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Mon Feb 6, 2012, 07:51 PM Feb 2012

Well... I Guess We Have Our Answer... Thanks A Load Senate Democrats... [View all]

This morning...

Are Senate Dems About To Cave On GOP Union-Busting?
FEBRUARY 6, 2012, 5:20 AM

Article: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/02/labor-blast-senate-democrats-anticipating-cave-on-union-busting-legislation.php


This afternoon...

Senate Dems Greenlight Key Anti-Union Bill
FEBRUARY 6, 2012, 6:05 PM


With the help of Senate Democrats, Congress took its final step Monday toward enactment of long-term FAA reauthorization legislation, despite an aggressive last-minute effort by organized labor to kill the package.

The final vote was 75-20, with — not nearly enough Democratic opposition to prevent a supermajority from passing it and sending it off to President Obama for a signature.

Further background here. Democrats and Republicans have been tussling over this bill for a year now, with the key flashpoint being language aimed at preventing transportation workers from forming unions. In the end, Democratic leaders agreed with Republicans on a new measure that largely accomplishes the same anti-union goals — and labor officials are steamed.


Article: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2012/02/senate-dems-greenlight-key-anti-union-bill.php

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If some Democrats are not going to stand with the unions Vincardog Feb 2012 #1
But they got a win!!!!!! neverforget Feb 2012 #2
Yeah... Not A Win... A Pothole... WillyT Feb 2012 #22
another fine example of bipartisanship peace frog Feb 2012 #62
Well, that is pretty damn disappointing. n/t renie408 Feb 2012 #3
the senate hasn't voted on it yet. if almost every democrat in the house voted against it... spanone Feb 2012 #4
Um... WillyT Feb 2012 #5
whoops, my bad spanone Feb 2012 #7
Wow... THAT's A Relief... Those Silly Labor Union Leaders Sure Do Exaggerate... Don't You Think ??? WillyT Feb 2012 #8
It's All Good... I'm Finding It Pretty Unfuckingbelievable Myself... WillyT Feb 2012 #9
It's the ELEPHANT in the room that isn't discussed mmonk Feb 2012 #6
Word !!! WillyT Feb 2012 #10
. mmonk Feb 2012 #12
You, too?!?! chervilant Feb 2012 #51
Hey.... FedUp_Queer Feb 2012 #56
It's a leadership problem. limpyhobbler Feb 2012 #11
"Why can't the Dems do that too?" FiveGoodMen Feb 2012 #15
Makes me glad I am not one of them though, after all its either commit seppuku cstanleytech Feb 2012 #41
why of course Obama will veto it even though it might be overriden lololol yeah right nt msongs Feb 2012 #13
Well... Not Really... WillyT Feb 2012 #16
What is wrong with them? Are they trying to get people upset? sabrina 1 Feb 2012 #14
VOTE RESULTS HERE: WillyT Feb 2012 #17
Kerry? And Levin? sabrina 1 Feb 2012 #18
Durbin and Schumer, too. Wow.......... WillowTree Feb 2012 #35
Unbelievable. So who are the 'better Dems' again? sabrina 1 Feb 2012 #36
BUT WE DON'T HAVE 60 VOTES!!!!!!! Fuddnik Feb 2012 #65
I didn't even need to look to know how my Senate New Democrat Coalition Senator voted. mmonk Feb 2012 #19
I'm glad McCaskill voted against it The Genealogist Feb 2012 #20
Minnesotans Can Hold Their Heads High, But Californians (Like ME!!!)... WillyT Feb 2012 #21
Durbin... City Lights Feb 2012 #33
It appears there will be only one to vote for in NY that is not ANTI-UNION Dragonfli Feb 2012 #34
Both my Senators voted nay. Puglover Feb 2012 #44
and both Wisconsin Senators voted yea a kennedy Feb 2012 #63
Another disappointment by Sen Wyden of Oregon. The other one is him neverforget Feb 2012 #68
Not a dimes bit of difference. Wall St. still walks free and now this. Hotler Feb 2012 #23
DeMint and Rand Paul voted against it? There must be more than meets the eye here. Honeycombe8 Feb 2012 #24
Easily Explained... WillyT Feb 2012 #26
Just further proof that the system is hopelessly corrupted by corporate money. marmar Feb 2012 #25
RI-FUCKING-DICULOUS! FarLeftFist Feb 2012 #27
k&r n/t RainDog Feb 2012 #28
50% rule will sell well on the national level, unfortunately. Thanks FDR. joshcryer Feb 2012 #29
Du rec. Nt xchrom Feb 2012 #30
Goddamnit, I am sick of this shit. Brickbat Feb 2012 #31
K&R....unbelievable....we're governed by millionaires controlled by billionaires....n/t unkachuck Feb 2012 #32
Well... SammyWinstonJack Feb 2012 #46
That would make a great bumper sticker. mmonk Feb 2012 #49
this is not "bipartisan" unionworks Feb 2012 #37
Will this bill's unequal treatment ProgressiveEconomist Feb 2012 #38
No, it just reflects the continmuing declining tereatment of ALL workers Armstead Feb 2012 #61
Shocked! Shocked, I tell ya!! TransitJohn Feb 2012 #39
Gosh, there was an HOUR for DU to ruminate, speculate, derogate on Obama riderinthestorm Feb 2012 #40
Who do they represent? Warren Stupidity Feb 2012 #42
K&R n/t myrna minx Feb 2012 #43
Good. Robb Feb 2012 #45
Please explain jsmirman Feb 2012 #47
The NLRB has no jurisdiction over unions covered by the Railway Labor Act, which includes those that Brickbat Feb 2012 #48
You're correct, I misspoke (-typed). I meant NMB. Robb Feb 2012 #60
It's bookmarked. You are wrong about the NLRB. former9thward Feb 2012 #52
Anyone remember this? FedUp_Queer Feb 2012 #58
Who said that? The actor in some movie? CrispyQ Feb 2012 #66
We are in deep trouble jsmirman Feb 2012 #50
Well, now... chervilant Feb 2012 #53
Follow the money. woo me with science Feb 2012 #54
That "dimes worth of difference" has been whittled down to a wooden nickel. Tierra_y_Libertad Feb 2012 #55
Then there's this, too, in the bill... FedUp_Queer Feb 2012 #57
I was just thinking how much we needed to open up our skies to drones, yipee!!! Dragonfli Feb 2012 #67
2012 Reality colsohlibgal Feb 2012 #59
I think the unions are going to have to call for a nationwide general strike to get Cleita Feb 2012 #64
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