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kr HiPointDem May 2013 #1
Finally. A President and Congress that can stand up to special interests like the middle class. MannyGoldstein May 2013 #2
Indeed. Fearless May 2013 #19
Blankfein Turbineguy May 2013 #3
Is there a source for "new regulations killing stat-ups" that isn't Heritage Foundation? JHB May 2013 #4
That is why I couched it with "reasons given" TakeALeftTurn May 2013 #5
I know that the Heritage Foundation is a right wing Neocon think tank TakeALeftTurn May 2013 #6
And you probably won't hear anybody talking about it, especially the Reich-wing. Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #10
All of what you say is true TakeALeftTurn May 2013 #11
Part of the Big Squeeze. Egalitarian Thug May 2013 #12
no capital, no market. HiPointDem May 2013 #15
It's also the quality of the jobs SoCalDem May 2013 #7
Exactly TakeALeftTurn May 2013 #8
and the hit to the family is immeasurable as well SoCalDem May 2013 #9
Well what we need ctsnowman May 2013 #13
and that's exactly what we're going to get!! isn't that great!! they're expanding h1b visas and HiPointDem May 2013 #17
I feel your pain. ctsnowman Jun 2013 #23
Disposable Income? 4Q2u2 May 2013 #14
k/r marmar May 2013 #16
should we expect anything less og1 May 2013 #18
Welcome to DU my friend! hrmjustin May 2013 #20
Welcome to DU, are you equating the Bushs with the Clintons? Have you been on DU uppityperson May 2013 #21
Sorry, TakeALeftTurn, I think your left turn was just to keep you mountain grammy May 2013 #22
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