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La Lioness Priyanka

(53,866 posts)
Fri Mar 29, 2013, 10:19 AM Mar 2013

When you get really angry at someone do you use the N-word or say Faggot? [View all]

It was implied in the the thread about Sean Penn's son that the paparazzi had it coming. And maybe the paparazzi is annoying, however no matter how mad i am or how much someone else deserved it, i have never used those words as a weapon.

I just assumed non-racist non-homophobic people did not.

So when you are angry do you say these words? If you do, do you think its justified because the other person is an asshole?

I decided eventually to spell out faggot, because i dont want people to confuse it with Fuck or something else that is not bigotry-loaded

47 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Saying the N-word in anger is ok, so long as the other person deserved it
0 (0%)
Saying the word F*****t is ok, so long as the other person deserved it
0 (0%)
Saying both these words are ok, so long as the other person deserved it
0 (0%)
There are limited circumstances (specify below) where use of these words are appropriate
1 (2%)
No one should utter these words as weapons against others, no matter what
46 (98%)
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I use both jollyreaper2112 Mar 2013 #1
I thought you mean Fuck it treestar Mar 2013 #2
You can change your vote. UnrepentantLiberal Mar 2013 #91
Cool treestar Mar 2013 #101
Hey SampleGirl, calling someone a Fa**ot is never okay. nt justiceischeap Mar 2013 #3
Her only post in 3 months is to say that it's ok to call someone a faggot. kestrel91316 Mar 2013 #53
There are so many other choie Mar 2013 #4
It took me a little while HappyMe Mar 2013 #5
When I'm really angry I say nothing. Scuba Mar 2013 #6
I cannot tell you how well this has served me. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #25
Is there a trick to getting the idiots in your life to leave you alone when you're angry? mythology Mar 2013 #117
I get speechless. I guess it's a weakness, but what can I do? I just walk away. dimbear Mar 2013 #136
I don't condone the use of either word. I can understand that someone pushed to the brink madinmaryland Mar 2013 #7
i dont know that i understand being racist because i was pushed to the brink La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #20
Never. And I'd like to add that there are lots of perks to being famous cali Mar 2013 #8
SO fucking true La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #21
43 years old, never uttered either word. vi5 Mar 2013 #9
I'm over 60, and ditto! MotherPetrie Mar 2013 #32
+1 And I wouldn't have anything do to with anyone who did. forestpath Mar 2013 #100
Never. And I can't remember the last time I heard either word pnwmom Mar 2013 #97
Approaching 60 and I've never used them either. Not once. Skidmore Mar 2013 #127
I don't, but hear and see both way too much-- JohnnyLib2 Mar 2013 #10
It's pretty sad that you ask this Trajan Mar 2013 #11
I don't. On the other hand, if someone else is looking for something nasty to call... JVS Mar 2013 #12
honestly, in my life i have only heard someone using the n-word as a insult once La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #14
Plus, using them casually is a sort of practice for heated situations JohnnyLib2 Mar 2013 #24
As a tactic, I think it works rather poorly to use some slurs. The last thing you want to do when... JVS Mar 2013 #29
Since you specified "as weapons" OriginalGeek Mar 2013 #13
i definitely meant as a weapon as opposed to an ingroup honorific La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #16
My wife and I go play cards/games/party with our son and DIL often OriginalGeek Mar 2013 #30
No-- but-- my wife has a good friend JanMichael Mar 2013 #15
because african americans haven't lynched each other using that word La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #18
perfect explanation, thanks Pri! bettyellen Mar 2013 #34
i teach psychology of stereotyping and discrimination La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #49
I think it's okay for AF. Amer. to call each other that name, but no one else. Cleita Mar 2013 #104
I learned to cuss with the best of them when I was in the military magellan Mar 2013 #17
The only times I've ever used those words are in quoting someone else kudzu22 Mar 2013 #19
agreed La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #22
Samplegirl samples: Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #23
Damn- that thread makes me sad. Lots of really good DUers bullwinkle428 Mar 2013 #38
Same here. Starry Messenger Mar 2013 #39
I never use those words. In_The_Wind Mar 2013 #26
Never have, never will. UnrepentantLiberal Mar 2013 #27
No. Never. Both of those words leave a bad taste in my mouth. BlueCaliDem Mar 2013 #28
I have, and probably will again, but I know it's wrong. Glaug-Eldare Mar 2013 #31
Maybe I'm the only one? Glaug-Eldare Mar 2013 #99
I find myself more and more using Republican as the ultimate derogatory term. Bandit Mar 2013 #33
The N-word, I've used when discussing the utter inappropriateness Agnosticsherbet Mar 2013 #35
Hate speech of any kind is never okay. LWolf Mar 2013 #36
I have no impulse to use those words loyalsister Mar 2013 #107
I did frequently in my younger and dumber high school days Blue_Tires Mar 2013 #37
Nope, I don't MrScorpio Mar 2013 #40
I usually call someone a fucking asshole when I get pissed off. hobbit709 Mar 2013 #41
Your premise is false. 99Forever Mar 2013 #42
LOL. just saying my premise is false doesnt make it so. La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #43
Perhaps not, however... 99Forever Mar 2013 #45
we express out intentions through behavior. its the only way to La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #48
What? 99Forever Mar 2013 #55
i think you have a reading comprehension problem. nt La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #57
A personal insult now? 99Forever Mar 2013 #65
SHE WON THAT ONE Skittles Mar 2013 #122
Those things we say in the heat of the moment aptly illustrate both who we are LanternWaste Mar 2013 #93
WTF Skittles Mar 2013 #103
If only everyone was just like you! 99Forever Mar 2013 #108
non-racists and non-homophobes ARE like me Skittles Mar 2013 #115
You truly are awesome! 99Forever Mar 2013 #120
MOST stalked people do not resort to RACISM AND HOMOPHOBIA!!!! Skittles Mar 2013 #121
Really? 99Forever Mar 2013 #123
yeah, OK Skittles Mar 2013 #125
Oh noes! 99Forever Mar 2013 #126
what are you talking about? false premise? orleans Mar 2013 #143
This is the premise: 99Forever Mar 2013 #147
meh! Mr Dixon Mar 2013 #44
Never.... Tikki Mar 2013 #46
When I'm really angry I just use G'damned A-hole. It's non specific. Myrina Mar 2013 #47
I'm a hot head and when I get angry, I will speak out. Sheepshank Mar 2013 #50
What?! People who use either word when angry have racism and homophobia in their heart Politicub Mar 2013 #51
that's exactly what i think La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #59
Those two words are never Sissyk Mar 2013 #52
I will confess to having muttered the N word under my kestrel91316 Mar 2013 #54
are you black? La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #58
Really? Number23 Mar 2013 #134
that was almost exactly what i was going to write (i was going to La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #135
Exactly. I was hoping the poster would have an answer by now, but I guess not. Number23 Mar 2013 #141
Sorry I did not read it right........... samplegirl Mar 2013 #56
A genuine question regarding the use of "Faggot" StrongBad Mar 2013 #60
yes, it's still wrong because the underlying assumption is still homophobic La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #62
Fair points StrongBad Mar 2013 #76
my answer to that is i am not sure. really. i am not sure how i feel about it. La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #77
I still think it and then realize that it is wrong LiberalFighter Mar 2013 #61
there are thousands of insults that are not race based or bigotry based La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #64
DU is the only place i hear/see those words used. RC Mar 2013 #63
I use the N-word LittleBlue Mar 2013 #66
I have a hard time sayin them in my head . olddots Mar 2013 #67
Nope, I never even think them in my head. Beacool Mar 2013 #68
No. I prefer calling them assholes. Cleita Mar 2013 #69
there were five people who said it was ok to use those words in limited circumstances fizzgig Mar 2013 #70
Hell no. Apophis Mar 2013 #71
Not okay. Lizzie Poppet Mar 2013 #72
I Say Neither RobinA Mar 2013 #73
Back in the days of lynching and gay bashing (actual bashing not insults) Kalidurga Mar 2013 #132
The thing is this: it is incredibly common to hear vicious, casual homophobia from actual adult Bluenorthwest Mar 2013 #74
which is why i think the faggot part of that encounter didnt shock me as much as the use La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #75
People sure as fuck think the one is acceptable, and once you accept the one, the rest will follow. Bluenorthwest Mar 2013 #79
there was a lot of defense of hopper on that thread because apparently the paparazzi deserved it La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #80
There's never an excuse for bad manners n/t aristocles Mar 2013 #78
Never used N word but iffy on F word. edbermac Mar 2013 #81
Sissy as a basis for f*ggot is still homophobic FreeState Mar 2013 #112
True, good point. edbermac Mar 2013 #116
i think some of this is regional arely staircase Mar 2013 #140
Yep. Those type words hit two birds with one stone, gays & women. Many hate us both. Little Star Mar 2013 #148
I only use the N word when quoting Chris Rock. cbdo2007 Mar 2013 #82
My nasty-knob goes to 11! backscatter712 Mar 2013 #83
me too. i am fine with insults just not bigotry La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #85
How about the DU posters whom "hate old white guys"? just1voice Mar 2013 #84
dude, you can pretend as much as you want that we live in ahistoric acontextual world La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #86
Which specific word is hateful, "old", "white" or "guys"? LanternWaste Mar 2013 #96
I've never used either word in my life and I was born in 1949 aint_no_life_nowhere Mar 2013 #87
There have been times, when really provoked, where I have likely uttered something vile, but... av8rdave Mar 2013 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author devilgrrl Mar 2013 #89
That is never okay. dawg Mar 2013 #90
I can't say I never have, but it's been decades. bluedigger Mar 2013 #92
that's fair La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #94
No, I prefer "dumbass" get the red out Mar 2013 #95
I get angry when I hear someone use those horrible, hurtful words. David Zephyr Mar 2013 #98
Nope, never. I don't shoot them either. Squinch Mar 2013 #102
the n word offends me arely staircase Mar 2013 #105
No, but I do curse them using ancient and strange quinnox Mar 2013 #106
I seldom get really angry tularetom Mar 2013 #109
No, and that's never even crossed my mind. n/t Lil Missy Mar 2013 #110
thats part of my point. without underlying bias, why would these words cross your mind La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #111
I'm curious what your conclusion is about people like me. Glaug-Eldare Mar 2013 #113
what does bad mean? are you generally bad? how should i know? La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #118
You forgot the "NO! HELL NO!" selection. Matariki Mar 2013 #114
Never. Not even in private. Courtesy Flush Mar 2013 #119
I have a filthy mouth .... etherealtruth Mar 2013 #124
I just say 'dumbass.' wyldwolf Mar 2013 #128
I do not. Iggo Mar 2013 #129
yeah, i get the thing about f-word which is why when he said it La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #131
I don't use those words because they're low class, tacky words Warpy Mar 2013 #130
I grew up in Oak Park Illinois (very liberal,jewish,polish,irish,hispanic,asian ect...) 4 t 4 Mar 2013 #133
My later childhood was spent in Dixie. Warpy Mar 2013 #137
When words like those are used in anger/as a weapon, it IS the very definition of a slur. Jamastiene Mar 2013 #138
"They're only words. It's the context that counts. It's the intention behind the words that makes arely staircase Mar 2013 #139
That never occurs to me Mira Mar 2013 #142
agreed. La Lioness Priyanka Mar 2013 #150
It is NEVER "O.K" to use those words DiverDave Mar 2013 #144
The sign of true rage Prism Mar 2013 #145
No, never. PotatoChip Mar 2013 #146
No, never, along with Bi*ch, Wh**e, Sl*t, etc. n/t Little Star Mar 2013 #149
Their was a day when I use the F-word as applied to gay men but I don't brewens Mar 2013 #151
When I Swear At People, I'm Likely To Say Something Else Vogon_Glory Mar 2013 #152
No I say FUCK! Rex Mar 2013 #153
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