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Major Hogwash

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30. OH NOES!!! Not the Huffington Post!
Fri May 24, 2013, 05:47 AM
May 2013


It's this kind of thing that could ruin the chances the Huffington Post will earn a Pulitizer Prize for putting more links to articles from other websites on their website!!


Well, ProSense May 2013 #1
all media (regular and altmedia) is No Media. Huffington herself btw is a libertarian republican. graham4anything May 2013 #6
Nice Reagan quote! nt Bonobo May 2013 #26
Actually a paraphrase of it. Did you know, Elizabeth Warren voted for Reagan? graham4anything May 2013 #28
No, I did not know that. nt Bonobo May 2013 #31
I don't protest against any democratic president, nor have I ever voted against one,nor will I. graham4anything May 2013 #32
The great Eric Holder? premium May 2013 #55
What is the motto of the politicians then? Fumesucker May 2013 #27
Every single protest against Pres.Obama & direct $$$ beneficiary are the republican party & Bush's graham4anything May 2013 #29
Oh for fuck's sake LondonReign2 May 2013 #56
Fox News has a license? Enrique May 2013 #34
Not necessary Danascot May 2013 #47
Ditch the Bu$hCo protocol Blue Owl May 2013 #2
If refusing to pursue war criminals and banksters is abuse of authority... upi402 May 2013 #3
Well, ProSense May 2013 #4
Actually the Pres should be impeached for using his office to block YeahSureRight May 2013 #24
You realize impeachment is intended to be about illegality. randome May 2013 #36
You must have missed how he had the State Department block Spain YeahSureRight May 2013 #37
I see your point but I disagree. randome May 2013 #39
+1000000 woo me with science May 2013 #19
But the "party over principal" people here love the man! Puzzledtraveller May 2013 #38
K&R woo me with science May 2013 #5
Republicans are going crazy over the fact that Holder signed off on the warrant for Rosen's emails ProSense May 2013 #7
Ooooh! Rallying into the Teams! woo me with science May 2013 #8
Ooooh ProSense May 2013 #9
I wish I could draw. woo me with science May 2013 #12
Tell the truth ProSense May 2013 #13
FYI ProSense May 2013 #10
Holder should have been gone a long time ago, woo me with science May 2013 #15
"but clearly he IS carrying out the corporate water of this administration" ProSense May 2013 #16
That's all you got? mick063 May 2013 #22
I'd take my chances with Biden byeya May 2013 #40
Joe Biden??? The former Senator from MBNA? bvar22 May 2013 #58
"Holder should have been gone a long time ago" NCTraveler May 2013 #50
K&R quinnox May 2013 #11
Matt Rothschild calls for Holder to resign limpyhobbler May 2013 #14
Thank you for this link. woo me with science May 2013 #17
I've subscribed to The Progressive for years. Rothschild is only one in a line of great editors. byeya May 2013 #41
why aren't you/they asking for that 'journalist's' resignation. Whisp May 2013 #18
For one thing, that guy doesn't work for us. Eric Holder does. limpyhobbler May 2013 #20
Media does not work for you either. Whisp May 2013 #21
This is just a thought, but if someone with Brooksley Born's knowledge of the financial mess midnight May 2013 #23
Many agree that Holder needs to go but who will replace him? YeahSureRight May 2013 #25
OH NOES!!! Not the Huffington Post! Major Hogwash May 2013 #30
The NRA warned us about Holder from the get go aikoaiko May 2013 #33
the opinion of the headline writer at Huff Post doesn't count for much Enrique May 2013 #35
That's to be expected from the AOL arm of Huffpost Submariner May 2013 #42
Oh, well, if Arianna "I Wear Political Opinions Like Fashions" Huffington says it... Arkana May 2013 #43
Yeah, just as bad - or even worse. Obama won't choose anyone who forestpath May 2013 #44
You mean like voting rights? You have a little hyperbole showing, there. randome May 2013 #45
The bad with Holder far outweighs the good. And his continuing attacks on forestpath May 2013 #46
In Memo To Employees, Ailes Blasts Obama Admin’s ‘Attempt To Intimidate Fox News’ ProSense May 2013 #48
0bama could appontment any number of DOJ professionals as "Acting" who would do better byeya May 2013 #49
Useful idiots on the left will be pied pipered into accepting any attacks on this President Pragdem May 2013 #51
People badly need something to rally around and Occupy did not reach its potential. randome May 2013 #53
It's time for Huffington Post to go Politicalboi May 2013 #52
The Site of Side Boobs otohara May 2013 #57
i think he needs to do too. his war on medical weed samsingh May 2013 #54
Yawn ... wake me when Rosen/ or an AP person actually gets into ANYTHING resembling actual TROUBLE brett_jv May 2013 #59
Others on the left who have called on Holder to go: alp227 May 2013 #60
interesting thanks. nt limpyhobbler May 2013 #61
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