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29. The failure of the logic
Sun Mar 17, 2013, 01:42 PM
Mar 2013

Just because the government or king was messing up the ability of the common folk to
better themselves by having restrictive regulations it was a different situation. Today people
have grown their businesses so large that they are powerful enough to cheat their employees
out of rightful wages and benefits. This is why we need regulation today - So that the robber
baron doesn't abuse his workers.

Not ducking the tough calls is great as long as the person making the decisions has the intelligence
to make a balanced decision and not make the decision to continue to take money from the
middle class and give it to the wealthy who will only invest the money in order to make more money
at the cost of making it difficult for the middle class to have the discretionary funds to buy goods
from the businesses that keeps the economy going.

Lastly, families are made up of parents and children. The parents teach the children to grow up to be
caring and responsible adults who will grow up to contribute to society. There are children that need
to be adopted and because of this the parents don't need to participate in natural childbirth in order
to create a family. If that were the case then, women and men who were together but could not
create a child for one reason or another and adopted a child would not be considered a family.

You spew a lot of points in order to prove the point you wish to make at the expense of muddling
the facts and disproving the argument you wish to support.

That's why our society grows in it's thinking and it's laws - Because thinking becomes outmoded
when new situations prove that the old logic is flawed.

I have to rec this eShirl Mar 2013 #1
I find your blog-flogging unseemly. nt msanthrope Mar 2013 #2
aww. eShirl Mar 2013 #3
I guess I'll just have to live with your disapproval. paulbibeau Mar 2013 #4
Indeed---or you could just post all of your deep thoughts in your OP. msanthrope Mar 2013 #5
Why would I want to do that? paulbibeau Mar 2013 #7
Hard to generate revenue if people won't click your link...nt SidDithers Mar 2013 #8
Exactly. No clicks, no shiny dimes. nt msanthrope Mar 2013 #9
Yes. Exactly. paulbibeau Mar 2013 #10
So, you think the DU community should click and subsidize you? Why? I mean, welcome to DU, msanthrope Mar 2013 #11
Here's the thing... paulbibeau Mar 2013 #13
Indeed. So why not post your whole screed, and then put the link at the bottom? msanthrope Mar 2013 #15
Nah. Thanks though. paulbibeau Mar 2013 #16
'Welcome'? Is this what you think constitutes a welcome? muriel_volestrangler Mar 2013 #17
I was keeping the spirit of the OP. msanthrope Mar 2013 #18
People are voting with their pageviews on this. paulbibeau Mar 2013 #20
No, I'm suggesting they be exposed to 'more' of your writing. Post your entire screed. msanthrope Mar 2013 #21
The spirit of the OP is an attack on Paul Ryan muriel_volestrangler Mar 2013 #22
And as I said directly to the OP, my issue is not that he posts, but that he doesn't post more. msanthrope Mar 2013 #23
His Stuff Is Very Good, Ma'am The Magistrate Mar 2013 #24
I Take Your Recommendation Seriously, Sir, and Look Forward to Reading Him msanthrope Mar 2013 #25
God bless you. paulbibeau Mar 2013 #19
+1 n/m Morning Dew Mar 2013 #31
Paul Ryan must be trying to ruin St Patrick's day for everyone Enrique Mar 2013 #6
Based on one of my favorite pieces of literature. NutmegYankee Mar 2013 #12
Yes. It was kind of wonderful to re-read it on St. Pat's. paulbibeau Mar 2013 #14
And he believed Turbineguy Mar 2013 #26
Swift was born in the 17th century One of the 99 Mar 2013 #27
Can you do one based on this (inside post)? Might be fairly easy, just substituting Rethugs-as-group UTUSN Mar 2013 #28
The failure of the logic socialindependocrat Mar 2013 #29
Have you heard of 'A Modest Proposal'? muriel_volestrangler Mar 2013 #30
Thank you for your guidance... n/t socialindependocrat Mar 2013 #32
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