libertad Jun 2013 #31
just an aside, what if the admin is paying this guy to rope-a-dope the BushPaulFamilyInc? graham4anything Jun 2013 #34
Personally, I think... RevStPatrick Jun 2013 #10
DUzy! HappyMe Jun 2013 #16
I want to hear who is footing his travels/expenses, as I think there is much more to this story. Frustratedlady Jun 2013 #11
Good point. HappyMe Jun 2013 #17
There is lots more to this story JimDandy Jun 2013 #30
Pass Flashmann Jun 2013 #14
I'm with you... Jeff In Milwaukee Jun 2013 #19
Remember, Cheney put down W too in the last year of the reign of Bush...unless of course... graham4anything Jun 2013 #29
Both Patriot and Whore. Primarily patriot. Smarmie Doofus Jun 2013 #18
How about an... 99Forever Jun 2013 #22
I cannot tell what's going on in that guy's brain. longship Jun 2013 #23
Or perhaps a patriotic attention whore. Or something else. But then he's not the point. Scuba Jun 2013 #26
And that has to do with the massive NSA spying that is going on how? Savannahmann Jun 2013 #32
fact check- the NRA is culling, not doing what you say. Words have meaning. imho graham4anything Jun 2013 #41
Don't insult my intelligence Savannahmann Jun 2013 #44
So how is this leaker different than the one who leaked the info on Valerie Plame? graham4anything Jun 2013 #47
Graham you are not nearly as good as you think you are Savannahmann Jun 2013 #59
Here is an analogy so good, it should be it's own original post in a new thread. graham4anything Jun 2013 #61
pretend you are frum. pansypoo53219 Jun 2013 #45
Dumb and narcissistic is no way to go through life, son Kolesar Jun 2013 #54
OMG HE'S A KARDASHIAN!!!!!!!! marions ghost Jun 2013 #56
A tap dancer flamingdem Jun 2013 #58
What's he gonna do when he finds out that Hong Kong is not a libertarian paradise? LeftInTX Jun 2013 #60
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