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Tue Mar 12, 2013, 08:13 AM Mar 2013

What don't you need a license for? [View all]

8 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Time expired
Driving a car
1 (13%)
Practicing Medicine (all)
0 (0%)
Flying a plane
0 (0%)
1 (13%)
0 (0%)
Getting married
0 (0%)
Owning a gun
4 (50%)
2 (25%)
Practicing Law
0 (0%)
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Disclaimer: This is an Internet poll
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What don't you need a license for? [View all] DainBramaged Mar 2013 OP
Which one in the above list michreject Mar 2013 #1
That's not the question, but since you must spew, go right ahead DainBramaged Mar 2013 #3
Cars and guns are licensed exactly the same way. hack89 Mar 2013 #11
I don't believe that a license is required michreject Mar 2013 #13
Yep Go Vols Mar 2013 #128
Ah, but in Florida a car on private land still has to have a tag csziggy Mar 2013 #137
Storing it where? Bay Boy Mar 2013 #152
The truck was parked behind a storage building csziggy Mar 2013 #169
Dear DB, your question should read - What can't you "use" without a license. Or your answers should The Wielding Truth Mar 2013 #102
Thanks. I think I made my point, in spite of the 'proies' attempt to try sidetracking it. DainBramaged Mar 2013 #126
Just a simple question michreject Mar 2013 #6
Still, wasn't the question, but I'm happy you reminded us DainBramaged Mar 2013 #8
It doesn't michreject Mar 2013 #10
Where's your militia? sharp_stick Mar 2013 #28
It's defined in the 1947 National Security Act Recursion Mar 2013 #57
Sitting on the couch michreject Mar 2013 #95
The Post Office baldguy Mar 2013 #33
My reading skills may not be as superior to yours michreject Mar 2013 #94
Article I, Section 8, Clause 7 of the Constitution. baldguy Mar 2013 #113
Doesn't it suck having to point out the Constitution they all claim to love so much... DainBramaged Mar 2013 #127
They even tend to forget over half of their favorite Amendment. baldguy Mar 2013 #131
They've run out of talking points DainBramaged Mar 2013 #163
but that "protection" can be restricted DrDan Mar 2013 #155
Driving my car on private property. nt hack89 Mar 2013 #2
Of course, I was expecting the swarm, but not this early in the thread DainBramaged Mar 2013 #5
When you post flawed and disingenuous posts polls, what do you expect? hack89 Mar 2013 #9
Right DainBramaged Mar 2013 #19
Concealed carry permits are the 'license' to carry in public. hack89 Mar 2013 #24
I don't need to show a DL when buying a gun michreject Mar 2013 #27
No background check at point of sale because background check was already done to get OGKush Mar 2013 #72
Correct michreject Mar 2013 #96
Don't you love it sylvi Mar 2013 #48
an anti DainBramaged Mar 2013 #78
I guess you can sylvi Mar 2013 #101
Aw, Be Gentle. Paladin Mar 2013 #12
But you need a license to carry a gun in public hack89 Mar 2013 #15
Oh, so I'm fundamentally dishonest because you don't like the poll? DainBramaged Mar 2013 #21
Your poll is dishonest. You know that cars and guns are licensed in a similar manner hack89 Mar 2013 #26
fOLKS THAT don't CONCEAL CARRY but want to just buy a GUN don't need a PERMIT DainBramaged Mar 2013 #30
You don't need a license to buy a car either so what's your point? hack89 Mar 2013 #34
Nice try, we're done go back to your precious DainBramaged Mar 2013 #38
Do you need a license to buy a car? Simple question you keep avoiding. hack89 Mar 2013 #41
you still got me on ignore? snooper2 Mar 2013 #54
You need to capitalize "precious", otherwise it seems like you forgot a word. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2013 #58
I can buy a long gun in MI without a license michreject Mar 2013 #97
"You do need a license to carry a gun in public rdharma Mar 2013 #104
I was referring to concealed carry permits. hack89 Mar 2013 #106
"11 states require licenses for open carry" rdharma Mar 2013 #107
My opinion is that open carry is just plain DUMB. premium Mar 2013 #110
Open carry in the wilderness? No problem, in the city? Stupid. rdharma Mar 2013 #117
Yes - I meant hand guns. nt hack89 Mar 2013 #111
They try SO HARD but AS SOON as you say "license all guns" they go ballistic and change color DainBramaged Mar 2013 #81
Licensing gun owners and registering guns are two different things Recursion Mar 2013 #89
I'm for both, and for you having as many as you want DainBramaged Mar 2013 #90
Makes sense to me. premium Mar 2013 #93
The license idea solves the "gun show loophole" completely Recursion Mar 2013 #108
Do you still need dog licenses over there ? dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #4
Yes, but getting people to get them is difficult DainBramaged Mar 2013 #7
I assume shots refers to rabies dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #16
It depends on where you live. surrealAmerican Mar 2013 #40
Who thinks you don't need a license for teaching? nt LWolf Mar 2013 #14
Don't you become the teacher michreject Mar 2013 #18
Most states LWolf Mar 2013 #22
Nice try DainBramaged Mar 2013 #23
Is certification same as a license ? dipsydoodle Mar 2013 #20
Yes. LWolf Mar 2013 #25
Lots of private schools will hire unlicensed teachers (nt) Recursion Mar 2013 #46
OH? DainBramaged Mar 2013 #82
Yes, they can hire uncertified teachers, but most of them do hire licensed because the market duffyduff Mar 2013 #123
OH? DainBramaged Mar 2013 #125
Link. Straw Man Mar 2013 #135
HAHAHA no, not close DainBramaged Mar 2013 #138
So glad you're amused. Straw Man Mar 2013 #140
Do I have to do everything around here? Recursion Mar 2013 #153
I wasn't counting private schools. LWolf Mar 2013 #149
That's basically private schools that don't have to have all their teachers be certified duffyduff Mar 2013 #122
Undergraduate and graduate school teachers One_Life_To_Give Mar 2013 #130
In public or private universities? LWolf Mar 2013 #150
License to sell real estate or insurance HockeyMom Mar 2013 #17
Unfortunately, in the abusive state I live in, you need one for all of the above Ter Mar 2013 #29
Well we appreciate your participation and your comment is duly noted DainBramaged Mar 2013 #31
No I'm not Ter Mar 2013 #164
Which of those listed, SayWut Mar 2013 #32
Which of those listed, baldguy Mar 2013 #35
Regulation in what sense, usage or definition? SayWut Mar 2013 #39
What do you mean by "specifically protected"? baldguy Mar 2013 #43
One that enjoys it's own Constitional amendment. SayWut Mar 2013 #47
"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state." You mean that one? baldguy Mar 2013 #60
well regulated DainBramaged Mar 2013 #63
Meaning armed and trained michreject Mar 2013 #98
Meaning controlled by a duly empowered authority. baldguy Mar 2013 #114
The Supreme Court disagrees with you. SayWut Mar 2013 #64
Oh sorta like tough shit from a tough guy? DainBramaged Mar 2013 #71
Wow... You don't like anyone that disagrees with you... OGKush Mar 2013 #73
I like President Obama very much..... DainBramaged Mar 2013 #76
You don't like the NRA, I understand. But that doesn't make someone who disagrees with you OGKush Mar 2013 #85
Whatever DainBramaged Mar 2013 #87
You're the one lecturing people who do the agree with you. OGKush Mar 2013 #100
Since when do gun nuts care about what the fed govt says? baldguy Mar 2013 #115
It's whatever is convenient for them at the moment DainBramaged Mar 2013 #134
The President and party platform consider the right to bear arms an individual right hack89 Mar 2013 #121
Voting Dr. Strange Mar 2013 #36
Well I'd call registration a kind of "license" Recursion Mar 2013 #45
Keep trying. aikoaiko Mar 2013 #37
Which one is automatically forbidden to felons? Paul E Ester Mar 2013 #42
You don't need a license for most of those on private property Recursion Mar 2013 #44
Right, the private property argument DainBramaged Mar 2013 #49
I'm not sure what you think a circular argument is, but mine isn't one Recursion Mar 2013 #52
My question was simple, because you're trying (as have others) to turn this in your favor DainBramaged Mar 2013 #62
Are you sure you need a valid license to BUY a car? hughee99 Mar 2013 #119
Every state has laws that specify how a firearm can be legally transported and not qualify as... slackmaster Mar 2013 #56
Having tons of kids. Quantess Mar 2013 #50
Don't or shouldn't? yurbud Mar 2013 #51
Don't in most states (I listed them) DainBramaged Mar 2013 #65
You left out "Owning a car" slackmaster Mar 2013 #53
For stupid. lonestarnot Mar 2013 #55
You are right. Stupid is free and forever. slackmaster Mar 2013 #59
This depends somewhat on parsing of the difference between 'permit' and license. HereSince1628 Mar 2013 #61
Heavy Equipment 4Q2u2 Mar 2013 #66
Other: Writing stupid posts on the internet The Straight Story Mar 2013 #67
Oh I agree..... DainBramaged Mar 2013 #69
You don't need a license to own a car kudzu22 Mar 2013 #68
And what age do you have to be to buy a car? How do you prove that age (normally) DainBramaged Mar 2013 #70
There's no age requirement to buy a car, premium Mar 2013 #75
Yes there is just stop DainBramaged Mar 2013 #77
Thanks for the welcome. premium Mar 2013 #79
You can't register the car till you are 18, laws have changed since B4 Nixon DainBramaged Mar 2013 #80
It only has to be registered if it's going to be driven on public roads, premium Mar 2013 #83
One only need be of "legal age" to sign a CONTRACT. cherokeeprogressive Mar 2013 #158
Pointing out that you're comparing ownership to usage in public... beevul Mar 2013 #146
A tangent, or can't you differentiate that from the subject at hand? DainBramaged Mar 2013 #147
I noted this post earlier and decided to check later to see if it went the way I figured it would. 11 Bravo Mar 2013 #74
80+ posts, and everybody focused on the flame-bait poll and not the adorable puppy? petronius Mar 2013 #84
English Bull Terriers, my favorite breed!!! DainBramaged Mar 2013 #91
Every time this thread pops back to the top, I open it to look at the pic again petronius Mar 2013 #142
So many good ops over the last couple of months for gun safety and regulation. NCTraveler Mar 2013 #86
Oh well sorry to disappoint you DainBramaged Mar 2013 #88
Duh libodem Mar 2013 #92
being a parent librechik Mar 2013 #99
+1 and once again, we need a like/recommend option for comments. n/t Egalitarian Thug Mar 2013 #103
Love the dogs BainsBane Mar 2013 #105
I truly wish.... DainBramaged Mar 2013 #112
You do have pets, don't you? BainsBane Mar 2013 #129
Oh yes, and we foster dogs too.... DainBramaged Mar 2013 #133
that's great BainsBane Mar 2013 #154
That photo is adorable! Solly Mack Mar 2013 #109
In actuality...none of the above, BUT if you get caught by the law doing it SoCalDem Mar 2013 #116
don't or shouldn't? arely staircase Mar 2013 #118
Having children REP Mar 2013 #120
Teaching, I live in Mass One_Life_To_Give Mar 2013 #124
a degree is a kind of license showing you know the subject matter. HiPointDem Mar 2013 #136
a degree and a license are separate things ProdigalJunkMail Mar 2013 #156
certification isn't required for college teachers and never has been. the degrees are the proof HiPointDem Mar 2013 #157
sorry... missed the college part ProdigalJunkMail Mar 2013 #160
a few geek_sabre Mar 2013 #132
Once and for all, we are AFUCKINGSUMMING PUBLIC usage of cars and teachers in public school DainBramaged Mar 2013 #139
Correction: YOU are assuming. Straw Man Mar 2013 #141
Whatever, bask in your purity DainBramaged Mar 2013 #143
Thank you. Straw Man Mar 2013 #145
Hmm geek_sabre Mar 2013 #170
Well gunnies, 37 to 8, nice try DainBramaged Mar 2013 #144
Constant unintentional comedy gold... cherokeeprogressive Mar 2013 #159
Polls are good for illuminating ignorance hack89 Mar 2013 #161
Awwwwww aren't you cute......... DainBramaged Mar 2013 #162
Proving that guns and cars are licensed in a nearly identical manner? hack89 Mar 2013 #165
Boy this really pissed you off DainBramaged Mar 2013 #166
YOU pull a temper tantrum and I am the one pissed off? Ok. nt hack89 Mar 2013 #167
Thanks for the childish and petty DU mail hack89 Mar 2013 #168
Those are not equivalent licenses alarimer Mar 2013 #148
Posting polls on the internet. nt pintobean Mar 2013 #151
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